Ten things you need to know when ESO starts

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We are 36 hours away from the first permanent characters being created in Elder Scroll Online. We prepared a Tips & Tricks article a while back for Beta weekends that is still a very valid and valuable resource of information for those starting out for the first time. I wanted to share some more advanced tips that might not be that obvious at start. Here are top ten things you want to keep on your mind in the first 15 levels.

  1. You will have three skill points once you complete the tutorial. Invest them in one skill from each class skill line and slot all three abilities. This way you will have a variety of skills to use and you will level up all three class skill lines. This might prove beneficial later when you definitely decide on your gameplay style and build because no skill line will be severely gimped.
  2. Try and loot some urns and chests in the prison level at the beginning of the game and loot nightstands in inns and houses in the cities to get some free lockpicks and crafting style stones.
  3. If you really need to have a few extra skill points within the first 10 levels you might want to consider visiting starter islands. These islands are optional content you can visit via an NPC in the starting city and they each contain 3 skyshards, which results in 2 skill points. You can just go and pick up skyshards or even level there where is less crowded and easier to find resources. It takes about 4 hours to go through both islands.
  4. If you prefer PvP you want to get to level 10 and join AvA campaign in Cyrodiil. You will get both PvP and PvE levels by doing stuff in Cyrodiil and there are skyshards and lorebooks to be found as well.
  5. PvE fans should find some friends that know how to do group content and start doing group dungeons at level 12. Completing dungeons provides great XP and nice loot and you get a skill point for each completed dungeon quest. You can also try your luck with the group finder and a PUG
  6. Research traits immediately! Whether you plan on crafting or not I suggest you use the first item you get that has a trait on it for research. In the crafting panel you can pick to research traits from existing items. This will destroy the item, but provide you with the ability to craft an item with that trait. The trick is that researching these traits takes exponentially more time for each additional trait on that item type. This means that you will be level 50 and still not have all traits researched for a single item. Start right away or time’s a wastin’.
  7. If you do decide to do crafting do not pick up every crafting material in the world. Focus on your primary professions or you’ll spend so much time, inventory slots and gold on leveling all professions that you will always be in the red. This does not apply to dedicated crafters ofc.
  8. Buy a couple of soul gems from vendors as soon as you can. There is nothing worse than having to run from a far away wayshrine to your previous destination.
  9. Check every bookshelf you come across in the starting city. These contain random books, but sometimes they give you a free level up for one of your skill lines. You can find a lot of these in Mages Guild houses and castles.
  10. In the leveling up process I found that buying enchants from Enchanting vendor is easier than trying to collect materials and create your own enchants. Unless you want to be a dedicated enchanter sell or store your enchanting mats and buy already available enchants from a vendor

If you think we missed a crucial tip feel free to let us know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Ten things you need to know when ESO starts

  1. ElderGamer1

    You’re right on time wasters but I have found the way I play that not being a Thief and only collecting my set craft Alchemy/Enchanting I was really poor…Mining and collecting that Flower for clothing only takes up 2 places and I get a nice amount of Gold back in Town to cover most of my expenses. Being new doesn’t mean you have to be poor until you level up. But thanks for your info!

  2. terence

    Going to get the eso on xbox one i had skyrim and oblivion on Xbox 360. Is there anything I should know about the game like what fun things are there to do?


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