Dragonknight’s skill trees let you deal fire damage while going for either a tank or DPS role. Going for a Draconic Power build will give you more health regen and armor buffs for a tanking role. Ardent Flame is a DPS skill line with DOTs. Earthern Heart gives you more support options for your group. It is a favorite of ranged Dragonknights. Use our Dragonknight talent calculator bellow to create a perfect combination of skills for your playstyle and remember to save them so that others can see your preferences.

UPDATE: ESO Dragonknight Skill Calculator has been updated with PTS 3.0 data and will be updated with new data as ESO: Morrowind gets closer to release on live. Be warned that this is data from the beta server and as such might change rapidly as things come closer to going live for all players.

ESO Morrowind Update: Dragonknight Skill Calculator has been updated with live server 3.0.5 data. This update implements all the changes introduced with the early access launch of ESO Morrowind.




Champion Points


The Steed

The Lady

The Lord


The Shadow

The Lover

The Tower


The Apprentice

The Atronach

The Ritual



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5 thoughts on “Dragonknight

  1. The Legendary

    Lovely Caluclator. I just wish you could choose / skill into more active Abilities then you can Equip. You want to have a Range of those to choose for different Situations. (f. e. Firey Grip for Pulling).

  2. Artherian

    I am fairly new to the game, How does this look for a build..im mainly looking for a Duel Wielding dark elf DK with lots of dps and some survivability.


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