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Lorebooks are the only way to progress Mages Guild skill line. They are books that are scattered all across Tamriel and when collected they provide you with experience in your Mages Guild skilline. This makes them essential for any potential Mage out there and we decided to capture any and all locations of these books across ESO. While doing so we created maps of lorebook locations and screenshot guides for every book we could find. Bellow you will find an interface listing all available lorebooks and white links will take you to that lorebook’s page with detailed instructions on how to find it. We will be adding more books as we progress through Elder Scrolls Online and we hope you find this resource useful (expect to also see an interface where you will be able to browse lorebook locations by zone).

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Books: 297

List of Lorebooks by Zone

Click on the zone on the map bellow and you will see all lorebooks we managed to find in that zone. We have a map of each book's location along with names and markings. You can further click on a single lorebook to see its screenshot location guide.

54 thoughts on “Lorebook locations map

  1. Sothas

    Is it possible to get a single map with all book locations on it instead of having to go to each individual page. Other than that, this is awesome, thanks 😀

    1. CrazyGenius

      We are still looking for the best solution for presenting lorebook locations. The problem is that the same book can be found on the different locations.

      1. Swerto

        How about you just list a primary location for each book, and then show secondary locations on hover.

        Do this for *every* zone, so people can have a clear path they can follow to grab them all.

  2. Serge Post author

    Hi Porodox, you can send us an e-mail with screenshots on “owner at mmorpg-life dot com”. Thank you for offering to help 🙂

  3. OwPlease

    Please do sort them by map as suggested by CUL, so we can easily see which lorebooks we can get on the map we’re currently playing. I’d really be happy if you could do this.

  4. Vasya

    In the location Stonefalls I found 32 books, and you have written on the map 30. Perhaps the information is out of date, you need to update.

  5. edup_2004

    Any updates on Cyrodiil lore books? are you adding them, because I can’t find a Cyrodiil map with the lore book locations so far.

  6. Koril

    I found the location for the lorebook Argonians Among Us, which is found inside a hut in Lukiul Uxith in Stonefalls. Is there a way I can add this?

  7. james

    I haven’t joined the mages guild yet, but I have found a bunch of lorebooks. will they count towards my skill line? or did I just waste all of those lorebooks?

  8. Michael

    Is every single book that you can read in the lore book library? I’ve noticed that once you unlock the library sometimes it says lorebook discovered, sometimes it does not. Please n thanks

  9. Smiley-O_o

    Found the book “wayshrines of tamriel” in the ruins east of blue road keep in cyrodiil. Found “on the nature of coldharbour” in the cave behind the waterfall right next to it.

    1. Serge Post author

      Hi Reiku,

      Thanks for pointing that out. Recent update removed the maps from the page. I’ve fixed the issue now and I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

  10. Kyle

    I have found the remaining 2 books of the biographies lorebooks with location pictures. Admin can message me and can get it added to the site so everyone can use them.

  11. DJ

    I have found most of the missing lore books from the website and most of them are in Cyradil I also have found a second the warrior lore book that you need a quest to access in reapers march in cyradil as well im finishing off the map that I have printed then will share it.

  12. Ken

    Order of the black worm is in curodiil in a house surrounded by blood fiends with lady fame inside, between bloodmayne and drakelowe. It is north of the river that goes up around the imperial city.

  13. Ken

    Words of the wind is in cyrodiil is at lunar fang docks northeast of bloodmayne, along the west side of the river going up to imperial city, there is a sky shard in the same location. It is on a table in an open pub/pavilion.

  14. Ken

    Eulogy for emperor varen is in cyrodiil at a small imperial campsite east of ash, northwest of the imperial city entrance.

  15. Ken

    Fragmentae abyssum is found in cyrodiil at a rundown house slightly right of the transits line between glademist and warden.

  16. Ken

    With regards to the ebony blade is found in cyrodiil at sancre tor in a tower directly north of fort rayles mine. Its under the staircase.

  17. Ken

    Consecration of arks is found in Cyrodiil, up a tower in between drakelowe and blue road directly south of midpoint of the transitus line.

  18. Gin3_HUN

    I have found the Lusty Argonian Made vol2 in Riften during Into the Outside quest. It is in the house on the desk, when u entering the door, right side. The house is souteast to Fallowstone Hall wayshrine.

  19. Bo

    The lorebook: Ayrenn: The Unforeseen Queen is in Cyrodiil – North side at Red Ruby Cave. Once in the cave, it is on the Top Left side of the map.

  20. Ed

    Can you add the collection to the rollover on the zone maps? When I am looking to complete all the books in a zone, it would be easier to find out if I already have a particular book if I know what collection to look in.
    Something like “The Lay of Firsthold; Auridon Lore”.

    Thanks and thanks for the work you’ve already put into this.

  21. ReapersNox

    I have discovered the location for Eulogy for Emperor Varen. I found it in the same area as skyshard three.
    All the other sites I looked at were very vuage on where to find it. The location itself is directly southeast of the Kvatch way shrine and northwest of Varen’s Wall Gatehouse. There will be minotaurs in the small camp area. The book is near the tree and across from the skyshard

  22. WishfulThinking

    I’m trying to figure out why a good lorebook map for Northern Elsweyr is still so difficult to find. Any resources for console players who don’t have access to the Lorebook addon?

  23. Douglas

    Your page is not working for me , i click on a on a lore book link abd all it does is refresh the page , i try to open in a nee tab and it only opens up to the main lore page.

  24. Cowboybebop90

    This site is absolutely amazing. I want to thank everyone who put this together. It makes finding the lore books so easy. You go to the zone, pick the lore book you need. The pictures and instructions are very clear on how to find. I got to lvl 8 mg in 2 days. Make sure to check to comments for extra location!

  25. Bill Johnson

    Ayrenn the unforeseen queen can also be found in Summerset, on a seat up a seat of stairs next to the Crystal Tower Wayshrine.


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