Known Technical Issues for MAC Users

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This list consists of descriptions and solutions for error codes you might encounter while login to the Elder Scrolls Online.
I installed the OSX client on my Mac, but I can’t find the launcher

  • To find the Launcher manually, double-click the Macintosh HD icon on your desktop
    (If you cannot see your Macintosh HD, click on Finder on the toolbar along the top of the screen).
  • Select Preference from the drop down menu.
  • Place a check in the Hardrive box under Show These Items on Desktop.
  • Double click on the Applications folder.
  • Double click on the Zenimax Online folder.
  • Double click on the Launcher (it will have the ouroboros icon).

When trying to run the Mac/OSX launcher, I’m getting a “Null Pointer Error.”

  • Click “Network”.
  • Select your internet connection in the menu on the left side (it will have a green dot).
  • Click “Advanced” on the right hand side after your internet connection is selected.
  • Click the “Proxies” tab.
  • Uncheck the box for “Automatic Proxy Discovery”.

Mouse Button Issues

There is a known issue with the middle mouse button on Macs. This will be fixed in a future update. We have found that this issue is caused by pressing the middle mouse button or any other buttons above Button 1 and 2 on a gaming mouse.

The temporary workaround is to not use a gaming mouse, and to avoid pressing the middle mouse button.

Mac Crashing on Game Launch
This issue is caused by playing ESO with OSX 10.6.8 or older. ESO requires OSX 10.7 or greater.

No Audio in ESO on Mac
We need you to reply with your hardware specs if you are having this issue. Also, please specify if you have any audio recording equipment hooked up to your Mac, and what it is.

Rain effect causing graphical glitches.
This is a known issue. Currently, there is no fix.
Mac installer can not install to any drive but the main drive.
However, after installation, the “Zenimax” folder can be copied to any drive.
User encountering reduced framerate in-game.
This can be attributed to users with 4GB of RAM or lower. Quitting all other programs before launching ESO, or even rebooting, can resolve this issue.

44 thoughts on “Known Technical Issues for MAC Users

  1. Maurice Frede

    If I click (Mac) in the Launcher on ”Play”, the software ”eso” opens and nothing happens.
    Only get a blackscreen with music..
    Need help!

  2. Zack Everhart

    I’m playing on an iMac running 10.8.5. Runs ultra-high just fine, but I’m am frequently having “re-log” problems (recent) and have had consistent crashes more frequently than my fellow pc players since the 5-day pre launch. Like, almost every 1-2 hours… Please look into this it’s really annoying 🙁

  3. Shinjiro

    I just install the client and the launcher would always crash
    It would go to “updating” than the gauge would just stop at random spots (furthest went is prob 40%)
    Than an “unexpectedly quit” messange would appear
    When opened to further read it would either be
    “crashed on thread 18/21/22” (either 1 mostly 22)
    This problem is as of now
    I tried to avoid the traffic of server demand by waiting until now to run the launcher but I guess either my machine isn’t compatientable or its their fault (imho idk)
    My machine is Mid 2012 MBP
    — English is my 4th language so I might not have even given relevant information due to my poor wording—

