A Hostile Situation



Quest Text:
At the request of the captain of the Vulkhel Watch, I’ve been running errands all over Auridon’s port city. I even helped a watchman deal with a cornered man, who claimed that the Captain has been co-opted by a group called the Veiled Heritance.

Part of:
Vulkhel Guard
First objective:
I need to discover if Fasion’s claims are true. I should confront the Captain near the manor house.

  • Find the Captain
During this quest you are able to enter Manor House and collect A Landing Of Noble’s Blood Skyshard.

Screenshot Walkthrough

This is where you find out that you have been tricked.

Time to get out of the jail cell with a help of a Razum-dar.

In order to get past the manor Guards talk with Eshaba.

Take Vulkhel Guard Marine Disguise from a Merchant Chest just behind Eshaba.

When you equip it from inventory you are able to talk to Battlereeve Urcelmo near the temple.

Help Battlereeve Urcelmo fight and defeat the assassins.

Your hard work comes to recognition soon enough.

5 thoughts on “A Hostile Situation

  1. Mike

    I had to abandon the quest at the merchant Eshaba, How do I get it back I tries to go to the Jail and to the bank but no Razum-dar. pls help

  2. pokabu101

    I accidentally hit a civilian while in the disguise and was killed. Now i cannot get it back. Any suggestions?

  3. Chris

    I could not find the answer anywhere, same thing happened to me. The quest can be picked up again in Celus Arando’s house next to the stable.


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