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ESO Reaper’s March Skyshards Location Map


East from the solemn eye’s shrine.

Northern Reaper’s March, north of Researcher’s Camp (area of interest POI), just east of Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine.

This collectible is close to the main road. You can spot it easily from a nearby wayshrine. There are a couple of large boulders that might obstruct your view of it if you arrive from the east, so be careful not to miss it when coming from that direction.

From Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine. turn east. You can spot the collectible in the distance.

Close to main road, next to a couple of boulders.


Where temple became tree-house.

Northwestern central Reaper’s March, in vicinity of Greenhill (town icon), southeast of Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine.

Go to southern Greenhill, north of nearby river to find this collectible. Inside Greenhill find the largest building. It is a ruined temple. Head to the rear of this temple. Shard is among vegetation, close to the temple.


In a smoldering shell.

Northwestern Reaper’s March, north of Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine, within Old Town Cavern POI – crafting camp.

Heading from south toward this location you can notice the shard inside what looks like an awesome tree house. In order to reach it you should proceed toward the center of Old Town Cavern. This is a crafting camp. There are cellar doors at the center of a camp. You can craft 3 piece “Night Mother’s Gaze” set here. Three set items give critical attacks and also reduce the targets armor by 20% for 5 seconds.
Near the cellar entrance to crafting stations is a path that leads toward the collectible. There are couple of level 37 Skeevers defending it.

“treehouse” like structure holds the shard.

Path that leads you to the collectible is near the cellar of Old Town Cavern.


Overlooking the site of the fall.

Southwestern central Reaper’s March, between Rawl’kha settlement and its wayshrine (to the east) and Vinedustk Wayshrine (to the northwest).

You’ll find the collectible at the center of a large area west of Rawl’kha settlement. Area is distinguishable from the rest of the land due to its reddish ground color. Collectible is in the southern part of this camp, on higher ground level.


Camped on the way to Claw’s Strike.

Southwestern Reaper’s March, in vicinity of POIs like: Crescent River Camp (to the east), Claw’s Strike (public dungeon, to the west) and Jodewood Dolmen (portal, to the south). Southwest of Rawl’kha settlement and its wayshrine.

You want to find the bridge that is just north of a nearby dolmen portal. Collectible is next to a level 39 bandit that is also guarding “The Lusty Argonian Maid Vol.1” lorebook.


Hidden by a less subtle blade.

Southern Reaper’s March, southwest of Rawl’kha settlement and its wayshrine, in vicinity of Thormar (Ayleid Ruins POI).

If you come toward Thormar from Rawl’kha you can spot this shard on top of a large cliff. Climbing your way toward it you can find lorebook “16 Accords of Madness, Vol. VI”. Standing on top of the collectible’s location you have a great screenshot opportunity.

Collectible is on top of a tall cliff…

… teasing nearby travelers who dare to look up.


Dune’s arcane beacon.

Northeastern Reaper’s March, inside Dune settlement, east of Dune Wayshrine.

Reach the second floor balcony of Mages Guild house to get this shard. You can’t enter the Mages Guild house if you are not on the quest “The Fires of Dune“, step – Check on the Mages. This is on of the quests in the long chain of main Reaper’s March quests. If you are having problems finding out what quest you need to complete in order to reach this one, we have made a list of quests that lead up to the one that lets you grab the collectible.

  1. The Dark Mane.
    This is the first quest you can accept upon completing the main quest line in Malabal Tor and saving Silvenar.
  2. Grim Situation
    Reaper’s March first quest. It is highly possible that you do not need the previous quest in order to start this one. NPC that gives this quest is called Englor. You can find him on the main road, just south of Fort Grimwatch. This is the main road that takes you north as you enter Reaper’s March from Malabal Tor.
  3. Grimmer Still.
  4. A Door Into Moonlight.
  5. Hallowed To Arenthia.
  6. The Colonian Occupation.
  7. Stonefire Machinations.
  8. To Rawl’kha.
  9. The First Step.
  10. The Path to Moonmont.
  11. Motes in the Moonlight.
  12. To Dune.
  13. The Fires of Dune.
    Final quest that lets you enter the Mages House where the collectible is at.

