List of ESO Emotes

eso emotes
In the list below, you’ll find approximately 120 different character emotes. Some of them have very similar animations, but it might change before launch. Emotes are special Slash Commands that describe the animated actions of your character, and always start with / (slash). Once you press Enter, you’ll be able to type emote in a chat.
Please be aware that some of the emotes listed below are not final, and in some cases may be on the wrong race and/or gender.



11 thoughts on “List of ESO Emotes

  1. Kii

    well if anything perhaps “Sweep” like with a broom and/or “rake” could be on there as well. There were a few moments I used some of the other emotes and people thought I was an NPC.

  2. SSadSadSeren

    “/eatbread” needs to be added to the list. There’s a few more I am trying but no luck so far…

  3. Symona

    /dancealtmer, /dancehighelf
    /dancebosmer, /dancewoodelf
    /dancedunmer, /dancedarkelf

  4. Morri


    There’s so bloody many of them it’s almost impossible to list. I wish they’d release an official list!


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