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ESO Southern Elsweyr Skyshards Location Map


Overlooking the coast, southeast of Doomstone Keep

Doomstone Keep is a striking locale located in the far northeastern part of Southern Elsweyr. You’ll find it north from the Forsaken Citadel delve, northeast from the Pridehome Wayshrine. Be sure to follow the path rather than the coastline.

This is the first of many Southern Elsweyr skyshards, and also the one that is the farthest away from the starting map location in the southern town of Senchal. If you’ve just started this zone, and want to pick up all the skill points first, you better leave this one for last.

This spot is on the edge of a high coastal hill. If you pay attention to the map, you’ll see small islands near the coast. The second to last island (from south to north) is the closest to our goal. Follow the road from the south by keeping close to the eastern shoreline. The goal is to pass Pridehome Wayshrine on the west and Forsaken Citadel on the east. Head to the northeastern corner of the plateau by the river north from this delve. In this area, you’ll spot two fighting beasts – a Mountain Bristleback and a Haj Mota. There is a small path going downhill near them, toward the cliff. The skyshard is down this path, past a Spriggan, next to a tall tree.


Lurking inside a burned ruin in west Senchal

This burned ruin is north from the southern entrance to Senchal city. If you are collecting skyshards in this area from the start, this will be your first shard. Senchal is the main city in this zone, and you start your journey here, once you decide it is time to play the Dragonhold DLC that this map is a part of.

If you look closely at the map, you can spot a small circular part of the road in southern Senchal. If you follow this path out of town, you’ll soon notice a large statue near the main road. Don’t go toward it – pan your view to the west instead. There is a small pathway there that leads to an area with cloth tarps. Go down this pathway and keep to your right, close to the city’s main wall. Turn right at the first small section and continue forward. You’ll pass by a ruined house on your left. At this point, you’ll spot yet another burned ruin in the distance. This is where the lurking takes place. Find an entrance covered in vines in order to enter the ruin, and use the skyshard.


Where water falls in the Western Plains

Western Plains is a neat name for a Wayshrine positioned in the southwestern part of Southern Elsweyr. A long river dominates this part of the map, connecting the two shores. If you follow it downstream, you’ll eventually reach the Wayshrine and the shard.

There are three bridges on the river west from Senchal. Following the river downstream, you should pass by the southernmost one at the end. There’s a broken carriage on the river bank there, and a waterfall nearby. The shard is on a rock on top of this waterfall, overlooking the plateau below, with the Wayshrine in the distance.

If you come here in the morning, before the fog has lifted, the view of the area is just astounding. The trees with their beautiful crowns, mountain ranges in the distance, the orange rays of sun breaking through the fog – the developers did a great job. Maybe it’s because we are not used to looking up at the trees, but the way this spot is positioned so you’re forced to pan your view in a certain direction is what gets me.


Where falling water meets the natural arch east of Black Heights

Black Heights is a settlement in the northwestern part of the main map. The main road leads to this place, and you’ll have no issue finding it. It is past the Black Heights Wayshrine, in the hills of Tenmar Forest. Another vivid place in Southern Elsweyr, with colorful buildings and artistic traditions. A nice place to spend your holidays for sure.

If you go east from the Black Heights settlement and follow the river northeast, you’ll soon come to a large waterfall. This is where the falling water meets the natural arch to the west. It’s rather easy to spot this natural arch, as it is massive. The skyshard is on top of the waterfall. To reach this part of the river, you’ll need to go all the way around, following a southern path.

At one point, you’ll pass by some ruins where a Dragon lands. Go around them, and continue downstream. There will be a small waterfall you’ll need to drop down before reaching the big one, and your final destination. Considering this is a remote place, one may question why there is a small camp with a fire east from the waterfall Skyshard. I’ve found a rose inside a small sack there, which might be a part of something that’s better left unsaid.


Across a rope bridge in Moonlit Cove

Moonlit Cove is a delve in the southwestern part of Southern Elsweyr. If you follow the southern coast, you’ll reach this delve near the end of it. The closest Wayshrine is Western Plains, and there are also other places of interest nearby – Halls of Colossus, an ancient place of wonder, to the west and the Purring Rock striking locale to the east.

The entrance to Moonlit Cove is close to the water. Just follow the shoreline and you’ll spot something that looks like a stone temple. Shezar the Sibilant, a Kajiit, will await you near the entrance, offering you a quest to cleanse the sacred shrines inside the delve for a prize.

Continue forward from the entrance, towards the northeastern part of the cave. As you leave the tunnel leading to this large area, you’ll spot a rope bridge nearby. You should also be seeing the skyshard’s light on the other side of the cave, on top of a waterfall. Cross the rope bridge and fight off the Ruddy Fang members that might be following you. Close to the shrine near the edge of this pond, you can find a rock that divides the waterfall into two streams. This rock holds the skill point we are after. The jump from here is totally safe, not dangerous at all.


Within the lower tunnels of the Forsaken Citadel

The Forsaken Citadel skyshard is inside a dungeon in the northeastern part of Southern Elsweyr. This delve is on an island, with the entrance south from the main gate bridge.

The path that takes you to the dungeon’s entrance is used by one Imperial female called Catina Garrana. She is the dungeon’s quest giver. Go down the path close to the main bridge, and in the lower area, you’ll spot a wooden bridge that will take you inside.

The exact spot where the Forsaken Citadel skyshard is, is in a part of the delve where two paths go one above the other. It is in the northwestern part, next to a room with lots of wooden tables, chairs, barrels… This is a room with four large central pillars. You can see the skyshard’s glow from the upper path, but you’ll need to jump into the hole to reach the lower path, where you can actually interact with it. The enemies you’ve picked up along the way won’t follow you down the hole – they’ll take another route instead, and you’ll be locked in combat until they reach you, hit you once, then change their minds and head back. Luckily, this won’t stop you from interacting with the shard. That’s the last shard on the list – have fun exploring the vast zones of Elder Scrolls Online.

The Forsaken Citadel entrance is down here.

Within the lower tunnels of the Forsaken Citadel.

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