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ESO Greenshade Skyshards Location Map

Greenshade is Aldmeri Dominion zone with sixteen skyshards. You will find players level 24-32 adventuring in this zone. Skyshards are scattered among open areas and solo dungeons as usual. We recommend you visit Rulanyil’s Fall public dungeon while collecting shards and bring a few friends along so you are able to complete the two quests found inside. The reward for one of these quests is quite cool, so going that extra step to completing the public dungeon and its quests is worth it. We hope the location guides with screenshots you will find bellow will help you collect all the shards in Greenshade and if you have any feedback or need more clarification for any of them feel free to leave a comment.


Flee the labyrinth of words and stone.

Southern Greenshade, south of Labyrinth Wayshrine, east of Labyrinth.

If you reach the nearby Labyrinth, that is a large, circular, maze, head east of it. Walk up a small hill, kill two tigers and the collectible is yours. Although it is really close to the main road you basically can’t see it because the view is blocked by a large tree that surrounds it. Few steps away from it you can notice “Visions of the Green Pact Bosmer” lorebook.

View of the collectible from a nearby road.


In crumbled keep where shadow creeps.

Southern central Greenshade, within the Shadows Crawl, northwest of Labyrinth Wayshrine.

This is one of the first locations you visit as you start your journey through Greenshade. Shadows Crawl is a large keep. If you follow the keep’s wall you should be able to find the entrance without much trouble. As you enter the shrine NPC comes your way. His name is Anglorn. He gives the quest “Stone Cold“. This quest is part of the Shadows Crawl Objective. Next to the large tree, where the first “Stone Cold” objective NPC Indanas is, you can find the collectible. It is on the ground, in the corner, between the large tree and keep’s wall.

Find the entrance to nearby Shadows Crawl keep.

Anglorn is going to ask you for a favor that involves completing the quest “Stone Cold”.

Shardhard is behind a large tree and the first “Stone Cold” objective NPC.

It is nicely tucked in between the large tree and nearby stone wall.

Shadows Crawl collectible map location.


Breath of fresh air for Marbruk’s mages.

Eastern Greenshade, northwestern Marbruk settlement.

You can find this shard on the second floor of Mages Guild house. Once you enter the Mages Guild proceed toward one of the tree doors that lead to Marbruk, next to the one you just entered. Climb to the top of the stairs. There are doors that lead to the second floor of Mages Guild. From there head toward the northern door. This door leads to the collectible’s location.

Collectible spotted on the second floor of Mages Guild.

Enter Mages Guild. Find one of the three doors next to the one that you just entered through. They lead to Marbruk.

Map location of one of the three doors that lead to the second Mages Guild floor.

On top of the stairs you can find the entrance to the second Mages Guild floor.

On the second floor, head north, and once more proceed through the door.

Shyshard’s balcony provides you with a nice view of Greenshade.


Find an eclectic outskirt by the sea.

Southwestern Greenshade, southwestern part of Woodhearth, west of Woodhearth Wayshrine.

This is one of those shards you can’t miss if you walk anywhere near them. Unfortunately there are no nearby quests or roads that take you directly here. Collectible is located at the end of a small wrecked stone wall, close to a large nearby tree, just east of Five Claws Inn (beer mug icon).


Where moor becomes moat.

Southwestern Greenshade, between Naril Nagaia public dungeon (to the northeast) and Shademist Moors (to the southwest). East of Woodhearth and its wayshrine.

While searching for this collectible you are going to end up on an island with a circular crossroad. Following the main road that goes east of this island you can notice the wooden bridge. This wooden bridge connects the island with southern Greenshade. Just bellow it is the skyshard. Further more to east you can find Heluin NPC. Heluin gives the quest “Mist and Shadow“. This quest is part of a nearby POI Shademist Moors objective.

Skyshard spotted from a nearby wooden bridge.

Close to water, just next to a boulder.

Shademist Moors collectible map location.


Stay dry where the Wooded Eye wards.

Western Greenshade, just south of Serpent’s Grotto and its wayshrine.

