Craglorn Treasure Map Guide

Craglorn is the first adventure zone available for Veteran Rank players. In this zone, players can acquire 4 treasure maps.

Craglorn Treasure Map I

  • In the southwestern part of the Craglorn map
  • Use Sandy Path Wayshrine and head south towards Taborra’s Camp.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Craglorn Treasure Map II

  • Northern Craglorn
  • From Seeker’s Archive Wayshrine head north towards Rkhardahrk lake.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Craglorn Treasure Map III

  • Eastern part of the Craglorn map
  • From Inazzur’s Hold Wayshrine head southwest towards Lake of Teeth.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Craglorn Treasure Map IV

  • Southern Craglorn
  • From Belkarth Wayshrine head east towards Haddock’s Market entrance.

Screenshot Walkthrough

One thought on “Craglorn Treasure Map Guide

  1. Yamarz

    there are 2 more maps for Upper Craglorn:

    Craglorn treasure map 5:

    - NE of Valley of Scars Wayshrine
    -follow the road which leads to The Howling Sepulchers Public Dungeon, right above the zone miniboss Kharg of the Stone


    Craglorn treasure map 6:

    - south of Skyreach Wayshrine
    - behind the big stone house



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