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ESO Alchemy Traits Discovery Tool

Alchemy is a great choice for any crafter in Elder Scrolls Online. For those that just began their journey through alchemy you might notice that each plant ingredient has four traits that define what kind of potion you can create by combining different ingredients. It can be a very big endeavor to try and find all the traits on your own. What all you should know is that you can right click a new plant in your inventory and click on Use to learn the first trait of that ingredient. This will also give you a small amount of alchemy experience. For the other three traits you can try combining plants until you discover them all.
To spare you the time and material expense we have done the work for you and you can find bellow the list of all alchemy reagents with all traits discovered. There is also a small tool (drop down menu above the list of ingredients) to help you determine which plants you can combine to get a certain effect in your potion. Just select a trait from a drop down bellow and the list of plants will show only those with that trait.
Click here to use the Alchemy traits discovery tool