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ESO Glenumbra Skyshards Location Map


Guarding Daggerfall’s eastern gates.

Located just outside Daggerfall’s East Gate.

The road my character on takes you up into Daggerfall. Skyshard is next to the road, near a large rock.

You can see Daggerfall’s gate in the background


Before Dresan’s headless sentinel.

Found in the courtyard of Dresan Keep.

As part of the quest “The Hidden Treasure” you will have to make offerings to three statues of Heralds. Next to one of these statues is the shard.


Search amongst the shrieks.

Skyshard is found in the southern part of the harpy infested Glenumbra valley, next to the Remly brothers (finding them is part of the quest “The Dagger’s Edge”)

You need to climb up on the southern hill of the harpy infested area. On the screenshot above you see the Remly Brothers to the left and the shard to the right.


Westtry’s dead slept underneath.

Found inside the ghost town of Westtry, on a crypt mound.

You can see the entrance into the crypt in Westtry slightly to the right in the screenshot above and the skyshard shining on the crypt mound.

Nice view of the ghost town from up here.


Far behind the Elf-haters’ lines.

Found inside Glenumbra Moors as you do the quests to uncover Faolchu’s weakness. Above the door that takes you inside an instanced area where part of this questline resolves.

Skyshard is located on top of the right corner of the structure with the door, as pictured in the screenshot above.

The shard is in the west part of Glenumbra Moors quest area. It is on top of a structure inside which is a door that later takes you to do part of the quest here.

Note: I don’t think you can reach this position other than going through the entrance of Glenumbra Moors. Marked on the screenshot above is both the entrance and the skyshard’s location.


Beneath a Hag’s footbridge.

Inside South Hag Fen, next to a bridge.

Close to the middle of Hag’s Fen you will find a oddly placed bridge. You can see the skyshard shining from afar.

It is next to one of bridge’s pillars.

(location of the player is what you should be looking at on the screenshot above – not the distracting blue circle, which marks a quest objective)


Where vines strangle the sleeping dead.

Found inside Cath Bedraud area, next to some dug up caskets.

Located next to the outer circle road of Cath Bedraud – in the eastern section.

Zoomed in map location of the skyshard.


Close to finding the kings.

Found outside the Tomb of Lost Kings (south of it on a hill above). You can see it shining from the place where you get the quest for the Tomb, from Lady Laurent- “The Jeweled Crown of Anton”.


A climb above Crosswych.

Found in the quarry north of Crosswych on the scaffolding.

You will see the shard as you enter Crosswych’s quarry

It is conveniently placed on a mining cart.

Zoomed map screenshot of skyshard location on the map of Crosswych.


A tower explored is Ilessen learned.

East from Daggerfall, west from Baelborne Rock Wayshire is the entrance of the Ilessan Tower solo dungeon.

The skyshard is found inside the largest area, in the northeastern part of the dungeon. This is an open area, full of Harpies and it requires caution. The collectible you search for is in the water, at the bottom of the waterfall.


Near Silumm’s well on Daggerfall shores.

Located inside Silumm public dungeon, close to the west shore of Gelnumbra.

Just like the other Glenumbra dungeon shards, this one also had its location changed. At this time, you can find it in the northwestern part of the dungeon. This is one of the shards found close to the entrance of the dungeon.

Entrance to Silumm is in the ruins to the left in the above screenshot.


Within a mine of blood and thorns.

Found inside Mines of Khuras dungeon, eastern Glenumbra.

This dungeon has had its surroundings significantly changed since launch. The location of our shard is in a new area. It can now be found in the southwestern part of the dungeon, on the wooden platform, close to the cave walls.


Behind a wall to Enduum all.

Inside Enduum solo instance, western Glenumbra.

Once you enter the dungeon, keep to your right until you end up in a side room, in the southern part of the dungeon. This room has a lot of book shelves, and its central part is elevated. It is also the home of our shard.

Right from the dungeon entrance, inside the small side room.


Where Ebon Crypts become Ebon Caves.

Inside Ebon Crypt solo dungeon, northern Glenumbra.

As you enter the dungeon, keep following the path to your left. Soon enough, you’ll enter the first large dungeon room. This area has giant stone pillars at the center. The shard is also here, hidden close to one of the pillars.


In the bowels of Cryptwatch.

Found inside Cryptwatch Fort solo dungeon, northeastern Glenumbra.

When you enter the dungeon, keep following the wall to your left. Soon enough, you should end up in a small side room. This is where the shard is hidden. There are two long tunnels going out of this side room.


In the roots of the Hallows.

This is inside the “Bad Man’s Hallows” Public Dungeon, southeastern Glenumbra, next to Daggerfall.

Once you enter the dungeon, find and enter the portal in its southwestern part. I assume this portal takes you to the underground part of Bad Man’s Hallows. This is where our skyshard is located. Follow the path to your right. At the first intersection, go right. If you’ve been careful enough, you should spot the shard’s glow on your right side soon enough. It is located in a small gap. You have to jump toward it, in order to be able to grab it.

Enter Bad Man’s Hallows dungeon.

Use the portal found within the first area.

The shard’s Map Location might appear like it is in the lower tunnel, but it is not.

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