Collectible on the balcony of Mages Guild second floor . You need to complete the quest “The Fires of Dune” in order to obtain entrance into Mages Guild in Dune Settlement.

One of the hardest skyshards to get to, due to its requirements of completing quests first.


Mara’s devout frets in view.

Northeastern Reaper’s March, just north of Fort Sphinxmoth Wayshrine.

There are two shards at this location. This one is not inside the solo dungeon. You can find it standing next to a small stone wall next to the path that leads to Fort Sphinxmoth.

Close to Fort Sphinxmoth Wayshrine you can find Rafora Casca. Rafora gives the quest “An Affront to Mara” – part of Fort Sphinxmoth Objective. This quest takes you to Marcella Ammianus and entrance to Fort Sphixmoth. They are both close to this collectible.

Collectible is really close to Fort Sphinxmoth Wayshrine to the south.


Within earshot of the cheering crowd.

Central Reaper’s March, between Reaper’s Henge (group boss, to the southwest) and Dawnmead Brigand Camp (POI to the northeast). Northwest of Sren-ja Wayshrine.

Reach northern Thizzrini Arena (camp icon) to find this collectible. It is behind rocks, close to the old stone wall, in northern Thizzrini. There is a large main Hizzrini Arena just west of it.

Quest for this area is given by Balag in eastern Thizzrini, on the main road that leads to this POI. Balag qives the quest “A Foot in the Door“. This is one epic quest and it is one of the most fun quests I’ve done on this map.


Growling, beastly gladiators prowl.

Northern central Reaper’s March, south of the most northern settlement – Arenthia – and its wayshrine.

Found inside Kuna’s Delve solo dungeon. Entrance to this dungeon is east of the main road that takes you to Dawnmead Brigand Camp (eye icon – point of interest). There is a small wooden path in front of it. Mobs that you find inside do not come in groups and because of this they are a lot stronger.
As you enter the dungeon, keep following the path to your right. The shard is inside the first large cave room. Quite opposite from this location, in the corner of the cave, is the dungeon boss Limbrender, who gives the appropriate achievement upon being killed.

Find and enter Kuna’s Delve solo dungeon.

Kuna’s Delve entrance map location.

Next to one of the dungeon Trolls.


Treasure of the bard’s tomb.

Western central Reaper’s March, east of the entrance to Reaper’s March from Malabal Tor. East of Vinedusk Wayshrine.

You’ll find this shard inside Thibaut’s Cairn solo dungeon. Entrance to this dungeon is inside an old graveyard and it is quite far from nearby Wayshrines. It is infested with level 38 Skeletons.
The shard is in the southeastern part of the dungeon, inside a room with several stone arches.


Awash in tears underground.

Inside Weeping Wind cave solo dungeon, southeastern Reaper’s March, south of Hadran’s Caravan (camp POI), east of Willowgrove Wayshrine.

Enter Weeping Wind Cave solo dungeon to find the shard. Best approach the entrance to this dungeon from west. It is on the west side of a large boulder. This is a level 40 dungeon. Mobs come in packs of two, three.
As you enter the dungeon, follow the path to your left. The shard is located inside the southern cave room. However, if you want to get the Weeping Wind Cave Explorer achievement, you can find the boss, Nimriian, in the northern part of the cave.

Find and enter Weeping Wind Cave solo dungeon.

Collectible is inside southern part of the cave.


Outlaws strike skooma deals here.

Southwestern Reaper’s March, south of Reaper’s March entrance from Malabal Tor. South of Vinedusk Wayshrine.

