Morrowind was the first Elder Scrolls game I played. Prior to that I did not play many RPG games, but a friend of mine highly suggested Morrowind so I tried it out. Several months later I was still playing Morrowind. Feeling of entering a massive, dynamic and vibrant fantasy world with its rules and secrets and hidden gems of adventure scattered all over the place is what I remember my sessions with the game as. I have spent many hours playing RPG games since, always looking for that feeling of traversing a fantasy world that Morrowind was so good at providing. I sometimes found it, but mostly I did not. Even Oblivion, the next game in the Elder Scrolls series did not provide me with that Morrowind feeling. It felt a little blend in comparison and I only played through the main storyline before moving onto other games. Luckily, Skyrim came out and brought back that whole enormous world feeling.

With such epic predecessors it is no wonder that the announcement of Elder Scrolls Online, a Massive Multiplayer RPG set in the Elder Scrolls universe, turned everyone’s heads. Single player Elder Scroll games had such huge worlds filled with so many things to be done, the only thing that separated them from MMORPGs was that there other players were not populating the same space as you. This also brings the biggest concern to the table. Will such epic single player experience transition well into MMORPG design?

That is why we are creating TESO Life. We will certainly be playing this game and we will play it a lot. Since we created a website for every game that we planned on playing so extensively we are creating one for TESO as well. We will be there through betas, launch and post launch with you, playing, writing guides, creating databases, maps and all that other stuff our websites are known for. Tamriel awaits and we’ll be living it once again with all our gamer passion.

MMORPG Life network was founded in 2008 and over time has grown to include: Lotro Life, Aion Life, DCUO Life, WoW Life, Swtor Life, Swtor Spy, GW2 Life and Gosu Noob. Our next ambitious project is TESO Life fansites.

Yours Sincerely,

Nadezda “Nadia” Stanarevic, Editor
Srdjan “Serge” Stanarevic, Editor

and the rest of MMORPG Life staff

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    Thank u for this amazing site. The information here is very helpful. Great site without wasting words. Great job!

  2. Iams Goldmane

    Just found this site. Awesome job! Thanks for all the great hints for ESO. I play WOW as well so will check out that spot to. Thanks for creating this site. I rate this site as being “Two Thumbs Up!”

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    This is a great site. It’s very comprehensive and offers many tips. I’ve found it a very useful resource as I start my exploration of the Elder Scrolls universe.

    Well done!


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