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ESO Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards Location Map


Within sight of Mnem.

Southeastern Cyrodiil, just south of Scroll Temple of Mnem, in the heart of Aldmeri Dominion area.

This is the closest skill point piece for the Aldmeri Dominion members. It is close to one of their Cyrodiil spawning locations. You can find it among southern ruins of Scroll Temple of Mnem, in the corner of a destroyed stone compound.


Ascending toward prophecy and dawn.

Southwestern Cyrodiil, just west of Scroll Temple of Altadoon, in the heart of Aldmeri Dominion area.

This is the closest skill point piece for the Aldmeri Dominion soldiers. It is just “few” steps away from one of their Cyrodiil spawning locations. Area where you can find it is not on a main road. It is at the bottom of stone stairs.


Helping establish a new town.

Southwestern Cyrodiil, southeast of Castle Brindle.

You can find this skyshard in Vlastarus area. There are many houses and wooden carts, a couple of barns, one tavern, and a stone tower in this area. There are a couple of NPC quest givers in the area as well. Collectible you are looking for is on a wooden cart located between two barns.

Vlastarus’s secret map location.

Another Vlastarus’s secret map location.


Tooth of Jone or Jode.

Southeastern Cyrodiil, northeast of Castle Bloodmayne, southeast of Castle Alessia.

Skyshard can be found on a boat, at the dock of Lunar Fang Docks POI. These docks are on a side of a river that connects central Cyrodiil and the southeastern lake. Do not try to swim in this river because the fish will eat you alive. Dying from fish is actually a good thing because you get an achievement “Slaughtered” when they defeat you. Upon reaching the docks you can notice many Lunar Fangs around it. These are hostile creatures that turns into Werewolfs as they detect danger. When they turn their health bar fills up. Just because of this it is pointless to burst damage them straight from the start. In order to reach the collectible you need to jump from the docks above on top of the boat.

Jumping into the river, in order to swim to the collectible, is not that smart … but it does yield an achievement.

Clear the docks, them jump into the boat.


Ruined spire peering north to the Tower.

Southern central Cyrodiil, between Castle Roebeck (to the west) and Castle Alessia (to the east).

On top of the largest tower in Homestead Ruins. You’ll recoginze this tower due to its top being destroyed. There are Homestead creatures defending this area. There are many patrols that can make your life miserable if you do not pay enough attention (or are going on your own). Pressure of battle that may occur at any moment near this location may pose a problem. Despite all the pressure and dangers, rushing toward the shard is not a wise decision. Once you get to the collectible you will probably have the best view in Cyrodiil, since there is a way to climb even above where the shard is. Also, great for spotting enemies 😉

Take your time, don’t rush toward it.

The top of the tower awards you with an amazing view.

Broader view on the collectible’s map location.


Hears hacking to the east.

Western Cyrodiil, between Fort Rayles (to the north) and Castle Brindle (to the south).

This collectible is on the top of a stone wrecked tower. More accurately, it is placed on a destroyed tower wall in Carmala Outlook, surround with a forest. There is a stone statue in front of this tower. Even though this location is close to western edge of Cyrodiil be aware of hostile faction players. Especially if Fort Rayles and Castle Brindle are holed by opposite factions.


Upon timbered fingers.

Western Cyrodiil, just northeast of Castle Brindle.

Area where you want to grab this collectible is called Wooden hand Outlook. It is located close to nearby Castle Brindle. There are couple of wrecked stone towers in Wooden Hand Outlook. This area is fill with trees, couple of them area amazing birch specimens. If enemy faction holds Brindle castle, you should be on your toes. If that should not pose enough concern, there are other hostile elements. For example the residents of Wooden Hand Outlook guard this area against any trespasser. Be careful while you are in here. Skyshard we are out for is inside stone wrecked tower, on the first floor. Clear inside tower and proceed over stairs to the collectible.

Wooden Hand Outlook wrecked tower that hides collectible.

Gray Vipers like towers for some reason.


Ruin’s crown between three castles.

Southern Cyrodiil, between Castle Bloodmayne (to the east) and Castle Black Boot (to the west).

This is one of those skyshards that are far away from main road. Luckily for us, it is in an open area so we are not forced to fight enemies like we are in caves. It is located in the western side of Wenyandawik POI. This area is part of Ayleid Ruins. You can notice them from afar by its distinctive tall stone walls and circular platform that holds a well. This is an Ayleid Well. Upon interacting with this well, you receive a buff – Ayleid Health Bonus – that boosts your Max Health. Next to the main collectible you can find a lorebook “The Last King of the Ayleids”.

View at the Wenyandawik from afar.

Location of our collectible hides a bonus …


Where archers of the Eight train.

Southwestern Cyrodiil. West of Castle Black Boot.

In the Abbey of the Eight area, you will come across two stone houses, connected by a stone bridge. The bridge connects their first floors. Next to the stone house you will find a straw hut with a NPC quest giver.
“Where archers of the Eight train” collectible is located on the top of a small platform with a stone statue. The platforms is next to the small stone wall. Abbey of the Eight area is a place where residents practice combat on bow targets, and dummies.


Six-legged assassins crawl the cave.

Southern Cyrodiil, northwest of Scroll Temple of Mnem.

