Alik’r Desert Treasure Map Locations Guide

Alik'r Desert Treasure Map

Alik’r Desert is Daggerfall Covenant zone available for players level 31-37. While leveling through this zone, players can obtain 6 treasure maps and additional Alik’r Desert CE Treasure Map, which is available only if you pre-purchased the CE edition of the game.

Alik’r Desert Treasure Map I

Treasure Map I Alik'r Desert

  • Southwest part of the map
  • From Divad’s Chagrin Mine Wayshrine head south.

Screenshot Walkthrough

We would like to thank Zach for sending us the screenshots.


Alik’r Desert Treasure Map II

Alik'r Desert Treasure Map 2

  • Southwestern part of the map.
  • From Sentinel Wayshrine head west. Digging spot is between Ancestor’s Landing ( Ruins POI, to the east) and Na-Totambu’s Landing ( Area of Interest POI, to the west).
  • There is a small palm oasis where you can find your hidden treasure.

Screenshot Walkthrough


Alik’r Desert Treasure Map III

Alik'r Desert Treasure Map 3

  • Southeastern Alik’r Desert.
  • East of Bergama City, Southeast of Bergama Wayshrine. Between Ogre’s Bluff (Grove POI) and Aldunz – dungeon.

Screenshot Walkthrough


Alik’r Desert Treasure Map IV

Alik'r Desert Treasure Map 4

  • Northeastern Alik’r Desert.
  • Northern part of Tava’s Blessing City. There is a stone bridge that leads to northern Tava’s Blessing island. There is a lighting house on the island, that you can see on treasure map sketch. Digging location is on a small island, east of it, with a large stone door arch on the edge.

Screenshot Walkthrough


Alik’r Desert Treasure Map V

Alik'r Desert Treasure Map 5

  • Southeastern Alik’r Desert.
  • Between HoonDing’s Watch Wayshrine (to the east) and Shrikes’ Aerie Wayshrine (to the west). Hidden treasure location is on the northeastern part of HoonDing’s Watch (Ruins POI).
  • Digging location is between two large palm trees.

Screenshot Walkthrough


Alik’r Desert Treasure Map VI

Alik'r Desert Treasure Map 6

  • Eastern Alik’r Desert.
  • Just north of HoonDing’s Watch Wayshrine. Next to the wayshrine you will notice a small wooden bridge and in the distance you can see the tower. Dirt mound can be found on the ground, near the tower’s southwestern wall.

Screenshot Walkthrough


Alik’r Desert CE Treasure Map

Alik'r Desert CE Treasure Map

  • Northwestern part of Alik’r Desert.
  • Inside the largest Alik’r Desert City. Northeastern part of Sentinel.
  • In close vicinity of Wayfarer’s Wharf (area of interest POI).
  • On northern part of a small peninsula, between two palm trees.

Screenshot Walkthrough

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