ESO Enchanting guide

ESO Enchanter has an important role to discover Runes and use them to create Glyphs which add enchantments to weapons, armor, and jewelry. Once applied, Glyphs increase items efficacy in combination with the traits added by blacksmiths, clothiers and woodworkers.

How to create a Glyph?

Before you can create a Glyph, you have to collect Runestones. There are 3 different types of runestones and you need one of each type to create a glyph. Once you collect Runestones from rune-nodes, go to Enchanting Table and select Creation tab, then select the runestone of each type by double clicking it, and it will appear in the appropriate “rune phrase” slot. When all 3 slots at the bottom of the screen are filled you can create a Glyph. When a glyph is created, a translation will be revealed for each of the runes used in process.

If you have some glyphs that you can’t use or sell, just extract them, and you’ll get back some of the runes you used to create them. Both Creating and Extracting glyphs processes will contribute in leveling up Enchanting profession.
eso creating glyph

How to apply Glyph on an item

When you select an item in your inventory, or equipped item, right click on it and from a drop down menu select Enchant. In a new window select Enchantment option to apply the Glyph on that item, and press E to enchant. The Glyph used for enchantment will be destroyed.

What are Runestones?

Runestones are stones that can be collected from stone-nodes scattered throughout the world of Tamriel, with characteristic appearance. They are categorized as Aspect Runestones, Essence Runestones and Potency Runestones. When you use a Runestone for the first time, its translation will be unknown to you, and during the creation process the glyph’s effects will be unknown as well.
eso aspect Potency Essence runestones

Aspect Runestones List

Aspect Runestones are round-shaped stones, gathered from red stone-nodes. They determined Glyph’s quality level: Base (white), Fine (green), Superior (blue), Artifact (Purple), or Legendary (orange).

Rune Translation Quality Aspect Level
Ta Base White Level 1
Jejota Fine Green Level 1
Denata Superior Blue Level 2
Rekuta Artifact Purple Level 3
Kuta Legendary Gold Level 4


Essence Runestones

Essence Runestones are trapezoid-shaped stones, gathered from yellow stone-nodes. They determine Glyph’s type of enchantment.

Rune Translation Rune Translation
Dekeipa Frost Makkoma Magicka Regen
Deni Stamina Meip Shock
Denima Stamina Regen Oko Health
Deteri Armor Okoma Health Regen
Haoko Disease Okori Power
Kaderi Shield Oru Alchemist
Kuoko Poison Rakeipa Fire
Makderi Spell Harm Taderi Physical Harm
Makko Magicka    


Potency Runestones

Potency Runestones are square-shaped stones gathered from blue stone-nodes. They either have additive effects or subtractive effects, like a Glyph that raises elemental damage on a weapon or a Glyph that reduces the amount of damage taken from attacks.

Additive Runes

Rune Translation Glyph Prefix Potency Level Gear Level
Jora Develop Trifling Level 1 Level 1—10
Porade Add Inferior Level 1 Level 5—15
Jera Increase Petty Level 2 Level 10—20
Jejora Raise Slight Level 2 Level 15—25
Odra Gain Minor Level 3 Level 20—30
Pojora Supplement Lesser Level 3 Level 25—35
Edora Boost Moderate Level 4 Level 30—40
Jaera Advance Average Level 4 Level 35—45
Pora Augment Strong Level 5 Level 40—50
Denara Strenghten Strong Level 5 Level 40—50
Rera Exaggerate Greater Level 6 Level VR1—VR3
Derado Empower Greater Level 7 Level VR3—VR5
Recura Magnify Grand Level 8 Level VR5—VR8
Cura Intensify ? Level 9 Level VR8—VR10


Subtractive Runes

Rune Translation Glyph Prefix Potency Level Gear Level
Jode Reduce Trifling Level 1 Level 1—10
Notade Subtract Inferior Level 1 Level 5—15
Ode Shrink Petty Level 2 Level 10—20
Tade Decrease Slight Level 2 Level 15—25
Jayde Deduct Minor Level 3 Level 20—30
Edode Lower Lesser Level 3 Level 25—35
Pojode Diminish Moderate Level 4 Level 30—40
Rekude Weaken Average Level 4 Level 35—45
Hade Lessen Strong Level 5 Level 40—50
Idode Impair Strong Level 5 Level 40—50
Pode Remove Greater Level 6 Level VR1—VR3
Kedeko Drain Greater Level 7 Level VR3—VR5
Rede Deprive Grand Level 8 Level VR5—VR8
Kude Negate ? Level 9 Level VR8—VR10


List of ESO Glyphs

Below you can find a list of Glyphs that can be created in the Elder Scrolls Online, categorized by armor pieces they are compatible with. In order to create a Glyph just replace “Additive” with an additive Potency Rune or replace “Subtractive” with a subtractive Potency Rune, chose the desired Essence Rune and set the quality of the Glyph using an Aspect Rune. Once you create a Glyph, read the description, as it specifically says what piece of armor it is compatible with.