    1. Shinjiro

      Thread 21 Crashed:
      0 libsystem_malloc.dylib 0x91ceafb6 szone_malloc_should_clear + 9
      1 libsystem_malloc.dylib 0x91ce0b6a szone_malloc + 24
      2 libsystem_malloc.dylib 0x91ced55b malloc_zone_malloc + 75
      3 libsystem_malloc.dylib 0x91cedf44 malloc + 52
      4 0x946b7edd __CFRunLoopRun + 333
      5 0x946b7b1a CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 394
      6 0x946b797b CFRunLoopRunInMode + 123
      7 0x94bb3108 SocketStream::streamCan(void const*, SocketStream::SocketCanDoWhat, __CFString const*, CFStreamError*) + 338
      8 0x94bb6bb4 SocketStream::canRead(__CoreReadStream*) + 176
      9 0x94c8242b non-virtual thunk to SocketStream::canRead(__CoreReadStream*) + 29
      10 0x94bb6af9 ReadStreamCallbacks::_canRead(__CoreReadStream*, void*) + 33
      11 0x94ce7140 non-virtual thunk to CoreReadStreamWithCallBacks::_streamImpl_CanRead() + 36
      12 0x94bb6acc CoreStreamBase::_streamInterface_CanRead() + 42
      13 0x94be3db9 HTTPReadFilter::readHeaderBytes(StreamReader*, unsigned char, unsigned char*, long, CFStreamError*) + 367
      14 0x94be3ad9 HTTPReadFilter::canReadNoSignal(StreamReader*, CFStreamError*, unsigned char) + 141
      15 0x94be45bd HTTPReadFilter::_streamImpl_CanRead() + 223
      16 0x94c7d57a non-virtual thunk to HTTPReadFilter::_streamImpl_CanRead() + 20
      17 0x94bb6acc CoreStreamBase::_streamInterface_CanRead() + 42
      18 0x94c7a7c8 HTTPNetConnection::receiveResponse(void*) + 150
      19 0x94c77cf6 NetConnection::getState(unsigned char, void*) + 106
      20 0x94c7bb75 HTTPNetStreamInfo::_streamImpl_OpenCompleted(CFStreamError*) + 85
      21 0x94c7bbdf non-virtual thunk to HTTPNetStreamInfo::_streamImpl_OpenCompleted(CFStreamError*) + 27
      22 0x94bb4695 CoreStreamBase::_streamInterface_GetStatus() + 51
      23 0x94ce87c3 CoreStreamBase::blockingWaitForOpen() + 349
      24 0x94bb6c66 CoreStreamBase::_streamInterface_Read(unsigned char*, long) + 28
      25 0x94c7f1e6 HTTPReadStream::_streamImpl_Read(unsigned char*, long, CFStreamError*, unsigned char*) + 446

  4. Sandy

    When I try to install I click which megaserver I want to use and all that and then click ‘Install’ and then nothing happens.

    1. JanJan

      Same thing here as well. I’m running OS X, I bought the online download, downloaded the mac client, got all the way to ‘install’ and then….nothing. No folder created in Applications, no activity at all. It just looked like the whole program shut down.

  5. Pablo

    Can’t install TESO on my imac. Install program will just crush before even open. It’s no an issue of the DVD reader, I’ve proved other DVDs and it reads them without problems.

  6. Frank Weinreich

    Comparable problems here. Got it installed on my iMac, but every launch of the game itself ends with “error 201 (7:1:1016:1060)”. On my MacBookPro the installer starts and crashes after a few secs. Support hasn´t been answering for 48 hrs and my first month (extra pay 13 €) is ticking just by and bye bye …

  7. Kristoffer Strutzenblad

    I have an iMac 27″ with i7 3,5ghz, Nvidia 780M, sad 256 and 8gb RAM. If I play with highest settings, or even som at medium I have a constant problem with frame drops from 55/60 down to 25fps. Does anybody know if that is something I have to live with or should I be able to play it without those frame drops? Could it be that I need more RAM? (I’m waiting to get 8 more gb tomorrow.)

    Is there anything one could do to fix this issue? Or is it so that even the fully upgraded iMac can’t handle this game?


    1. Luke

      I have notice this too. I have a macpro 8 ocre, nvidia 660ti and this thing is a beast. When I play on Mac, I need to lower things because I get the same problem. What I have found to work very well is play the game Maximized instead of fullscreen. I have no slowdown that way. At least until they smooth it out. Hope this helps.

  8. Ashten

    I bought the game and inserted the disk to my iMac which is using the OSX and nothing happens. An icon appears on my desktop saying ESO install yet when I click it it brings up folders that do nothing. One of them when I dig deep enough under an OSX folder says setup.bin. When I click that it only starts an endless archiving to my desktop. In my applications there is no Zenimax online folder anywhere. I would really appreciate some help considering the game cost almost 70$ and it won’t even install properly.

  9. matt

    I launch the installer, but only the left side of the screen is active – right half missing! I therefore have no Next button in the lower right haha! i have to quit out.

  10. sandon

    my launcher is freezing as soon as i open it… it just says loading and wont go to the next screen where you can click play or download the patch update… anyone know a fix for this? please help…

  11. Murray

    I have downloaded the application to install elder scrolls when i click it, the app bobs up and down to show that its been activated it stops and thats it the installer just will not open, any and all advice is very much appreciated

  12. Manfred

    Shattering sound after a while…speed up over time until sound is distorted completely. This issue since Patch 1.3.3.