You’re looking for Claw’s Strike solo dungeon to collect this shard. Main road east of map marked position leads to this location. This is a an old temple with cellar doors inside the main building that lead to the dungeon. Inside the dungeon you can find groups of maximum level 40 Dawnmead mobs.
Once you enter the dungeon, turn right and follow the path.The shard’s location is in the western room. The dungeon boss, Fishbreath, is in the opposite, southeastern part of the cave.

Collectible is inside the western cave room .

Exact location of the dungeon shard.


The folly is in passing through quickly.

Northeastern Reaper’s March, north of Fort Sphinxmoth Wayshrine, norther Fort Sphinxmoth.

Inside Fardir’s Folly solo dungeon. You can approach and enter the dungeon from its southern side. There is a small dirt path leading to it from Fort Sphinxmoth Wayshrine.

The shard you are out for is inside the largest central room. It can be found in the corner of the upper platform of this room. This part is designed to be approached by climbing the wooden bridge from the room in the southwestern part of the dungeon. You can, however, jump toward the shard from the top of the first stairs you find as you enter the dungeon, but this requires a bit of skill and patience.

Find and enter Fardir’s Folly – solo dungeon.

Close to the first dungeon stairs, yet so far away…


Moon’s light reveals its secret.

Eastern central Reaper’s March, between Sren-ja Wayshrine (to the southwest) and Dune Wayshrine (to the northeast).

Inside Jode’s Light solo dungeon is where you can find this skyshard. Entrance to this dungeon is just south of nearby main road. It is inside the large stone temple. Creatures inside are level 41 and they rarely come in groups of two.
In order to reach the shard’s location, you have to find a way to the northwestern part of the cave. The large room in this location contains the dungeon’s main treasure.


Far beneath a foul manor.

Northwestern Reaper’s March, northwest of Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine, inside The Vile Manse – public dungeon.

Entrance of the dungeon are doors of a large mansion. Inside mansion there are cellar doors that take you to the main part of the dungeon.

As you enter the mansion, climb to the second floor and grab quest “The Waking Dreamer” from a Graccus’ Journal Volume II. This quest rewards Discourse Amaranthine – Trophy upon completion. It basically summons a dark eye and blur your screen when you use it. This quest and mission “Song of the Spinner” rewards “Completed: The Vile Manse” acknowledgement upon completion. As you enter The Vile Manse from a cellar door, you can find NPC Melrethel inside one of the cells. Melrethel gives the second quest “Song of the Spinner”.

Inside dungeon you can find many groups of five and more members. They are about level 39. This makes this dungeon perfect for experience and loot farming. As it is in instances like this, you can find large number of stronger boss mobs. They reward with additional loot and experience.

Shard we are after is not inside the first underground The Vile Manse area. It is inside the second underground area. In order to reach it you need to jump into the drop. This gap is in the eastern part of the first underground area. When you do “The Walking Dreamer” quest it eventually takes you to this point. Jumping into this gap – drop, you end up in the second underground dungeon area. Start of this area is inside the huge cave room. From this cave you are suppose to enter small tunnel. Just before you accomplish that, turn east (your right), and walk toward the small dead end. Inside this dead end is our shard.

Find and enter The Vile Manse public dungeon.

The Vile Manse entrance map location.

On the second floor of the mansion grab quest “The Waking Dreamer”…

…and Manse Cellar Key found in a hiding place on the same floor.

Proceed to Cellar door and open them.

As you enter the first underground part of the cave you’ll find NPC Melrethel. Melrethel gives the second dungeon related quest.

Following the main quest takes you to this point where you need to “Take the Drop”. This is where you “enter” the second underground cave room.

“Take the Drop” objective map location.

The second underground cave. Rather epic…

Just as you are about to enter the first small tunnel, turn east and go to the small dead end.

As you approach the dead end corner, you can spot the collectible.

The second underground The Vile Manse collectible map location.

“The Waking Dreamer” quest reward – Discourse Amaranthine – special effect.

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