Skyshard is hidden inside Bloodmayne Cave – public dungeon. Following northern coast of a river, you’ll come across a part of wood, distinct from other part of the map by glowing mushrooms and plants. There are six-legged spiders that crawl around the area. They can be found inside a nearby public dungeon as well.

When you enter Bloodmayne Cave, follow the southern wall of the cave. This way you can skip many creatures that habitat the largest cave room. There are many patrols inside, that you can come across. Keep progressing safely until you reach the last cave room. Inside the room, near a rock, beside red and blue mushrooms there is a +1 skill point piece collectible.


The Black Dagger’s prize.

Western Cyrodiil, between Castle Brindle (to the southwest) and Fort Ash (to the northeast).

This collectible is inside Breakneck Cave – public dungeon. There are not many hostile creatures defending entrance to this cave. Couple of dusty paths lead to this point. There are wooden platforms attached to the surrounding rocks. Enemies Black Daggers can be found inside. They come in groups of two. Many of them patrol the area. You can pull one of the group members with range abilities. Skyshard we are looking for is inside the northernmost cave room. It is on the top of a large wooden platform. Do not rush toward it, because many Black Daggers patrol this specific part of the cave. They can easily spot you even if you are out of their sight. If you are close enough, whether they can see you or not, they will still go after you. Take it easy, and clear them out before heading to the level of the platform where the skyshard is hidden. The last Black Dagger stands next to the skyshard, but you can easily defeat him.

Collectible is in the second largest cave room.

Collectible Breakneck Cave map location.


Singing straw’s song.

Southwestern central Cyrodil, between Castle Roebeck (to the east) and Castle Brindle (to the west).

Shard is hidden inside Haynote Cave – public dungeon. Camp outside the cave is full of enemies so be extra careful here. Same Skeletal creatures can be found inside the cave. Even though they come in groups of two and three, you can pull them one by one, without alerting the rest of the group. Collectible is in the last cave room. It stands right next to dungeon’s boss – Diabolist Volcatia. This boss can be hard to solo. She summons a strong melee add, but the most fearsome attack she does is the single target instant magic spell. In order to mitigate this damage you need to burst her down, heal yourself when needed with spells and potions. The most useful spell against her is spell reflect.

“Cage room” hides our collectible.


Walk the Shadowed Path.

Southwestern Cyrodiil, northwest of Castle Black Boot.

This collectible is inside the public dungeon Nisin Cave. Entrance to Nisin Cave is just north of three-ponds lake. There is a camp of hostile creatures in front of the entrance. If you plan to solo the dungeon, you should be aware of a couple of things. You really do not want to die inside. If you die, it means you will be teleported to a wayshrine your faction holds. Skyshard is hidden inside the last Nisin Cave room. There are wisps inside the cave that patrol the area. Try not to pull them while cleaning the way towards the collectible. In my case, there was one strong creature in a tunnel between two largest Nisin Cave rooms. I was able to pass him by without alerting him. If you are up for a challenge, try defeating him after collecting the skyshard. It is possible to split apart a group of mobs by pulling one of the members, with a range spell.


At the end of a bumpy road.

Southern Cyrodiil, between Castle Black Boot (to the southwest) and Castle Faregyl (to the northeast).

In order to grab this skill point piece you need to enter Pothole Cavern – public dungeon. There is a camp of Shadowed Path enemies defending its entrance, as well as cave inside. Group of 2 mobs are regular. Patrolling creatures sometimes join this groups. Skyshard you are looking for is inside the largest Pothole Cavern room. It is on top of a small stone shrine, next to candles. This is a possible spawn area of Serrin Vol. He is a pretty tough mob to solo. In order to defeat him you need to annul his powerful instant spell. This spell is devastating and you need to find a way to survive it. He also spawns an add that helps him in combat. Another prize for defeating Serrin Vol comes in a shape of lorebook “On the Detachment of the Sheath”. This lorebook is in the same area where you can collect the skyshard.

Pothole Cavern entrance map location.

Broader view on Pothole Cavern entrance map


Where bear and ogre burrow.

Western Cyrodiil, just northwest of nearby Castle Brindle.

This collectible is inside Serpent Hollow Cave – public dungeon. Serpent Hollow Cave entrance is east of nearby small lakes. It is on a higher ground. Ogres that populate inside cave have camp outside as well. They are quite unique with their appearance. They also have bears as pets. How cute! Inside cave is much like its outside. It is fill with bears and ogres. Couple of ogres patrols area with their bear pets (I want one!), thus you can easily die if you are not careful. The first room can pose the problem as it is rather small, and you can’t clearly notice the first ogre patrol. This patrol walks between two largest cave rooms. Be extremely careful while pulling bear groups here. You don’t want to pull ogre patrol as well. Bear power attacks are extremely powerful. It should be dodged in any mean necessary.

Skyshard we are out for is inside the last cave room, southeastern part of Serpent Hollow Cave. It stands in water of a nearby waterfall, near a tree. A Tree you say in the cave? Yes a tree. Ogre Bruuke can be found in this cave room. Another Ogre patrol this area. Lorebook The Slave Pits of Coldharbour is just across our collectible, beside a wooden path platform.

The first cave room can be problematic, as you can’t see the first Ogre patrol.

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