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TESO crafting
Crafting nowadays is a common feature of an MMO game, but beauty of the crafting system implemented in TESO comes from the fact that it’s exactly what would you expect from an Elder Scrolls game which perfected this part of the gameplay. You’ll find materials to use in crafting professions throughout the world. In cities and other settlements, you’ll find crafting materials in barrels, crates, and other containers. Plants, minerals, mushrooms, and many other materials can be gathered in the wild. If you approach a harvestable resource, you can press “E” to gather it.
You can choose between six professions in TESO:

  • Alchemy – Collect plants, experiment with Reagents to create Potions
  • Blacksmithing – Collect ore, create Items using Metal Materials (Metal Weapons and Heavy Armor)
  • Clothing – Collect plants and hides, create Items using Cloth and Leather Materials (Light and Medium Armor)
  • Enchanting – Discover Runes and use them to create Glyphs which add enchantments to weapons, armor, and jewelry
  • Provisioning – Collect Recipes and use Ingredients to create Food and Drinks
  • Woodworking – Create Items using Wood Materials (bows, staffs, and shields)


How to craft

In order to craft an item in the Elder Scrolls online, you will have to:

  1. have required ingredients and/or materials
  2. find working place

Finding ingredients and materials isn’t too hard, as they can be found almost anywhere in the TESO: in dungeons, fields, streets or houses. Anything player can find will be useful in some way. However, as some ingredients are more useful than others, they will also be harder to find. Investing skill points in Keen Eye passive ability for different type of materials will help you easier locate materials throughout Tamriel, as those ingredients will be highlighted in the world.
Different professions have different working places: Alchemist needs Alchemist’s laboratory, Enchanter needs Enchanter’s table, Armorsmith and Weaponsmith will craft on in anvil and forge, Provisioner needs any type of fire (campfire, fireplace, etc.) in order to have ability to craft. Pressing “E” near working place will open special crafting menu.

Hidden Crafting Stations

eso hidden crafting stationCrafting stations won’t be placed only in cities. Special ones, used for creating set pieces with additional bonuses (set consists of 3 pieces), are located all throughout the world and can be found by exploring. If you want to use them, you must research 2 traits for an item in order to craft a set version of that piece. You don’t find these sets in the world, they don’t drop, only crafters can make set pieces in the hidden Crafting Stations.

How to maximize your Crafting Professions?

While leveling, players will receive skill points, which could be used to level up professions. The latest game changes allows you to master all the professions with one character, but it will consume a lot of time.

Crafting Interface

Woodworking, Blacksmithing and Tailoring have the most complicated Interface broken down into 4 aspects: Creation, Improvement, Extraction and Research.
Creation tab allows you to make items. To craft something, player first have to select item type, then material, after that style and at the end trait if it’s available for that type of item.

  • Materials. Once you select the type of item you want to make, you’ll see what material is needed. Item’s quality is determined by materials you are putting into it. The more material you use, the higher level and armor value you’ll get.
  • Style doesn’t affect quality of the item and it only changes physical appearance of selected weapon or armor. Not all styles will be available from the start as they will unlock with the progression, but you’ll have access to your race’s style at start. You can unlock different styles by finding Racial Motifs Books that are scattered throughout the world. Available Racial motifs in TESO are: Breton, Redguard, Orc, Dunmer, Nord, Argonian, Altmer, Bosmer, Khajit, Ancient Elf, Reach, Primitive, Daedric and Imperial. Of course, every peace of gear can have different style, the choice is entirely up to player.
  • Traits on the other hand, are far more important since they can change characteristics of the gear in a great manner. They are bonuses that you can add on weapons or armor, but only if you’ve previously learned them. Learning the trait will have to be done at appropriate crafting station, where player will click “research” on the item that already has that trait applied. This process could take up to several hours to complete and the selected item will be consumed for the action. Once the research process is done, player will need trait’s corresponding stone which can be bought, found or extracted from other items.
    Available traits in TESO:


    • Sturdy – Chance of avoiding decay after death
    • Impenetrable – Critical resistance
    • Reinforced – Value of armor on item
    • Training – Additional experience using item’s skill line
    • Divines – Additional Mundus Stone effect
    • Well-fitted – Reducing cost for running
    • Infused – Additional armor enchant effect
    • Exploration – Additional exploration experience
    • Weapons:

    • Powered – Reduces weapon enchant cooldowns
    • Weighted – Additional attack speed
    • Infused – Increases weapon enchant effect
    • Precise – Additional Weapon/Spell critical value
    • Training – Additional experience using item’s skill line
    • Charged – Increases value of enchantment charges
    • Sharpened – Increases spell and armor penetration

Crafted weapon or armor items start as Normal quality level (white) and can be raised up to the next quality level. To do that you’ll need Tempers stones, which increase your chance to get to the next level: Fine (green), Superior (blue), Epic (Purple), or Legendary (yellow). If the upgrade fails, you’ll lose the item.
eso improvement tab
Process of breaking down or deconstructing items from your inventory into base materials is known as Extraction. Under the extraction tab, you have an option to transform your raw materials like ore into ingots. You’ll also gain crafting experience while extracting items, and raise your crafting levels as well.
Research tab helps you pull traits from the item that you have. If you have any item with a trait, break it down, and after 6 hours of research, you will be able to permanently apply this trait to any future same type items. You can only research one item at a time at any specific crafting profession. Research process consumes the item you’re researching, so choose carefully. When you research a trait on any item for the first time it takes 6 hours. The next time you research a trait on the same item, it will take 12hrs, then 24 etc. These times are real life time, not game time, and the research process continues while your character is offline.