If you are at Serpent’s Grotto Wayshrine simply go south. There, at the edge of Rootwater Grove, you can spot the collectible. It is hidden between two rather large boulders. Although you are close to nearby main road this shard is difficult to spot due to the fact that these boulders almost completely hide it.


No longer entrenched.

Northern Greenshade, west of Moonhenge Wayshrine, near the entrance to Barrow Trench – public dungeon.

Shard is located just east of the entrance to Barrow Trench public dungeon (but outside the dungeon, not inside. There’s another one inside).

Find the entrance to Barrow Trench public dungeon…

… and you’ll find the collectible.


Unheeded by Wood Orc lookouts.

Central Greenshade, west of Green’s Marrow Dolmen, southwest of Falinesti Wayshrine.

You can approach the shard’s location from the north. Find an area west of Green’s Marrow Dolmen. Go up a small hill. There, in the distance, on top of a tall tower, you should notice the collectible. Area around it is populated with hostile humanoids. Although the wayshrine is close, try not to rush into death. Repairs are expensive, aren’t they?


Down in the gorge of rope bridges.

Northeastern central Greenshade, just northeast of a nearby Falinesti Wayshrine.

Shard is located on a shore of a nearby river. Riverbed in this area is surrounded by large cliffs. These large cliffs are connected via rope bridges, thus the journal hint. If you find yourself in a position where you want to drop down to collect the shard, be careful. You don’t want to die because of a silly jump.


In Gurzag’s supplies.

Eastern Greenshade, southeast of Marbruk settlement and its wayshrine.

Found inside Gurzag’s Mine solo dungeon. Approach the dungeon from south. Collectible is on top of a tall platform, inside the last and the biggest cave room. This place is guarded by cave boss – Retribution, who gives cave completion achievement once killed. Inside the same room, you can find a backpack. This backpack stands next to a small tent. It gives the quest “Forthor’s Cursed Axe“.

The path that leads to the shard was added post-launch.


Halls ruined further by blue-skin brutes.

Southern Greenshade, southeast of Greenheart Wayshrine.

Found inside Carac Dena solo dungeon. This is an Ogre cave. They usually stand alone. Groups of two or more are rare. Collectible is, as in many other dungeons, inside the last cave room. Specifically, it is in the northwestern corner of the last room. This is a rather large room. If you are not looking for the shard you can easily skip it. The last room is guarded by Urumaz the Terrifying. This mob grants “Completed: Carac Dena” achievement upon death.

Find and enter Carac Dena solo dungeon.

Collectible is inside the last cave room.

The dungeon’s collectible map location.


A pretender in Naril Nagaia.

Southwestern Greenshade, east of nearby Woodhearth settlement and its wayshrine. In northeastern corner of Shademist Moors POI.

This shard is found inside Naril Nagaia public dungeon. Entrance and approach to this dungeon is on the southern side, close to water. Dungeon is populated with level 28 humanoid enemies. They usually come in groups of 2 or 3. This is one rather large public dungeon that is good for earning experience and gaining loot. The collectible is not in the last room as you might expect, so you might miss it on your way through the dungeon. It is located in the southwestern part of the dungeon. It is well tucked between a stone pillar with a metal top and a nearby wall, in the corner of the room.
Enemy that you want to kill for achievement and completion of Naril Nagaia is found in the last cave room. His name is Archmage Camaano. He stands on a large circular platform, next to Mercano’s Journal. This journal starts the quest “The Misuses of Knowledge“.

Find and enter Naril Nagaia public dungeon.

The dungeon entrance map location.

Reach southwestern part of the cave.

There, in a corner, you can grab the collectible.

Naril Nagaia skyshard map location.


Under root, but hidden high.

Western Greenshade, just south of Seaside Sanctuary and its wayshrine. North of Serpent’s Grotto Wayshrine.

