ESO Auridon Treasure Map Guide

Auridon area hides six Treasure Maps and additional Auridon CE Treasure Map which is available as pre-purchase bonus. The most common ways to acquire maps are listed below:

  • random loot from mobs
  • random loot from locked / unlocked chests
  • you can buy them from a guild store

Once you acquire a map, its location will become visible only to you, but you have to figure out where it is, by using a treasure map sketch as a hint. This sketch is a similar replica of the area surrounding a spot where you should dig out a treasure chest. The place where the chest is hidden is always covered with dirt mound.

Auridon Treasure Map I

auridon treasure map 1

  • Southern part of Auridon map.
  • Maormer Invasion Camp area.
  • Just near a tall stone rock

Screenshot Walkthrough

Auridon Treasure Map II

auridon treasure map 2

  • In the central part of Auridon map.
  • Mathiisen Wayshrine area.
  • South and a little West from Mathiisen Wayshrine. Almost directly South from Calambar Dolmen anchor.

Screenshot Walkthrough

We would like to thank jillz for sending us the screenshots

Auridon Treasure Map III

auridon treasure map 3

  • Smuggler’s Cove on the west coast of Auridon.
  • It is directly west of Shattered Grove and directly north of Wreck of the Raptor.
  • The treasure is behind the rock formation

Screenshot Walkthrough

Auridon Treasure Map IV

auridonauridon treasure map 4

  • In the middle part of Auridon map on the east coast.
  • From Quendeluun Wayshrine go towards east coast. It’s directly below Heretic’s Summons boss.
  • The treasure is below the first rock.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Auridon Treasure Map V

auridonauridon treasure map 5

  • Northeastern corner of Auridon map
  • You will find a small peninsula next to a river bridge, near College Wayshrine.
  • We would like to thank Uny and Nimfuria for sending us screenshots

Auridon Treasure Map VI

auridon treasure map 6

  • North part of Auridon map.
  • Go to the Banished Cells entrance and travel southeast.
  • The treasure is between Banished Cells and Castle Rilis

Screenshot Walkthrough

Auridon CE Treasure Map

Auridon CE Treasure Map

  • Southern part of Auridon map.
  • Near Vulkhel Guard Wayshrine
  • Southeast from Vulkhel Guard Wayshrine, south and a little west from the Harborage icon, next to the stone wall.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Thank you Vantroy for sending us the screenshot!

We would like to thank Mogilka from the official beta test forum and ESO community for sharing valuable hints where the treasures are hidden.

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  1. XenaBard

    Wow! Thanks so much. For some reason, I could not locate the area in map II. After several hours, I decided to “cheat” and check to see if someone was kind enough to post the location. This is so helpful. Also it was nice to see the loot is leveled according to the area – meaning I am not going to tear my hair out locating chests my character is too advanced to make use of.


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