Emperor is a dream come true for every Elder Scrolls Online player. It is the most powerful role in the game due to the special bonuses TESO Emperor receives. However, it is also a task that will be hardest to accomplish and many players will fail on that road before they get the chance to be crowned.
ESO Emperor Armor concept
It may be difficult thing to do but getting the crown will be worth it, with these impressive bonuses:

  • Emperor will have special skill line focused on PVP battles, sieges and even PvE.
  • Special skill line will remain with the character forever, even when the character no longer has the crown (but less powerful).
  • All stats are increased, character will have better powers and will deal more damage. There is only one Emperor, per campaign at the same time, making the character wearing the crown the best in the campaign.
  • Emperor will have access to unique armor set, which will change only appearance of the character (without losing any of your own armor bonuses). Currently it is unknown if it will stay in possession of the character once you are no longer Emperor.
  • Emperor will give bonuses to other players in his alliance.

How to become TESO Emperor?

One player can be crowned if two main requirements are fulfilled:

  • His alliance must capture and hold all 6 keeps around the Imperial City under its control
  • Player has to be top ranking player in the alliance which controls all 6 keeps.

Taking control of all 6 keeps will be very hard having in mind that there will be total of three alliances fighting for domination over the land. Every side will fight to capture the Ruby Throne and when one alliance takes a hold of one keep it will have to protect it by some measures, stretching its own forces. That is why an alliance has to be strong before it even begins thinking about the crown.
It is also mentioned by developers that there won’t be any Emperor at the beginning of the campaign and how long it will stay that way depends only on alliances and their ability to capture and hold keeps.
The second requirement isn’t any easier to accomplish, too. Once alliance controls all 6 keeps, the best player in the alliance will be crowned as Emperor. It won’t matter what path and playing style is chosen, though. Maria Aliprando (Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Designer) said for our web-site that specialization isn’t important simply because each player earn alliance points for every action. That being said, Alliance points can be earned by damage dealers, tanks or healers either fighting other players, taking or defending keeps, completing quests, etc.
Being the best player in the alliance will require hard work and dedication, but there are some tips that you can follow. First of all, join big group or a guild: it is much easier to fight with someone guarding your back and this way even harder objectives will be more manageable. Secondly, do as many tasks as you can. Basically, check global map as often as possible, join big fights as they will give you more rewards. In the end, constantly improve your character and your play style – play smarter and more foes will fall by your hand.

How can player lose title of Emperor?

Losing Emperorship is possible and fairly easy thing to do. It will happen under these circumstances:

  • Other player in the alliance becomes higher ranked player
  • Other alliance captures the keeps around the Imperial City
  • Player decides to change current campaign

In case when another alliance takes control of the keeps, the best player from that alliance will be crowned and the title can be returned to the previous owner under the same rules as in the first place.
Emperor can’t be dethroned by trading or transferring the crown to a friend, that feature won’t be in the game at all. Other players can kill Emperor, even though he is almost invincible, but he won’t lose his title that way, it will only result in a respawn.

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