Mounts in Elder Scrolls Online

You can buy your first horse / mount at any major city Stable (marked with a horse icon on the map), for approximately 17,500 gold. Stable interface allows you to buy, access, feed, rename and sell your horse. Mounts, have three main functions in the Elder Scrolls Online. They allow you to travel more quickly (speed), increase your inventory space (capacity), and can be useful in Cyrondiil as combat warhorse that have higher resistance to caltrops and traps (Stamina). Each horse has a level cap of 50, which would make it impossible to max all three attributes. You can assign your mount to a quickslot for convenience.

Horse Attributes

  • Speed helps your horse to travel more quickly.
  • Stamina helps your horse to gallop longer, and take more hits before becoming dismounted.
  • Capacity increases carrying capacity.

After you get your first horse, be sure to talk to the stable master again. Once a day you’ll spend gold to feed your horse and it will increase Speed, Stamina, or Capacity depending on what you choose to feed it with. To increase the horse speed choose Apple, for higher Stamina choose Hay, and for carrying capacity choose Oats. Each time you feed your mount (20hr cool down), you gain 1 inventory slot, if you maximize carrying capacity. Horse will change appearance as you feed it as well. So, speed horse will look different from pack horses.

How to rename your horse

You can rename your horse by clicking the edit name button in the top right.
teso mounts

Horse Types

Imperial Horse
Info: In-game reward for players who bought Imperial Edition. Same characteristics as Common horse.
Price: 1 gold
Speed: 15%
Stamina: 10
Carrying: 0
Color: White
Common Horse
Info: Skip this horse if you can, and save your money for more expensive one.
Price: 17,200 gold
Speed: 15%
Stamina: 10
Carrying: 0
Color: Dark brown
Draft Horse
Info: Optimized for carrying capacity.
Price: 42,700 gold
Speed: 15%
Stamina: 10
Carrying: 10
Color: Brown & white painted
Gaited Horse (42700po)
Info: Tough horse, can’t run fast, but can gallop longer, what makes him especially useful in Cirodiil.
Price: 42,700 gold
Speed: 15%
Stamina: 20
Carrying: 0
Color: Black
Light horse
Info: Optimized for speed, useful for short distances.
Price: 42,700 gold
Speed: 25%
Stamina: 10
Carrying: 0
Color: Light brown, black mane


Mount Tips

  • You can spawn your horse by pressing H
  • You can purchase more stable slots if you wish to own and raise multiple mounts, but you can only have one active at a time. You can visit any stable in order to change your horses.
  • There is no level restriction for getting your horse, it is just pure cost, and you’ll have enough money to buy it at level 25 (the cheapest one).
  • Don’t buy the slowest white horse. Save up for one of the faster horses and skip the slowest ones.


17 thoughts on “Mounts in Elder Scrolls Online

        1. C

          Actually no it does not. They simply increase your characters inventory space by the amount your equipped horse has.

  1. RedSatyr

    I recall getting level ten and having about 2k. I was crafting, but I don’t think crafting cost me 15k in profit. Able to purchase at level ten, huh? I’d like to see it to believe it.

  2. Darlgon

    Funny. Imperial horse looks white to me, not brown.

    Oh… and I have no idea how you got 43K by level 10. Must not be a crafter.

    1. CrazyGenius

      In our interview with Maria Aliprando she said that she had bought a horse at level 11.
      I got my first horse at level 23 (the cheapest one). I didn’t level up any crafting profession and I sold all items to vendors. Maybe there is a way to get it earlier if you know where to grind gold.

  3. Jazz

    Will upgrading your horse always cost $250 to level in one area, or does it progressively increase? I would think the latter seeing as you would be better off just maxing out the Imperial horse for a far less cost.
    For Instance a Draft horse comes with 10 stamina and carry, which if they were $250 a level would be $5000, considering the horse is $42,000 it would seem viable. In saying that is there a cap to how far you can level them?

    1. Jazz

      Can answer my own question, seeing as you can level a horse 50 times, buying the $42,000 horse gives you a 20 point head start of sorts, giving you the chance to level up a few more areas of the horse, making it more versatile. I would think it is more worthwhile to wait for this horse before spending your money on the imperial horse, that will suffice until you get the main horse.

  4. malewizard

    I believe the Imperial Horse was listed as 1 Gold for Final Beta only so they could be tried out, and further the marketing hype for the Imperial Edition of the game. That and I think your gonna have to be Imperial Race to ride it, or maybe at least have an Imperial character on the server to use it,for those who bought that edition of the game. I mean whats the point in spending 40 bucks more,and getting a horse anyone can get at LV1. Let me know if your “sure” about this somehow. Beta was just Beta build,even the last weekend was an older build.

  5. Mike

    >That and I think your gonna have to be Imperial Race to ride it,
    >or maybe at least have an Imperial character on the server to use it,

    You can only buy the imperial horse if you bought the imperial pack. You don’t need to actually create an imperial character, and all your characters can share the imperial horse. Anyone can get a normal horse if they are level 1 and somehow got all that gold (17k or 42k, maybe from an alternative character), but someone without the imperial pack cannot buy an imperial horse.

  6. DavidDavidDAvid

    The Imperial horse might have only been 1G this beta for show, but previous beta it was only 100G. Regardless you get that much just to start.

    As for getting the higher mounts early, the only way you can do that is by selling everything. The old Banished Cells used to drop so much trash that you would make 1500 a run, but they changed it to more crafting supplies which sell for nothing. So it might be a while before you see one.

  7. Sebastian

    Quick question, is the Stable accountwide? or every stable works with one character, so you have to buy a horse with each toon?

  8. Karla5

    can ur characters exchange horses…or do u have to buy a horse for each character..excluding the 1$ imperial horse

  9. Weltnoir

    Each horse upgrade (up to 50 times per mount) costs 250g and can be once every 20 hours per horse.
    The expensive mounts (42K) will have higher stats after the 50 upgrades than the lest costly 17K/1g/$15 mounts.
    Mounts and stable slots are character specific/bound; but the unlock for Imperial (Imperial Ed) and Palomino ($15) are account wide.
    Mounts change appearance after being fed 20 of the same food: Saddle Bags (Oats), Armor + Stocky Build(Hay), and Long Legs + Leather Harness (Apple)


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