Coldharbour Treasure Map Locations Guide

mini treasure map coldharbour

Coldharbour is a zone available for high level players, in level range between 43-50. Adventurers in this area can obtain 6 treasure maps and additional Coldharbour CE Treasure Map, available only to those who pre-purchased the CE edition of the game.

Coldharbour CE Treasure Map

CE treasure map coldharbour

  • Northern Coldharbour.
  • East of Reaver Citadel Wayshrine, south of Survivor’s Camp (Area of Interest POI). Dirt Mound is located bellow large wrecked ship bow.

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Coldharbour Treasure Map I

treasure map coldharbour 1

  • Southwestern Coldharbour.
  • East of Haj Uxith Wayshrine, in close vicinity of Fong of Schemes (Area of Interest POI). Close to a ruined stone gate.

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Coldharbour Treasure Map II

treasure map  coldharbour 2

  • Western central Coldharbour.
  • East of Shrouded Plains Wayshrine. Head south of Forsaken Village (Area of Interest POI) map marker, next to a stone brick house.

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Coldharbour Treasure Map III

treasure map coldharbour 3

  • Slightly to the east of the central Coldharbour.
  • Head east of The Hollow City. South of Court of Contempt Wayshrine, west of Everfull Flagon Wayshrine. It is next to a bookshelf inside a ruined house, which is on the top of a small hill.

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Coldharbour Treasure Map IV

treasure map coldharbour 4

  • Southeastern Coldharbour.
  • Closest wayshrine from where you can reach this area quickly is Everfull Flagon Wayshrine. Dirt Mound is in eastern Everfull Flagon, east of a windmill, next to a large tree with same shapes as the one on the treasure map sketch.
  • There are two similarly shaped trees near the windmill, and you might be confused where to look for a hidden treasure. Dirt mound is hidden next to the tree closest to nearby rocks.

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Coldharbour Treasure Map V

treasure map coldharbour 5

  • Northwestern central Coldharbour.
  • South of The Manor of Revelry and its wayshrine. Dirt mound is close to a road where wrecked stone pillar and a lion statue are standing, near a small boulder with spiky surface.

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Coldharbour Treasure Map VI

treasure map coldharbour 6

  • Northern Coldharbour.
  • Northwest of Reaver Citadel Wayshrine, just east of The Reaver Citadel (Tower POI) map marker. Make a couple of steps away from nearby gap and you’ll find dirt mound between rocks.

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