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ESO Hew’s Bane Skyshards Location Map


The bank’s finest treasure

Inside Abah’s Landing, the main city of Hew’s Bane, on the second floor of the Bank.

You can spot the Skyshard on the second floor, south from the Bank of Abah’s Landing. It is in the corner of a small balcony. In order to reach it, you’ll need to go through a nearby building called This One Sells Glyphs. Enter this building, keep to your left, climb to the second floor, and go through the first door on your left. This will take you to the outside balcony on the second floor. Now go right, up close to the shard. You’ll have to climb on top of the fence, and jump toward the shard’s platform in order to reach it. If you decide to jump down, be sure you’re at full health, or otherwise you can die.


Near what is now Lost

On the ground, between Abah’s Landing to the west, and Thrall Cove group boss to the east.

If you follow the road northwest from the Abah’s Landing wayshrine, you’ll spot the Lost Pavilion unique crafting station. Leave the main road, and go south from the Lost Pavilion. There is a small gap between two large boulders. Head toward it. The “Near what is now Lost” skyshard should be in that gap, on the ground, close to one of the boulders. From here, you can continue west toward the Thrall Cove group boss, or head north toward the solo dungeon and another shard.


On the shoulder of the arch

In the southwestern part of the Hew’s Bane island, southwest from the Ko Estaran group boss.

If you follow the main road in this area, you can spot the shard glowing brightly from the swampy area without problems. I’ve approached it from Forebear’s Junction (unique crafting station) in the west, and it was hidden by the tall boulder. I had to go around the rocks in order to actually spot it. There are some lions in the area, but nothing you should be worried about.


Overlooking the home of the Deep

In the southern part of Hew’s Bane island, just north from the Ko Estaraan group boss.

Head south from the Abah’s Landing main city. Follow the main road until you spot the Ko Estaraan group boss area. Don’t go down into this area, but rather find higher ground just north from it. I’ve managed to approach it from the east, and the nearby main road. It is easy to reach, once you are at its level. Once you grab it, jump down to the nearby group boss area for that sweet loot.


Necromancer’s passage to the rafters

In the northern part of Hew’s Bane island, underground, within the solo dungeon called Bahraha’s Gloom.

If you are on the run for the skyshards of Hew’s Bane, this would be your second or third in line. As soon as you leave the main city, head northwest. Enter the solo dungeon and head toward its largest room, in the southeastern part. This is where you fight the dungeon boss The First and Magnifico Bahraha.

In the same room where the bosses are, you can spot a large broken wooden ship. Go behind this ship. There is a small entrance just behind it. Go through it and follow the path. This path is essential for reaching the shard. It takes you over the platforms and their wooden boards toward your final goal. So, be sure not to fall down. This path will eventually take you toward the entrance of the dungeon and the shard. Therefore, it is advisable to complete the dungeon’s quest “A Secret Shame” before you decide to go here. Just to save some time…

Find and go through the hidden entrance.

Follow the wooden board path, from room to room.

It eventually leads to the dungeon skyshard.


Highest point in the Grotto

The southwesternmost of them all, found inside one more solo dungeon – Shark’s Teeth Grotto. As you enter the dungeon, pay attention to its loading picture, it was taken near the shard.

The entrance to Shark’s Teeth Grotto is found in the southwestern part of the Hew’s Bane island. This is one of the rare dungeons that takes place outside. This may be confusing, since the shard is marked as being “underground” on the map.

Once inside the dungeon, we’ll need to head to the upper level. In the northern part of the dungeon, you’ll find a path toward the higher areas. The two arrows show one of the climbing routes. Once you are up, head to the large platform just above the dungeon entrance area. The shard is located on top of the wooden platform, close to one of the enemy groups.

Shark’s Teeth Grotto solo dungeon entrance.

Highest point in the Grotto, or not?

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