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In Crumbled Keep Where Shadow Creeps Skyshard

Southern central Greenshade, within the Shadows Crawl, northwest of Labyrinth Wayshrine.

This is one of the first locations you visit as you start your journey through Greenshade. Shadows Crawl is a large keep. If you follow the keep’s wall you should be able to find the entrance without much trouble. As you enter the shrine NPC comes your way. His name is Anglorn. He gives the quest “Stone Cold“. This quest is part of the Shadows Crawl Objective. Next to the large tree, where the first “Stone Cold” objective NPC Indanas is, you can find the collectible. It is on the ground, in the corner, between the large tree and keep’s wall.

Find the entrance to nearby Shadows Crawl keep.

Anglorn is going to ask you for a favor that involves completing the quest “Stone Cold”.

Shardhard is behind a large tree and the first “Stone Cold” objective NPC.

It is nicely tucked in between the large tree and nearby stone wall.

Shadows Crawl collectible map location.

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