ESO Weapon Glyphs

Potency Type Essence Rune Glyph Name Description
Additive Dekeipa Glyph of Frost Deals (x) Frost Damage
Additive Deteri Glyph of Hardening Grants (x) point Damage Shield for (y) seconds
Additive Haoko Glyph of Foulness Deals (x) Disease Damage
Additive Kuoko Glyph of Poison Deals (x) Poison Damage
Additive Meip Glyph of Shock Deals (x) Shock Damage
Additive Okori Glyph of Rage Increases your Power by (x) for (y) seconds
Additive Rakeipa Glyph of Flame Deals (x) Fire Damage
Subtractive Makko Glyph of Absorb Magicka Deals (x) Magic Damage and recovers Magicka
Subtractive Oko Glyph of Absorb Health Deals (x) Magic Damage and recovers Health
Subtractive Okoma Glyph of Decrease Health Deals (x) unresistable damage
Subtractive Okori Glyph of Weakening Reduce target’s Power by (x) for (y) seconds
Subtractive Deni Glyph of Absorb Stamina Deals (x) Magic Damage and recovers Stamina
Subtractive Deteri Glyph of Crushing Reduce target’s Armor by (x) for (y) seconds


ESO Armor Glyphs

Potency Type Essence Rune Glyph Name Description
Additive Makko Glyph of Magicka Adds (x) Max Magicka
Additive Oko Glyph of Health Adds (x) Max Health
Additive Deni Glyph of Stamina Adds (x) Max Stamina


ESO Jewelry Glyphs

Potency Type Essence Rune Glyph Name Description
Additive Denima Glyph of Stamina Regen Adds (x) Stamina Recovery
Additive Kaderi Glyph of Bashing Increase Bash Damage
Additive Makderi Glyph of Increase Magical Harm Adds (x) Spell Damage
Additive Makkoma Glyph of Magicka Regen Adds (x) Magicka Recovery
Additive Okoma Glyph of Health Regen Adds (x) Health Recovery
Additive Oru Glyph of Potion Boost Increase Potion effect
Additive Taderi Glyph of Increase Physical Harm Adds (x) Weapon Damage
Subtractive Dekeipa Glyph of Frost Resist Adds (x) Frost Resistance
Subtractive Denima Glyph of Reduce Feat Cost Reduce Stamina cost of abilities
Subtractive Haoko Glyph of Disease Resist Adds (x) Disease Resistance
Subtractive Kuoko Glyph of Poison Resist Adds (x) Poison Resistance
Subtractive Kaderi Glyph of Shielding Reduce cost of Bash and
reduce cost of Blocking
Subtractive Makderi Glyph of Decrease Spell Harm Adds (x) Spell Resistance
Subtractive Makkoma Glyph of Reduce Spell Cost Reduce (x) Magicka cost of Spells
Subtractive Meip Glyph of Shock Resist Adds Shock Resistance
Subtractive Oru Glyph of Potion Speed Reduce the cooldown of Potions below
this item’s level by (x) seconds
Subtractive Rakeipa Glyph of Fire Resist Adds (x) Fire Resistance
Subtractive Taderi Glyph of Decrease Physical Harm Adds Armor


Enchanting passive skills

  • Potency Improvement – Allows the use of Potency Runestones to make Glyphs of higher levels
  • Aspect Improvement – Allows the use of Base (White), Fine (Green), Superior (Blue), Artifact (Purple), Legendary (Orange) Aspect Runestones.
  • Keen Eye– Runes can be spot easier
  • Hireling – Ability to gather Runestones even if the player is offline, usable once per day
  • Aspect Extraction – Increases the chance of extracted Aspect Runestones from Glyphs

We would like to thank SirAndy from the official beta forum for testing and collecting all information regarding runestones and glyphs.

8 thoughts on “ESO Enchanting guide

  1. Clay Biscuit

    Oooh 🙂

    I thought I was the only one making a list of alchemy and enchanting recipes/ingredients… I noticed that the alchemy list isn’t up yet. Would you like my list of alchemy recipes to get people started?

    Clay Biscuit

  2. Rixley

    I’m curious about gathering. I have extracted several potency runes that are above my level, but that’s all I have, thus I can’t create any new glyphs. I’m using the HarvestMap add on and it doesn’t seem to be pointing me to any nodes anywhere. At the beginning of the game, I ran through an area that was just loaded with nodes for a few minutes and I retrieved every one I saw. Since then, haven’t seen a single node and I’m level 21 now; would love to have my crafting follow my toon levelings. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Elemdor

    Nice guide, but patch 1.1 changed gear level for rank 5 and more :
    Rank 5 potency : Denara and idode give vet 1-3 glyph
    Rank 6 potency : Rera and Pode give vet 3-5 glyph
    Rank 7 potency : Derado and Kedeko give vet 5-7 glyph
    Rank 8 potency : Recurra and Rede give vet 7-9 glyph
    Rank 9 potency : Cura and Kude give vet 10-14 glyph

  4. Gryko_za

    I just feel that the Potancy runes that is rather supposed to be on level area be more available, I battle to get those, I have like more than 200 Essence and a few Aspect runes, but the potency runes is so difficult to obtain, anyone that want to trade with me for Essence, can contact me ingame on @Gryko_za

  5. Daniel Ramadge

    The level of Glyph you require will be sold in that Area Level, so if you need Lv 1-15 Glyph it will be sold in Glenumbra, Auridon & Davins Watch, Lv 35-45 Glyphs will be sold in Bankorai, Reapers March, Eastmarch & the Rift.
    Veteran Lv Glyphs are sold in Craglorn, Hews Bane & Orsinium, only up to Lv 14.
    I don’t know where V15+16 Glyphs are sold, other than Guild Stores, so I make my own.
    If making your own Glyphs then Lv 15-16 Potency Runes are sold in Cyrodils Imperial Sewer Enchanter & can only be purchased with Telvar Stones.


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