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ESO Shadowfen Skyshards Location Map

Shadowfen is a level 24-31 zone for players that chose to represent the Ebonheart Pact. Its swamps are filled with misteries among which are sixteen skyshard collectibles that will help you acquire 5 and 1/3 skill points if collected all. They are scattered across the land and solo/public dungeons and bellow you will find map locations as well as screenshot guides and guides for all of them.


Above the Mages’ eye between the falls.

Northern Shadowfen, in Stormhold, west of Stormhold Wayshrine.

Located in Stormhold, the very first settlement you come across as you travel from Deshaan. This skyshard can be found on the top of the Mages Guild building in the middle of the settlement. To get it, you will have to climb up the stones on the right side of the entrance to Mages Guild.

Stones to the right of Mages Guild, which you have to climb, to get to this collectible.


Still shrouded by spray past a western rise.

Northwestern Shadowfen, northwest of Stillrise Wayshrine, north of Stillrise Village, northwest of The Vile Pavilion.

Start at Stillrise Wayshrine and go northwest following the river. Stay on the left (your left) river bank and you will come across a small waterfall. Climb up next to it and you will see the second waterfall with skyshard at its base.

Follow the river upstream. The first waterfall can be seen on this picture.

Skyshard at the base of the second waterfall.


Sneak behind the relic-thieves’ camp.

Central Shadowfen, southwest of Bogmother Wayshrine, east-southeast of Camp Silken Snare, south of Bogmother.

Follow the road going south of Bogmother Wayshrine and at a crossroads turn right (west). Go toward Camp silken Snare, and you will soon notice the stone formation surrounding the camp. Just follow it and continue west, and you will soon see the skyshard at the base of the stone formation.


Beside a bowsprit among pirates.

Central Shadowfen, north-northeast of Alten Corimont Wayshrine, in Alten Corimont (the anchor icon).

Located in Alten Corimont, the pirate settlement. The skyshard is on the bow of the north boat. You can get on the boat via wooden platforms either from the north or the south.

Put some tune on and enjoy the view. Leo or Capt’n Flint, whatever floats your boat.


Ritual flames brew trouble in the mire.

Southeastern Shadowfen, northeast of Percolating Mire Wayshrine, northeast of Percolating Mire, southwest of Camp Crystal Abattoir.

Start at Percolating Mire Wayshrine and head northwest, along the imaginary line starting at the wayshrine, running through the icon of Percolating Mire (dome house icon). When you pass Percolating Mire, you will see a small hill with a stone structure on the top, next to a big tree. The skyshard is in the middle of the building, partially covered by structure walls, but the skyshard’s beam is easily seen.

Stone structure containing the skyshard, Percolating Mire houses are on the right.


Where wisps waylay wanderers.

Southern Shadowfen, west-southwest of Percolating Mire Wayshrine, southeast of Hissmir Wayshrine, northeast of The Atronach mundus stone, northwest of Hatchling’s Crown.

Start at the Percolating Mire Wayshrine and go west-southwest. You will come across a big stone ziggurat, south of Deep Graves. Climb on top of it and on the southern side of the ziggurat you will see the skyshard laying on the terrace below the top.

View of the ziggurat from the north, shrouded in mist.

Western stairs leading to the top of the and the skyshard to the right.


Like the sound of steam or snakes.

Southwestern Shadowfen, west of Hissmir Wayshrine, in Hissmir.

Located in Hissmir, the Argonian settlement. Central part of the area is covered by a ziggurat-like temple complex, surrounded by houses. The skyshard is located on the top.

Approach from the east; the top of the complex is looming above Hissmir.

Area where this collectible can be found.


Overlooking the murk of Xal Ithix.

Southwestern Shadowfen, south-southwest of the Serpent Stone mundus stone, west-southwest of Xal Ithix, southwest of Loriasel Waysrhine.

Start at Loriasel Wayshrine and head southwest. Pass by Xal Ithix and further ahead you will see two wooden bridges, one behind the other, connecting two peninsulas. It’s an oval road east of Xal Ithix on the map. You will have to climb up the southern peninsula and pass through the cave. Cross the bridge, go left, cross the second bridge, follow the path turning east, and voilà! You are in front of a stone shrine. The skyshard is located on the eastern side of the shrine.

View of the first wooden bridge, you can see a light at the cave exit and the skyshard on the top of the hill.

The second wooden bridge. The first one is seen on the left and the shrine is ahead.


Imprisoned in a crumbling tower.

Western Shadowfen, southwest of Venomous Fens Wayshrine, northwest of White Rose Prison, west of Zuuk.

