The Banished Cells Dungeon Playthrough

During the February beta session we managed to go through level 12-15 dungeon called The Banished Cells. Dungeon is located in Auridon and has 5 bosses. I took a video of one of our run-throughs for our own collection, because at the time the NDA was still in place, but now that the NDA has lifted we decided to add some commentary and share it with the world. We didn’t manage to finish the whole instance due to one of the group members leaving before the last boss, but you can see what grouping in Elder Scrolls online looks like. We’ll update this post with full HD video and full guide on how to defeat all bosses in this instance. DISCLAIMER: footage bellow was made during a beta weekend and it might differ from what we’ll see at release of the game.

Bosses and Strategies

Cell Haunter Strategy

This is the first boss of the instance and is fairly easy. It has several ads you should dispose of right away and than concentrate on boss’ abilities.

Boss Abilities
Health leach – Boss casts a green line towards a random player and siphons health. I am not sure you can interrupt this ability. I would recommend your healer healing the affected player through this damage. Healers should keep their heals for this ability alone and players should be mindful of their healer’s position so they are in range of heals.
Magic Missile – This can’t be avoided and it is a low damage spell
Ice Tornado – You can dodge out of the way of this spell. It is a fairly slow moving ice tornado that leaves frozen ground in its wake. Just try and stay away from it.

Shadowrend Strategy

This boss is where new groups and PUGs usually wipe the most. HE has several high damage abilities and knowing their mechanics is the key to defeating this boss swiftly.

Boss Abilities

Tail swipe – 360 degree AOE with a warning animation and telegraph. Just dodge out of the circle if you are close to the boss
Shadow clone – boss channels into existence a shadow clone of itself. The clone does as much damage as the boss, but is easily killed. The moment it appears most of your group should try and kill it or you should have a dedicated DPS to kill it in about three shots.
Charge and devour – The boss charges a random group member knocking them on the ground and starts devouring them (and their health) very quickly. The key to this is having either one of your teammates interrupt the devouring (if you are low on stamina) or you can use your break free ability (click both mouse buttons or right mouse button hold + left mouse button click). This costs half your stamina so try and keep your stamina bar filled for when you are attacked by this.

Angata the Clannfear Handler Strategy

There are a lot of adds you need to dispose off during this boss fight. The priority of the group at first should be disposing of low health mage mobs and then killing the higher health enemies. DPS should each engage different enemies so no member of the group is targeted by the whole room. Even if you die before killing the boss, try killing as many adds as possible, because they do not respawn when you wipe. Once the adds are dealt with you only have to kill Angata. He will summon his clannfear add and the group should make sure he does not disrupt your healer. Just full DPS the boss down.

Skeletal Destroyer strategy

Hulking boss that summons three skeleton adds. You can easily kill the adds and concentrate on blocking boss’ hits and avoiding the AOE pentagram he places on the ground. I would recommend not trying to soak up his hits, because he hits quite hard. Blocking will help tons, but I would run around the room and kite him from a distance and avoid melee confrontation.

Boss Abilities

Summon skeletons – He calls forth three skeletons that are regular mobs, but can be annoying to a healer. Have one DPS concentrate on killing them.
Ground stomp – He starts an animation with lifting his leg and a red circle appears around him. Dodge immediately out of the circle of effect and stay away from that area because that AOE circle will stay on the ground for several seconds doing damage to whoever stays in it.

High Kinlord Rilis strategy

Boss Abilities

You need to destroy healing orbs that rush toward the boss from time to time. Your tank also needs to block every hit Rilis does, because his two-hander does high damage. The whole group should constantly avoid pools of ghost flame he summons from time to time.

healing boulders – periodically you will see boulders rolling towards Rilis. If one of them reaches him he will be healed substantially. Have one of the group members (ranged) dispose of these at any cost before they reach Rilis.
ghost fire – Rilis will cast these from time to time and you must move outside of them ASAP because they cause high damage
magic bolt – Rilis shoots a random group member with the missile. Damage is not great, but it knocks the player down so it can be devastating in a pinch or when a group member is sent into the ghost flames

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  1. John

    great video. Did not know you need 4 to beat. I tried just 1 and cleared out 1st room but could not get past hallway group. So now I know why.


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