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Heroes Reforged Event Offers Free Respecs & A Fawn Pet

Heroes Reforged is a mini event taking place in Elder Scrolls Online during the next two weeks. Since the latest update – the one bringing the Flames of Ambition DLC – includes a major Champion system overhaul, the developers have decided to give everyone two weeks of free respecs. This way you can experiment with different builds and settle on what feels best for you. There’s also a free pet in it, as a way of apologizing for the inconvenience to everyone who isn’t happy about that one mandatory respec.

heroes reforged event free pet

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Flames of Ambition Release Date & Time Revealed

Flames of Ambition, the new DLC for Elder Scrolls Online, is coming out on PC today. Console players will have to wait another week, until March 16th. Bethesda has even revealed the exact release time for the expansion, so you know when you can start playing the new dungeons and uncovering the mysteries behind the cult of Dagon that has infested the land. Read on to see when exactly Flames of Ambition starts.

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Flames of Ambition DLC Release Date Set for March 8th

Flames of Ambition is the next DLC for ESO, and it marks the start of a new year-long season, called Gates of Oblivion. It’ll add two new dungeons, and introduce a mysterious cult. It’ll also serve as an introduction into the Blackwood chapter, which is the next big expansion that’s supposed to launch this summer. Flames of Ambition is going to be released on PC on March 8th, while console players will have to wait an extra week. Read on the see what you can expect from this new DLC.

eso flames of ambition dlc release date

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Antiquities & Relics Guide

Antiquities are a new addition to Elder Scrolls Online, part of the Greymoor DLC. This new system allows you to become an archaeologist and look for forgotten relics around the world, unlock a new skill tree and become a renowned antiquarian. If you’re wondering how it all works, you’ve come to the right place – this guide will explain how the entire hunt for antiquities and relics works, from scrying for their location, to using the Antiquarian’s Eye to pinpoint the dig site and using your tools to excavate the artefact.

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Mining Sample Collector Achievement Locations

Mining Sample Collector is one of the new achievements in Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor. In order to unlock it, you’ll have to find five mining samples left by prospectors around the caverns of Blackreach. If you’re having trouble finding Kelbarn’s, Inguya’s, Reeh-La’s, Adanzda’s or Ghamborz’s pouch, this guide will show you all five mining sample locations required for the achievement.

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Instrumental Triumph Achievement – Musical Instrument Locations

An Instrumental Triumph is a new achievement in Elder Scrolls Online. It was added in the Greymoor DLC, and you can start it by talking to a particular NPC in the city of Solitude. He’ll inform you about the missing items, and task you with finding all 19 music instruments. The only thing you’ll get by way of directions is a poem that contains hints to the instruments’ hiding places. Once you’ve found them all, you’ll unlock the achievement and get some nice furniture and the warm fuzzy feeling of having restored the Bard’s College to its former glory. If you need help finding them, this guide will show you all 19 Instrumental Triumph musical instrument locations.

eso instrumental triumph achievement musical instrument locations

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Mural Mender Achievement – All 16 Fragment Locations

Mural Mender is one of the new achievements in Elder Scrolls Online. It’s part of the Elsweyr chapter, and it weighs 50 achievement points. In order to complete it, you’ll have to solve a bunch of riddles and find 16 mural fragments, which will allow you to repair the ancient Rithana-di-Renada mural in the House of Histories. If you’re not interested in solving the riddles, this guide will show you all 16 Mural Mender fragment locations.

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ESO Summerset Treasure Map Locations

Summerset is the new area, an island in the southwest of Tamriel, added in the DLC of the same name. Like the others before it, it also has some treasure maps for you to discover. As usual, you’ll get a drawing of a scene where you’ll find the dig spot, and it’ll be up to you to actually pinpoint the location based on the scarce clues. If you get stuck, you should consult our Summerset treasure map locations guide, which will give you detailed explanations with a fair number of screenshots.

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Summerset Skyshard Locations Added to ESO Life Map

Summerset, the latest DLC for ESO, has been released, and it has added a whole new area to the game. The island home of the High Elves has enriched the game in many ways, including new skyshards. There are 18 of them, which is going to translate to quite a few skill points. You’re going to want to collect them all, and you’re probably going to need help with at least a couple. We’re happy to announce we’ve completed our ESO Summerset skyshard locations map, and you’ll find a detailed screenshot guide for each shard in it.

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ESO: Summerset Announced, Coming This Summer

Bethesda has just announced the latest expansion for Elder Scrolls Online. It’s called Summerset, and it’s going to be set on the titular island, the home of the High Elves. It’s going to be released on May 21st on PC, while console players will have to wait until June 5th. The developers have released a couple of trailers – one cinematic, another showing off the expansion in action.

eso summerset announced

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