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ESO Mountain Skyshard in Cyrodiil

ESO Mountain Skyshard is a special skyshard that is not listed among the others in your Journal. It has a special achievement associated to it which rewards you with 5 achievement points. It is located in Cyrodiil and can be found on top of a huge mountain. You can reach its position following two paths. One of them goes through one of three mountain tunnel entrances that take you up to the stone doors of White Fall Mountaintop, while the second path doesn’t involve any tunnels. You just need to follow an unmarked path toward the mountain top.

Skyshard is found on top of White Fall Mountain (Area of Interest POI), northeast of Arrius Keep, northeastern Cyrodiil.

Reaching the mountain top through tunnels

There are three entrances to mountain tunnels. One of them is to the west, the other one is to the east, and the last one is North. They are all close to the main road of that area.

Reaching the mountain top through an unmarked path.

This path starts northeast of the mountain. It is really close to nearby Mundus Stone – The Tower. Wooden boards and archway immediately tell us that the path leads somewhere, but it is not marked on the map so you are not sure exactly where it leads us to. You are more likely to find out about this path once you reach the mountain top through the tunnels, and figure that there is another way of reaching the skyshard’s location.

Skyshard Location.

Skyshard is in front of a small camp. This camp is defended by strong mob – Malvor. He has devastating melee attacks. Using your range weapon will help you defeat him easier.

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