Templar talent calculator that you will find bellow will help you decide which way you will build this versatile class. Choosing the right skill line will provide you with the ability to tank, heal or do good deal of damage. There are a lot of combinations to choose from and wielding bows and healing your buddies from a distance, or going up close and personal with heavy armor and self healing are all good choices with the Templar. Pick and choose carefully and you can define your playstyle in many ways. We hope the skill calculator tool will help you decide what to do in various stages of your character’s progression.

Data seen in this ESO Templar skill calculator is based off of PTS 3.0 build of the game’s client. In preparation for the release of ESO Morrowind DLC/expansion we have decided to make the default talent calculator reflect PTS skills so you can plan in advance. We will also update it as things are certainly going to change as we get closer to release on live.

ESO Morrowind Update: Skill calculator has been updated to live servers version 3.0.5 data – same as what people playing Morrowind early access are getting. All the spell values (damage and such) are based on the assumption that you have 15000 Stamina, 15000 Magicka and 1500 Weapon and Spell damage. This means that if your character has different values your in-game tooltips will show different values.

So You Want To Be A Healer

I am offering my take on a Healer. This is an Argonian Templar using a Restoration Staff and Light Armor. The first bar you will see is used when its better to fight and the second bar is used when its better to heal (both have healing but the second bar focuses on healing).
SKILL POINTS: Barebones for skill points, I would recommend adding Intimidating Presence and Persuasive Will from the guilds. I also would max out Alchemy.
FIRST BAR (fighting/casual healing) CHOICES:
Purifying Light & Reflective Light. Your attack spells. I am under the impressions that Purifying Light works with any damage (not just your damage) and together the two spells provide a multiple target snare and a delayed Area-of-Effect Heal-over-Time. Also Reflective Light is a prerequisite to get Purifying Light.
Sanguine Altar, Ring of Preservation, & Radiant Aura. The former are stamina-based guild skills. The latter is a slotted skill that boosts health and stamina regen. They are not the heaviest health return but great to use while warming up a fight while everyone is mostly topped off. I can't complain about the health recovery, health regeneration, and armor/spell resistance while using my small selection of offensive spells.
Ultimate Practiced Incantation. My oh-sh!t button I have slotted on both bars in case I need to switch to my harder healing bottom bar. Save up while fighting and use as necessary. Light Weaver boosts this spell with 25 armor/spell resistance. Focused Healing boosts this to add +30% healing.
SECOND BAR (main healing) CHOICES:
Inner Light. What benefit does this provide? +20% critical strike chance. Add that with 'Prodigy' from light armor for another +10%. Finish off with spells from the Restoring Light tree benefiting from 'Mending' to get up to an additional +30% and you have a +30% to +60% chance for most of your heals to crit.
Restoring Focus & Extended Ritual. Two AoE areas that benefit from Focused Healing to give any ally in the circle +30% healing. Restoring focus gives an extra +15% on its own and armor/spell resistance. Extended Ritual gives a negative effect cleanse and a slow AoE HoT.
Mutagen & Restoration Staff. A lingering HoT that bumps itself to a direct heal if the target goes under 20% health. This synergies well with Restoration Expert to give an additional +15% health to any ally under 30% health. With its low cost this is great to have running on your allies. Its also worth mentioning that Essence Drain gives a small heal when using heavy restoration staff attacks.
Breath of Life. The Pièce de résistance! Instant healing for three targets. Incorporate it with all the boosts I have mentioned below. This spell speaks for itself. Fin!
+5% healing. Thank you Restoration Master.
+15% healing targets under 30% health. Thank you Restoration Expert.
+30% healing inside Focused Healing circles (+45% with Restoring Focus). Thank you Practiced Incantation, Extended Ritual, and Restoring Focus along with Focused Healing.
+30% to +60% Crit Chance for heals. Thank you Inner Light, Prodigy, and Mending.
Honorable Mentions: Argonian for +6% to healing received and better potion use. Master Ritualist for better resurrections.
And there you have it. My take on a Healing Templar. Let me know if this sparked ideas for your own build. Constructive feedback is appreciated, especially to bring up reasons why going another route would benefit your take on a Healer. I look forward to reviewing your replies.

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