  13. Mordigal

    I have an issue with blocking. If I block and have a buff such as thundering prescence or the spiked armor from DK, on me, the block will drop/end when the buff ends. This results in by blocking being interrupted even when I keep the RMB pressed. This makes it impossible for me to tank or pvp effectively.

    I’m suspecting it is a OSX bug, since no one I ask has encountered it. I also played my character on a windows pc and there I do not have this problem.

    So my question is: Do any other mac users have this bug as well?

    1. JLB

      Yeah, exact same issue on Templar only when playing on a Mac.
      Block drops all the time. It drops with your own skills and with enemies skills.
      Been trying to find a solution but no luck.

  14. Tanner

    no sound in game but sound with opening trailer and company names I’m on a OS x yosemite iMac 27 inch 2011 3.4 GHz intel core i7 please let me know what i can do i would really enjoy being able to hear the in game music and gameplay sounds

  15. Juliano

    Just got the game, as soon as I click the installer it fails to open. If I try to reopen in just gives me the same message.

    1. david yue

      same here, the installer won’t open. the moment i clicked it it crashs and an error page pop out

  16. Charle

    Is there any official response to this? Shelling out 60 bucks for an unresponsive game is not my idea of a good time.

  17. Slaysha

    Won’t open when i try to launch even after downloading new launcher and new java update. I still get the pointer is NULL error and the fix listed above was not the issue because the “Automatic Proxy Discovery” box was never checked. Tried launching from Steam, my desktop, and new launcher.

    Giving up for tonight but hope to be able to play soon.

  18. richard

    so i download directly to my TB due to the fact that my mac doesn’t have enough space.
    when i try launching it i get nothing. it has worked before, i uninstalled it to an update causing it to freeze so i thought id start from scratch, NOW i get nothing. launch symbol is there, hops up and down as if its going to do something after i click it and still nothing. plz help its been to long 🙁

  19. Amie

    HELLPPPPP!!! I want to play ESO so badly but every time I am trying to install this I have a problem with java. Like it says that java could not open or it was quit while reopening windows and it only stop me every time I click on install, please someone help me I really want to play this game, I have a macbook pro retina 15 mid 2015 and I bought ESO at walmart so it is the hard copy.

  20. Rul

    Just intall ESO on my mac, when I ush PLAY buton it turn gray, nothing happens then it becomes blue again.
    Can’t play 🙁

  21. Absintalsem

    I just installed ESO on my mac through Steam. The game simply won’t launch. A small white window appears for a few seconds, disappears and a setup error takes its place. Research on internet has already learned me that Steam gave me .exe files but there is a file map named game_mac or something along those lines with a game file inside but it’s only 340mb, so not the full game. This launches though but crashes again when I try to log in. It does this by making me try to login as North American user (which I’m not, EU) then it gives an error that my account isn’t valid (of course) and then it crashes.
    I’m so pissed right now. This game costs quite some money. I want it to work!
    And yes, my Apple computer has the minimum requirements, it’s a bright new computer. It’s even better than it needs to be for this game.

  22. Felipe

    I just installed ESO on my IMac 21.5 inch (with 2,8 i5 QuadCore + 8gb ram ddr3 + intel iris 6200 – totally new IMac) and when i click on play it opens a black window and crashes… This is so frustrating.. Took long time to install the game and when i was able to play i can’t… I selected North America mega server..

  23. Holly

    I have been able to install and play TESO on my Mac, however, there is no Zenimax Online folder anywhere. I have tried unhiding folders, rebooting the finder and everything. I need to go into it and change the client due to sound issues on the game. Can anyone tell me why the folder has not appeared?

  24. JESS

    Using a TB external hard drive, but the Launcher keeps saying I don’t have enough space to download the game. Now the Launcher window just sits there on “Loading…” with no change! Help!!

  25. Tom Brown

    I’m using a 2017 iMac Pro and running external audio. I have a Focusrite 8i8 which is running two Yamaha HS7 studio monitors. The audio worked when I played the game using a free Stadia trial but I had connection issues which led to me purchase the full game. Now the desktop version will not pass audio! Please advise–Thank you

  26. Zachary

    currently brought the game through steam on my mac and i got stuck on a loading screen in the launcher waited for about 50 minutes and figured id look around to see if this was a common problem and i have found many forums but none that state how to fix this when i cant access the game nor can i change files because of the way i obtained the game.


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