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ESO Clockwork City Skyshards Location Map


Beneath the drainage pipes along the river.

The first shard on the list is found near the main bridge that takes us into the Brass Fortress, north from the main Clockwork Crossroads Wayshrine.

The river mentioned in the name is the one south from the Brass Fortress, with the two bridges on either side. If you are standing on a bridge, you’ll need to make a little effort, to go down to the lower level. The bridge is a lot higher than this ground level, where the river is, and you might consider not jumping off it. When you find yourself down there, you won’t have any problem finding the skill point piece. It is close to what I presume is the main source of the river’s strength, the town’s sewer exit. It is not the best looking location, but this is where the drainage pipe Skyshard is.


Soaking near a fluid pump north of the Pavilion of Artifice.

The Pavilion of Artifice is a crafting site in southern Clockwork City, south from the first Clockwork Crossroads Wayshrine, located near the center of the map.

This is one of the easiest ones in the zone. If you go south from the mentioned Wayshrine, soon enough you’ll end up in a small lake. The fluid pump described in the name is at the center of this lake. Although our goal is at the center of this pump, it isn’t really well hidden. You can spot it from miles away. There are some enemies around the lake, but they don’t came in larger groups, so they aren’t a problem. On my run through, I’ve managed to pull one group by mistake, which could happen to anyone, as you can’t really see them due to their colors during the day. They resemble the colors of the surroundings. It is strange to think that this big of a pump hasn’t drained this small lake yet.

Soaking near a fluid pump north of the Pavilion of Artifice.


By the collapsed pipes in the Mechanical Fundament.

The Mechanical Fundament is a set of tunnels, located underneath the Brass Fortress found in northern part of the Clockwork City. You’ll have to find a specific entrance, near the main market, at the center of the fort.

The Mechanical Fundament door is southwest from the Grand Depository. It is next to the path that takes you toward the western part of the fort. Once you get to the door, you’ll see the sign that you can enter this Mechanical Fundament.

Layers of layers, wheels within wheels: the Clockwork City has many levels, each with specific functions, often including adaptive instrumentality that enables the machinery to reach to change.

As you go inside the Mechanical Fundament, you should proceed toward the very end of the southeastern part of the tunnels. In this area, the light from the shard points to its location below. You’ll have to jump down in order to reach and collect the Mechanical Fundament Skyshard.


On the lip of the Skybridge.

To reach the Skybridge, you’ll have to travel to the western part of the Brass Fortress, close to the Asylum Sanctorium and Restricted Brassworks crafting station.

At the start, follow the path west from the main entrance to the Fortress. You’ll enter the Reactor District first, and make your way west, through the groups of enemies. Right before the last curve of the road, just underneath the tall bridge, is a small entrance to the Skybridge. This is right from the tall Clockwork tower, with several long pipes.

Once in Skybridge, continue forward and keep to your left. Soon enough, after a long straight path, you’ll come up to a small crossroad. Keep going forward, toward the metal pole. This pole is at the center of this metal-fenced area. Next to it, on the very edge of the plateau, on a small pipe is the Skybridge Skyshard.


In a junction with three exits in the Halls of Regulation.

The Halls of Regulation is a solo dungeon found in southeastern Clockwork City, with the Mire Mechanica Wayshrine as the closest one. This is the loneliest place of interest in this part of the map, thus very hard to miss.

The dungeon POI map icon shows up as you leave the main eastern road, toward the south. The goal is at the center of the large lake. It is a lone island with a big building in its center. The entrance to the Halls of Regulation is in the northwestern part of the compound, the one you are most likely to come from. The two light posts next to the entrance make it easier as well.

The climate and weather systems of the Clockwork City may be simplified of the weather of Nirn Above, but even simplified, these systems and the mechanisms that drive them are enormously complex.

From the entrance, turn right and go down this road. The path takes you through one longe tunnel, into yet another large room. Even from the entrance of this room, you can spot the Halls of Regulation Skyshard. This is the second largest dungeon room from the south. There is one Kagouti Fabricant next to it, while four Factotum Adjudicators spawn periodically.


Amidst the wafts in the Shadow Cleft.

The Shadow Cleft dungeon is positioned in western Clockwork City, just southwest from the Sanctuary Wayshrine. You want to aim for a spot between the Vale of Tears to the east, and Ventral Terminus to the west.

To reach the dungeon entrance, you’ll need to come from the north. This entrance is on a higher plateau, with an ascending path, coming from the north. As you climb up, keep to your right, and soon enough, you’ll reach a portal. Use this portal to enter the delve.

“The Withering Hermit says the Shadow Cleft is just a gloom-dusk cast by Nocturnal’s Evergloam, whispered the voice from the darkness. “But her wandering star fell long, long ago.”

As you enter the dungeon, open up the map. You’ll spot a long river running through its center. Your goal is to reach its eastern end. There are not a lot of enemies on your path there, and they even come in small groups. This is good, because you can simply run in there, without any fear. At the end of this river, there is a large waterfall. Be careful while jumping down there, because it is a bit high. There is actually a piece of deeper water you can safely land in, but you can miss it completely.

The Shadow Cleft Skyshard is down the waterfall, in the center of the small cave room with a couple of shiny wafts, making it a mystical and unique experience.

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