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ESO Auridon Skyshards Location Map


A landing of noble’s blood.

“A landing of noble’s blood” is located in Southern Auridon, to the west of Vulkhel Guard Wayshrine.

Head upstairs to the second floor in the Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury, and you will spot it on the balcony. This is the first Skyshard that you can acquire when you start your journey throughout Auridon.

Note:In order to enter Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury you need to be on a quest A Hostile Situation. This quest comes after the quest Ensuring Security. They are both part of Vulkhel Guard Objective.

On the balcony, on the second floor of Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury.


Adorns Valano’s terrace.

Adorns Valano’s terrace skyshard is hidden in the southeastern Auridon area, just north from Eastshore Islets Camp, or to the northeast is you are comming from Vulkhel Guard Wayshrine.

Enter the Valano Manor, head to the second floor, open one of the Silsailen doors and claim your prize. Although, the house is surrounded by big trees, you can easily spot it on the balcony.

Note: In order to be able to enter Valano Manor you need to be on a quest Teldur’s End.


Offered to appease riled ancestors.

In the Southwestern Auridon area. The skyshard is located to the southwest from Tanzelwil Wayshrine and Tanzelwil POI, or to the southeast from Seaside Scarp Camp (two swords skull icon).

At the corner of a small, white-rock plateau, where the large stone pillars can be found. This platform is on the upper level, and you should approach it from the east, rather than from the west. It’s in the area where you can talk with Priestess Aranwen, quest objective NPC of a quest “In the Name of the Queen”.


Watching the sky in a tower of swords.

Located inside the Fighters Guild building in Skywatch

You can see the shard up on the balcony as you approach the fighters Guild building in Skywatch.

Map location of entrance to Fighters Guild

Get up on the first floor and you will see the shard shining on the balcony.


Between cursed ruin and shrine.

In the central part of Auridon map, just east of Quendeluun Wayshrine.

Skyshard can be found on the ground, between a stone wall and large rock. It’s a well hidden location, especially during the day, because of the stone wall and trees around the area. Nearby Quendeluun Wayshrine is to the west.


Near Merormo’s refreshment.

“Near Merormo’s refreshment” skyshard is located in the western Auridon. From Mathiisen Wayshrine head to the nort-hwest, and somewhere between tree POIs: Shattered Grove (house icon), Wreck of the Raptor (two swords skull icon) and Smuggler’s Cove (eye icon) you will find it.

On the ground, next to the stone house and a well. This is one of the skyshards that you can hardly miss if you are completing quests in this area. Nearby house is called Merormo’s Tower, and inside the house you will find NPC Merormo, who is a part of the last objective in the mission “Silent Village”.

Skyshard is located between a tall house and nearby well.


Contemplation’s overlook.

Skyshard is located in the northwestern part of Auridon map, just west of Isle of Contemplation, on the top of a waterfall.

You can’t see the Skyshard from the center of the Isle of Contemplation, because it’s on the upper level. In order to reach it, you can jump from the Northern Torinaan plateau, or start climbing toward it, from a southern road. The road is to the west from the skyshard location marked on our map.


Up and west in the broken dawn.

“Northern” Auridon, Southwest from College Wayshrine, in Dawnbreak (house icon).

Skyshard is hidden on the top of a ruined, stone stairs inside wrecked house in Dawnbreak area. The stairs do not lead to the second floor, but to the Skyshard. There is a quest NPC Captain Landare in the same house. She is a part of the quest “Through the Ashes”.


Gleaming beacon, ship-guide.

It’s located in the northern part of Auridon map, just below North Beacon POI (tower icon).

Go up the stairs until you reach the last floor of North Beacon Lighthouse. Path that leads to Lighthouse starts in southern part of North Beacon compound. Use stone stairs to climb up. Follow the path until you reach the platform where neutral NPCs fight hostile bandits. Pass them by, and continue over a wooden bridge. After a while, you will spot the North Beacon Lighthouse in the distance. When you enter the house, open the door towards the Lighthouse Overlook. “Gleaming beacon, ship-guide” is right there.

A path that leads towards North Beacon Lighthouse starts here.

Map Location of a North Beacon Lighthouse approach.

… and finally to the North Beacon Lighthouse.

While inside open Lighthouse Overlook Door.


Ancient chamber of golden glow.

Inside the solo dungeon Bewan. It is very well hidden behind a wall and you can easily miss it so pay attention to the screenshot of the location. Keep in mind that on the big map we marked the entrance to Bewan, while screenshots hold the exact location inside the dungeon.

Skyshard is right in front of you in the screenshot above. Hard to spot? It is behind the right wall.

You can see the glow more clearly now.

Bewan map with exact location of “Ancient chamber of golden glow.” skyshard


The Heritance stakes this claim.

Skyshard is located in Southern part of Auridon map, Northwest of Vulkhel Guard Wayshrine, in Del’s Claim – public dungeon (torch icon).

On the ground, in the central part of the Del’s Claim map. Although it is surrounded with rocks, it’s not hard to spot it, since it shines brightly in the darkness of a cave.


Near the folly’s end.

In the central part of Auridon map. The skyshard is inside Entila’s Folly public dungeon (torch icon), which entrance can be found to the east of Mathiisen Wayshrine.

It’s hidden at the end of the Entila’s Folly public dungeon, on the upper platform. Although the skyshard is located on the upper level, it’s not a challenge for any explorer to reach it.

Entrance to Entila’s Folly public dungeon.

Entila’s Folly entrance Map Location.


Held in a corner by the House of Troubles.

In the Northwestern part of the Auridon map is hidden another skyshard. From Greenwater Wayshrine go to the northwest corner of the map, until you come across the entrance to Mehrunes’ Spite, a public dungeon, marked as torch icon on the map.

When you enter the first huge room, inside Mehrunes’ Spite dungeon, turn left, and you’ll spot the Skyshard in the corner. Some players might easily miss it, since the other Skyshards in public dungeons are usually at the end of the dungeon.

Mehrunes’ Spite entrance Map Location.

In the first room in Mehrunes’ Spite dungeon.


Blood-drained thralls stumble past.

In the southern Auridon. The skyshard is located inside Ondil – public dungeon (torch icon). The entrance to the dungeon can be found northeast of Tanzelwil Wayshrine.

In the corner of a small room, in southeastern Ondil you will find the shard. Since, not a single quest will send you there, you can easily pass it by, if you don’t explore the area.

Entrance to Ondil public dungeon.

Blood-drained thralls stumble past.


Corpses from another age walk here.

Inside Wansalen public dungeon. After you defeat the dungeon boss you will see it to your left as you go towards the exit. Marked on Auridon map is the location of entrance into Wansalen and you will find the exact location of the shard inside the dungeon on the screenshots bellow.

Go down these stairs to enter Wansalen.

After you defeat Nolonir, boss of Wansalen dungeon, you will come across the shard. Pictured above the shard is to the right and Nolonir was defeated to the left.

Exact location pictured on the map of Wansalen.


Hidden home in the gully’s wall.

Skyshard is located in Western Auridon map area. Head southwest from Glister Vale (tower icon), until you reach the entrance to Toothmaul Gully public dungeon (torch icon).

“Hidden home in the gully’s wall” is waiting for you in the eastern part of a large central Toothmaul Gully cave room.

Toothmaul Gully Map entrance Location.

On the ground, in the eastern part of a large central Toothmaul Gully cave room.

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    #12 Skyshard at Ondil There is a quest called LONG LOST LORE given out by Valaste, Mage’s Guild, in Vulkhel Guard.


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