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Lurking Inside A Burned Ruin In West Senchal Skyshard

This burned ruin is north from the southern entrance to Senchal city. If you are collecting skyshards in this area from the start, this will be your first shard. Senchal is the main city in this zone, and you start your journey here, once you decide it is time to play the Dragonhold DLC that this map is a part of.

If you look closely at the map, you can spot a small circular part of the road in southern Senchal. If you follow this path out of town, you’ll soon notice a large statue near the main road. Don’t go toward it – pan your view to the west instead. There is a small pathway there that leads to an area with cloth tarps. Go down this pathway and keep to your right, close to the city’s main wall. Turn right at the first small section and continue forward. You’ll pass by a ruined house on your left. At this point, you’ll spot yet another burned ruin in the distance. This is where the lurking takes place. Find an entrance covered in vines in order to enter the ruin, and use the skyshard.

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