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Regarding The Ebonheart Pact Lorebook

Collection: Auridon Lore
Location(s): Auridon
Location Notes: Northern Auridon, Northeast of the Firsthold Wayshrine.

Lorebook is on a tree branch, close to a nearby tent with a yellow top.

Image walkthrough:

Laying on a tree branch, close to a nearby tent with a yellow top.

Auridon map

Lorebook text

By Aicantar of Shimmerene, Sapiarch of Indoctrination

Our cousins the Dark Elves have been duly punished for the betrayal of their ancestry: because they have embraced, and then attempted to emulate, the Daedra, a curse has disfigured their bodies and blasted their land. That lesson was apparently insufficient, for they have now left the boundaries of their cursed domain, and seek to infect the rest of the mainland with their heresies. The trio of wily demonspawn who rule them have duped the simple Nords and the slave-lizard Argonians into joining this mad escapade.

To allow the Ebonheart Pact to rule in Cyrodiil would be just as foolish as to leave the Empire to one or another of the tribes of Men. The Tribunal is ultimately an even greater danger to Nirn than the heedless and impetuous human nations. They must be driven back into their haunted corner of the continent with their power broken … forever.

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