Templar talent calculator that you will find bellow will help you decide which way you will build this versatile class. Choosing the right skill line will provide you with the ability to tank, heal or do good deal of damage. There are a lot of combinations to choose from and wielding bows and healing your buddies from a distance, or going up close and personal with heavy armor and self healing are all good choices with the Templar. Pick and choose carefully and you can define your playstyle in many ways. We hope the skill calculator tool will help you decide what to do in various stages of your character’s progression.

Data seen in this ESO Templar skill calculator is based off of PTS 3.0 build of the game’s client. In preparation for the release of ESO Morrowind DLC/expansion we have decided to make the default talent calculator reflect PTS skills so you can plan in advance. We will also update it as things are certainly going to change as we get closer to release on live.

ESO Morrowind Update: Skill calculator has been updated to live servers version 3.0.5 data – same as what people playing Morrowind early access are getting. All the spell values (damage and such) are based on the assumption that you have 15000 Stamina, 15000 Magicka and 1500 Weapon and Spell damage. This means that if your character has different values your in-game tooltips will show different values.




Champion Points


The Steed

The Lady

The Lord


The Shadow

The Lover

The Tower


The Apprentice

The Atronach

The Ritual



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6 thoughts on “Templar

  1. MissBizz

    Any plans to allow the attribute points to go past 50? As we now get attribute points when we gain VR levels

  2. Aryotus

    If I knew how I’s would post my Templar DPS build. Heavy Armor/2 Hnd mace/”Night’s Silence” armor set. Back up weapon a bow or duel wield axe/hammer. Ultimate: Solar Disturbance/Soulstrike. I have no points in healing except for skills that implement it. I use at least 3 skills that absorb/reflect damage. I have no points in healing at all. I know I’m doing well cause I get healed. I stand toe to toe beside tank and beat on most bosses. More latter as I learn to post my build tree

    Aryotus Vaas


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