Shard is found inside The Underroot solo dungeon. Entrance to this dungeon is approachable from north, but there are also two ways to reach it from south. Tunnel entrance close to Serpent’s Grotto Wayshrine or tunnel entrance north of Woodheaerth settlement (follow shore) lead both to a Binding Pool. This is the westernmost part of Greenshade. After you reach this point of the map continue north. Another stone entrance leads to the main road that connects this part of the zone with large island to the north. This is the area containing Seaside Sanctuary POI and The Underroot solo dungeon.

You’ll find the shard inside this cave on top of a large rock. This rock is located between the first and the second dungeon floor. As you enter The Underroot keep clearing your way toward the southern part of the dungeon. You are going to end up in a long tunnel. This tunnel leads to the second dungeon floor. Now start clearing your way toward the northern part of cave. As you reach its end you can spot the shine of the collectible in the distance. Exact spot on the second floor from where you should jump onto the rock with the collectible on it is at the entrance of the last cave room. This is the part of the cave where you can find Domina Ssaranth mob that, once killed, marks this dungeon as completed.

Find and enter The Underroot solo dungeon.

The Underroot entrance map location.

In southern part of cave’s first floor start going up through this tunnel.

Map location of the tunnel that leads to the second floor.

In the northern part of the cave’s second floor jump onto the rock with the shard on it.

The second floor map location from where you can jump toward the shard.


Batted around in the purring lair.

Eastern Greenshade, just north of Marbruk, southeast of Falinesti Wayshrine.

Harridan’s Lair solo dungeon contains the shard. You can reach its entrance from north. This is an easy solo dungeon. Level 30-ish tigers in groups of maximum two are your only obstacle. Collectible is inside southeastern part of the cave. Bright glow from cave’s ceiling enhances the glow of the skyshard. In the next cave room, you can find Razorclaw, which is the mob you need to kill for dungeon’s completion.

Find and enter Harridan’s Lair solo dungeon.

The dungeon entrance map location.

Collectible is in southeastern cave room.


Mined up in a barrow.

Northern Greenshade, between Moarmer Camp (to the west) and Moonhenge Wayshrine (to the east).

Shard at this location is found inside Barrow Trench – public dungeon. The dungeon entrance is close to a nearby river. This is a location of map that is most rewarding with their shards. Just before you enter the dungeon you can grab an additional shard “No longer entrenched”. When you enter the dungeon, grab a “The Unfilled Order” quest from a delivery contract at the start of the cave. This quest leads you toward the last part of the cave. This is where the most of the public dungeon shards are found. In this case, this is not the same situation.

As you enter the dungeon, turn left at the first crossroad. Just before the door that helps you escape the last cave room, is the collectible we are searching for.

Find and enter Barrow Trench – public dungeon.

The dungeon entrance map location.

As soon as you’ve made couple of steps into the cave, turn left at the first crossroad.

Sneakily hidden from all eyes awaits the prize.


Outside the Harbinger’s chamber.

Western central Greenshade, northeast of Serpent’s Grotto Wayshrine.

Shard is found inside Rulanyil’s Fall public dungeon. You can reach the entrance if you follow the main road from south. This is a public dungeon with bigger groups of enemies and bringing a friend is a good idea. It also yields higher number of loot and exp. There are couples of strong mobs in the dungeon as well. It is probably the best to enter this dungeon at level 25+.

When you enter the dungeon, turn left and proceed toward the first room. Inside eastern part of this part of the cave, you are going to find the collectible.

There are two quests you can accept inside the dungeon. One of them is called “The Dead King“. It is given by Endarwe at the start of the dungeon. This quest has an awesome reward once completed. It gives the “Nanwen’s Crown” trophy. This trophy, when used, summons the ghost of Nanwen. The second quest is called “The Merethic Collection“. You can obtain it once you find NPC Dulini and talk to him. He sits in a corner of a passage that connects the room with the skyshard with the room to the south. Completing both quests you gain “Completed: Rulanyil’s Fall” achievement.

Find and enter Rulanyil’s Fall public dungeon.

Rulanyil’s Fall entrance map location.

Shard is inside the second biggest cave room.

Rulanyil’s Fall collectible map location.

“The Dead King” quest prize trophy.

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