Start at Venomous Fens Wayshrine, and go southwest. You can see a road going southwest, with a looping path on the northern part of it. Follow the road going southeast and it will lead you to a ruined tower. It’s a brown circle on the map, northwest of the tower icon representing White Rose Prison. The skyshard can be found inside that tower, on the second floor, in a wooden box.

Map zoomed in, showing the location on the world map.


Peek behind pillars in Atanaz.

Eastern Shadowfen, east of Alten Corimont, east of Alten Corimont Wayshrine, east of The Graceful Dominator.

Located inside the “Atanaz Ruins” solo dungeon. Start at Alten Corimont Wayshrine and head east. Swim across the river and you will come to a small peninsula, with a boat on its shore. Rock formations will prevent you from going to the top of the hill on the eastern part of the peninsula, so you will have to go north, around the hill and there you will see a small path leading south, uphill to the entrance of Atanaz Ruins. The skyshard is in the second square room, inside the southwest stone pillar.

View of the path coming from the north, leading to Atanaz Ruins.

Atanaz Ruins, the entrance is on the top.

Dungeon entrance location on the world map.

Second room interior, the collectible is to the right.


Skittering, slithering, a tusk once whole.

Eastern Shadowfen, northeast of Forsaken Hamlet Wayshrine, north-northeast of Camp Merciful Reduction.

Inside the “Broken Tusk” solo dungeon. Start at Forsaken Hamlet Wayshrine and go northwest, toward the beginning of the river flowing south. As soon as you come to the river you will see the stone building on the other side. Entrance to the dungeon is inside. Skyshard is located in the second, northern hall.

Dungeon location, the entrance is in the building across the river.

Boss is guarding the approach to the collectible.


Unearthed by an outlaw excavation.

Southwestern Shadowfen, south of Loriasel wayshrine, west of Venomous Fens Dolmen, southeast of Xal Ithix.

Located inside the “Chid-Moska Ruins” solo dungeon. Start at Loriasel Wayshrine and follow the road going south. It will lead you straight in front of a stone ziggurat. The entrance to the dungeon is on the top. This skyshard is in a small room, located at the bottom right part of the tunnel turning north toward a big room.

Stairs leading to the entrance of the dungeon.

Skyshard is behind the wall on the left.


Crown in hand, leave and look right.

Central Shadowfen, north of Hissmir Wayshrine, west of Hatching Pools Waysrhine.

Inside the “Gandranen Ruins” public dungeon. Start at Hissmir Wayshrine and head directly north. After you cross a river and a road you will come across the dungeon ruins. Stone doors leading into the dungeon are on the northern side. When you enter you will encounter a quest giver. The skyshard is in the hall behind her, to the left.

Questgiver name is Zahra, she is found right as you enter the dungeon.


Climb, little kwama, to reach your goal.

Southeastern Shadowfen, southwest of Percolating Mire Wayshrine, northwest of Leafwater Dolmen.

Inside the “Onkobra Kwama Mine” solo dungeon. Head southwest of Percolating Mire Wayshrine until you see a small hill next to a river bank. The entrance to the dungeon is from the river bank side. The skyshard is on the top of the wooden platform located in the eastern cave. You will have to kill the boss to get to the the collectible though.

Wooden door leading into the dungeon.

Onkobra Kwama Mine entrance location

Area where this skyshard is located.


Digesting in the belly of the Black Maw.

Northwestern Shadowfen, northwest of Stormhold Wayshrine, west of Telvanni Acquisition Camp.

Inside the “Shrine of the Black Maw” solo dungeon. Start in Stormhold (it’s right next to Stormhold Wayshrine), and follow the road going west-northwest out of Stormhold. At the end of the road you will arrive at some shrine ruins, with the entrance to the dungeon located on the west side. The skyshard is located behind a wall at the eastern section of the southeastern hall.

Shrine ruins, the entrance is to the left.

Skyshard beam can be seen straight ahead, behind a part of the wall’s extension.

Dungeon map location of the collectible.


Deep in the den of debauchery.

Northeastern Shadowfen, southeast of Hal Haj-Ei, east of Stormhold Wayshrine.

Inside Sanguine’s Demesne public dungeon. Start at Stormhold Wayshrine and follow the road to the east ending in the hills. It will lead you straight to the entrance of Sanguine’s Demesne. Once inside, follow the eastern path. Be careful, this dungeon has big, hostile, NPC packs with number of mobs sometimes reaching 6+. Continue clearing until you arrive into a cave room with water running through. As you exit the tunnel you can see the skyshard surrounded by inscribed stone blocks.

Road will lead you straight to dungeon’s entrance.

Inscribed stone pillars surrounding the skyshard on the left.

Skyshard location on the dungeon map.

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