TESO Alchemist profession

Alchemists can create potions by using various ingredients (solvents and reagents) from Tamriel. If you’ve already played Elder Scroll game, you will know what to expect as TESO preserved most of the gameplay seen in previous titles. What this means is that recipes for potions will be unknown and players will have to experiment to learn what potion will be created by combining selected two ingredients. There are some rules, though, like the fact that better ingredients will create a potion of higher level. Except for positive effects, in TESO it is also possible to create potions with negative effects.
Alchemist comprehensive guide will be available soon.

TESO Armorsmith, Clothier, and Woodworker professions

Clothier, Woodworking expert and Armorsmith will all create different items, but in general these are very similar types of professions. Clothing expert will craft light and medium armor by using plants and animal hides, Blacksmith will produce melee weapons and heavy armor by using ore and Woodworking profession will produce bows and shields out of wood.
Comprehensive guides for each profession will be available soon.

TESO Enchanter profession

Enchanting is a profession which creates various Glyphs out of Runestones found in the Tamriel world. Glyphs can be applied to character’s gear, giving bonuses like elemental damage for weapons, cost reductions for abilities, health and magic bonuses, etc. Glyphes can be found by exploring or they can be purchased, while Runestones can be purchased, found or extracted from Glyphs.
Glyph crafting requires: Potency (define level of Glyph), Essence (define Glyph’s effect) and Aspect Runestones (define overall quality of the Glyph). Crafting Glyphs will have random result, since Runestones characteristics will stay unknown until they are used for creating Glyph.
Click here to read Enchanter comprehensive guide with a list of Aspect, Essence and Potency Runestones with translations, and list of all Glyphs that can be created.

TESO Provisioner profession

Maximum level Provisioner will be the best at preparing consumables in the game. This crafting profession is the simplest and it revolves around gathering ingredients and materials required for the recipe and then crafting it into meals or drinks.
Provisioner comprehensive guide will be available soon.

9 thoughts on “Crafting Guide

  1. Hutch

    You can actually maximize all the crafting professions if you want. Here is the quote from them, “You can master all the tradeskills with one character if you so choose. However, that is a significant time and skill point investment and you will be ignoring other parts of your character. We discussed having a tradeskill maximum, but people create secondary characters to get around this limitation anyway, so we felt it just wasn’t worth it to limit this freedom. “

  2. George Olive

    Are you sure about ‘Crafting Points?’ Other sources say that there are no points specifically set aside for crafting.

  3. CrazyGenius

    You are right, the latest game patch changed a lot of things and you can use skill points and max all crafting professions.

  4. Billy

    You use your skill points for Crafting or for Combat so Crafters will need support if they focus on crafting and not combat our guild is going to dedicate resources for crafters and help them in combat to me crafting is the best way for me to help PVP and the Guild it may mean that I will not survive long in combat even as a support player but we will have the best weapons and armor if me and my section has anything to say about it.

  5. David

    You will be able to max out all professions eventually, as I read somewhere that there are 300 skillpoints that you can get in game from leveling, skyshards, and such. But even with that many skill points, it will take some time to get that far.

    Of all the professions I found Alchemist to be one of the more difficult to level. The plants only have 4 possible attributes and at least one attribute has to match the other plant to make a potion. If successful, it will create a potion, if not, it fails and the mats are lost and nothing is learned from the material. You can learn the first attribute from the plant by using it, all others are trial and error.

    1. King Frank

      This isn’t 100% accurate. You can learn more than the first trait by using it. It just sometimes takes a lot of that item. I have learned all traits for 3 of the plants just by using them (not part of a potion)

  6. j

    Can you add a glyph to 3/set armor? As in, add a 47 max stamina and keep the 3/3 item set bonus which also may also be ‘well fitted’? Or with the glyph replace one of those two bonuses (3/3 set bonus or well fitted bonus)?

    Thank you.

  7. David

    Whilst playing this game I have twice had woodworking crafting fail when going from Epic to Legendary on a restoration staff. After adding the required number of Rosins (which are difficult enough to acquire) , and carefully checking that the crafting level was now at 100%, when I proceeded with the improvement. The rosins were all used up, but “Lo!” the staff disappeared. I tried logging in and out, and so on; waiting an hour or so, etc.. It is very, very frustrating. Anyone else found this issue please?


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