How to Reset Skills in ESO

One of the most asked questions during the beta was how to respec my skills or how to reset my character attributes in Elder Scrolls Online. Due to only the first couple of zones being available during stress tests and only the last beta giving access to the tier 3 zone many people started thinking there is no way to respec in this game. Luckily for us they were wrong. There are conditions that need to be met for you to be able to respec though. You will have to be able to reach the tier 3 zone of your faction. Aldmeri Dominion will have to go to the Elden Root in Grahtwood zone. Daggerfall Covenant members will have to visit the city of Wayrest in Stormhaven zone. Those loyal to the Ebonheart Pact have to visit Deshaan and its main city Mournhold. You can reach these zones with a lower level character if you are careful and keep to the main road. This exploration might even net you some extra discovery experience.

Inside each of these cities you can find Rededication Shrine POIs. This is where you’ll find three shrines. One is used to reset your skills, one resets your attributes (magicka, stamina, health point distribution) and the shrine of Mara lets you use Ring of Mara to “Espouse your beloved”. There is a monetary cost for resetting either skills or attributes. This cost is equal to the number of skills/attributes that you are resetting and it is 100 gold pieces per point (I’d like to thank PETER GROSS for pointing that out in the comments section) goes up with the number of respecs you previously did and scales up with the level of your character. If you made a mistake early on (around level 10) and want to try another build or attribute distribution you can do this for around 1400 gold pieces. At higher levels the cost is considerably higher. At higher levels, though, you have access to so many skyshards and skill points from quests that you should be able to max out pretty much your whole skill tree. Just in case you made a royal mess of your skill choices you will still have the ability to reset them and start over. Here’s a short video showing map locations of all three Rededication Shrines.

16 thoughts on “How to Reset Skills in ESO

  1. Peter Gross

    When using the shrines they were always the same cost 100 gold per skill point or attribute points reset.
    At level 16 I had 32 kill points earned and it cost me 3200 gold to reset skills and 1500 for the attributes at level 23 I had 47 skill points and it cost 4700 gold to reset skills and 2200 for the attributes.

    1. Andrew

      So I’ve been combing forums looking for what people are saying the cost of respec is per skill point. Most people, like you, say 100 gold per skill point. This isn’t the case for me. I’ve done it twice, and it’s only been 50 gold per skill point. Unless my math is way off. I even tested. I assigned 5 skill points, then respec-ed for 250 gold. That’s 50 gold per. I’m not complaining, just wondering if this was in a game update or something.

  2. Bruce

    You may have raised some skill lines with multiple skill points. Can you re-morph skills you have previously morphed? Or will you be unable to morph any skills? Even skills you have previously morphed?

    1. Captain obvious

      ^^^Obviously if you reset your skill points you dont have any of the skills you morphed previously, because it took a skill point to get the skill and a skill point to morph it right?

    1. Serge Post author


      If you decide to invest skill points into same skills you will have the same amount of experience in them.

      1. thenidur

        and if i choose the other morph? lets say i have skill X and the first time i choose morph A and level it up to level 4. then i reset my skills and now i choose morph B of the skill, does the “new” morph then start at level 1?

        and if it starts ar level 1: am i able to level my skills again/new/further even after reaching level 50?
        do i still get XP or do i get VP (veteran points) and if i get veteran points do they have the same impact on my skill lines like getting XP or am i stuck at my skill levels after reaching level 50?

        hope u understand what i mean.. 😉

  3. Stratti

    A key benefit hasn’t been highlighted. When you do this you are able to put points into any skill or morph you have unlocked . This means that while levelling you would have put points in a skill that you may not want to unlock a later one. When you reset your skills you can access any skill you unlock and do not need to put points into a skill earlier in the tree in order to put points in one later. For example you don’t need to put points in the first skill at all if you only want the fourth one.

    1. Lemp

      erm … you never have to do this? … If you are talking about the skills from top to the bottom … its just level based.

      But you have to put points into the skills to get the skills morphed out of the skill.

      If i understand you right, i think you didnt understand the skillsystem at all 😛 … You dont have to put a point in the first skill, to be able to put a point in the second skill, this is all just Based on your Level in the skill – for example destruction staff – Tri Focus needs level 5 destruction staff – Penetrating Magic needs level 10 destruction staff – you dont need points in Tri Focus to be able to put points in Penetrating Magic on the first hand

      1. Nathma

        No he/she is right about points for Class Skill lines. If you want to level Daedric Summoning you must put a point in Unstable Familiar and have it on your bar, etc. to level the skill tree (even though it sucks). It will never level up if you don’t put points in the first skill and have it on your bar (unless you get really lucky off reading bookshelves). Everything outside of the class specific skills has different leveling mechanics.

  4. Sebastian Bull

    If you go to your class specialisation trainer you can pay a fee to reset your current talent points. The fee increases the more times you reset the talent points. I found mine in Orgrimmar. Hope this helps.

  5. Offshot

    at lvl 9 I tried to respec my talents, but only the shrine of Mara was in the church. does it unlock at a certain lvl? or is it different on ps4 ?

  6. Rama

    Which shrine is which? you left out important details, yet you told us what the Mara shrine does, why not tell us the other two too, especially as this is what this article is supposed to be about.


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