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Northern Elsweyr Treasure Map Locations

Northern Elsweyr is a new area in Elder Scrolls Online. It’s part of the Season of the Dragon year-long adventure expansion. There are nine treasure maps in Elsweyr, three of them exclusive to the collectors edition. Once you get a map, you’ll have to find a dirt mound marked on the map and dig out the hidden treasure. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Northern Elsweyr treasure map locations, to help you find the dirt mounds shown on the drawings.

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ESO Summerset Treasure Map Locations

Summerset is the new area, an island in the southwest of Tamriel, added in the DLC of the same name. Like the others before it, it also has some treasure maps for you to discover. As usual, you’ll get a drawing of a scene where you’ll find the dig spot, and it’ll be up to you to actually pinpoint the location based on the scarce clues. If you get stuck, you should consult our Summerset treasure map locations guide, which will give you detailed explanations with a fair number of screenshots.

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Vvardenfell Treasure Map Locations – ESO Morrowind

Vvardenfell is the new area from the ESO Morrowind DLC. It is an interesting zone for finding treasure chests. One treasure drawing, for example, discloses that a chest is hidden close to a pool. Later on, I discovered this is actually a lava pool. After an hour of searching, I only figured this out because the foliage on the picture was all dried out and pointy. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Vvardenfell treasure map locations, to help you find the dig spots shown on the photos.

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Gold Coast Treasure Map Locations Guide

Gold Coast is a new zone in Elder Scrolls Online, part of the Dark Brotherhood DLC. This area is located in southwestern Tamriel, just north from Malabal Tor. Just like any other DLC, you can only get to it if you’re a subscriber or you’ve bought the Dark Brotherhood DLC. In this guide, we’ll show you ESO Gold Coast treasure map locations, to help you find and dig out the two chests.

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Hew’s Bane Treasure Map Locations Guide

Hew’s Bane is an area located in western Tamriel. It has one large settlement, called Abah’s Landing, which you can teleport to. You can only reach this area if you are an ESO subscriber, or you bought the Thieves Guild DLC, which adds this new zone. ESO Hew’s Bane treasure map locations guide will show you the exact locations of the two dig spots from the cryptic maps.

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Cyrodiil Treasure Map Locations Guide

Cyrodiil Treasure Maps

Cyrodiil occupies the central part of the Tamriel world. This PvP zone is available to all players once they reach level 10. Unlike any other zone in Elder Scrolls Online, adventurers in Cyrodiil can acquire more than 20 treasure maps. This guide is still work in progress, and if you have any screenshot of Treasure maps that are not listed below, please share it with us and ESO community.
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Rift Treasure Map Locations Guide

The Rift is the last map in Ebonheart Pact zone, available for players level 38 to 43. In this area, players can acquire 6 treasure maps and additional Rift CE Treasure Map.

Rift CE Treasure Map
  • Southern part of the Rift map
  • From Skald’s Retreat Wayshrine head southwest towards Smokefrost Peaks Dolmen. Once you reach the tower, enter inside and look for dirt mound behind a stone pillar.

Screenshot Walkthrough

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