Stros M’Kai Treasure Map Guide

Stros M’Kai is a tutorial zone for Daggerfall Covenant players level 3-5. Although the island itself is very small you have a chance to acquire two Treasure Maps and additional Stros M’Kai CE Treasure Map which is available as pre-purchase bonus.
If you still don’t know how to acquire a map, take a look at our list below, but don’t forget that the drop probability is very low:

  • random loot from mobs
  • random loot from locked / unlocked chests
  • you can buy them from a guild store

Each treasure map sketch will give you a hint where to look for a buried treasure, but it’s not easy to find this hidden place. The place where you should dig up the treasure chest is always covered with dirt mound, and it’s visible only to players with the corresponding map.

Stros M’Kai Treasure Map I

Stros M Kai Treasure Map I

  • In the south part of the Stros M’Kai map
  • Use Saintsport Wayshrine and head south of the docks towards the lighthouse.
  • We would like to thank mknele for sending us the screenshots

Screenshot Walkthrough

Stros M’Kai Treasure Map II

Stros M'Kai Treasure Map II

  • Small island near the west coast.
  • Use the nearest Port Hunding Wayshrine, and head southwest until you reach a small island Pillar of the Singing Sun. In the center of the island you will see a small tent and palm trees. The buried treasure is hidden between rocks, right behind the palm trees.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Stros M’Kai CE Treasure Map

Stros M'Kai CE Treasure Map

  • In the north part of the Stros M’Kai Map
  • Use Port Hunding Wayshrine, and head towards Headmaster Bhosek’s Palace. From the main entrance turn right, and you’ll find digging spot behind the large rock.

Screenshot Walkthrough

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    1. Nikki C

      The CE maps are something you have to pay for with Crowns, but you can still buy them even without the preorder. The “treasure map I, treasure map ii”, and so forth, are in-game loot.


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