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Ancient Scrolls Of The Dwemer VI Lorebook

Location(s):Bangkorai, Deshaan, Grahtwood, Stormhaven
Image walkthrough:
Bangkorai map

Location Notes:Northeastern Deshaan, in vicinity of Eidolon’s Hollow Wayshrine.
Image walkthrough:

Loc.1 – There is a merchant northeast of Eidolon’s Hollow Wayshrine. Lorebook is on a cart pulled by a guar right next to the merhcant.

Loc.2 – North of Redoran Pier POI, east of Eidolon’s Hollow Wayshrine. Lying on a table next to three rug-covered tents and a campfire.

Deshaan map

Location Notes:This lorebook is located in western central Grahtwood. In vicinity of POIs like: Burroot Kwama Mine – public dungeon, Temple of the Eight – crafting station and Valanir’s Rest – epic enemy.
Image walkthrough:

Loc.1 – On the edge of a lake, next to a torch, close to a nearby waterfall.

Grahtwood map

Location Notes:This lorebook is located in northern central Stormhaven. In vicinity of Pariah Abbey (Estate POI). Quest that lets you enter Pariah Abbey is Unanswered Questions
Image walkthrough:

Loc.1 – Inside Pariah Abbey Chapel, the first floor. On a circular table.

Loc.2 – On a wooden barrel, inside Hammerdeath Workshop (Camp POI).

Loc.3 – On ground, next to tiny tent and a campfire, just north of Stonechewer Goblin Camp (Area of Interest POI).

Stormhaven map

Lorebook text


By Marobar Sul

After many battles, it was clear who would win the war. The Chimer had great skills in magic and swordplay, but against the armored battalions of the Dwemer clad in the finest shielding wrought by Jnaggo, there was little hope of their ever winning. In the interests of keeping some measure of peace in the Land, Sthovin the Warlord agreed to a truce with Karenithil Barif the Beast. In exchange for the Disputed Lands, Sthovin gave Barif a mighty golem that would protect the Chimer’s territory from the excursions of the Northern Barbarians.

Barif was delighted with his gift and brought it back to his camp, where all his warriors gaped in awe at it. Sparkling gold in hue, it resembled a Dwemer cavalier with a proud aspect. To test its strength, they placed the golem in the center of an arena and flung magical bolts of lightning at it. Its agility was such that few of the bolts struck it. It had the wherewithal to pivot on its hips to avoid the brunt of the attacks without losing its balance, feet firmly planted on the ground. A volley of fireballs followed, which the golem ably dodged, bending its knees and its legs to spin around the blasts. The few times it was struck, it made certain to be hit in the chest and waist, the strongest parts of its body.

The troops cheered at the sight of such an agile and powerful creation. With it leading the defense, the Barbarians of Skyrim would never again successfully raid their villages. They named it Chimarvamidium, the Hope of the Chimer.

Barif had the golem brought to his chambers with all his housethanes. There they tested Chimarvamidium further, its strength, its speed, its resiliency. They could find no flaw with its design.

"Imagine when the naked barbarians first meet this on one of their raids," laughed one of the housethanes.

"It is only unfortunate that it resembles a Dwemer instead of one of our own," mused Karenithil Barif. "It is revolting to think that they will have a greater respect for our other enemies than us."

"I think we should never accepted the peace terms that we did," said another, one of the most aggressive of the housethanes. "Is it too late to surprise the warlord Sthovin with an attack?"

"It is never too late to attack," said Barif, "but what of his great armored warriors?"

"I understand," said Barif’s spymaster, "that his soldiers always wake at dawn. If we strike an hour before, we can catch them defenseless before they’ve had a chance to bathe, let alone don their armor."

"If we capture their armorer Jnaggo, then we too would know the secrets of blacksmith," said Barif. "Let it be done. We will attack tomorrow, an hour before dawn."

So it was settled. The Chimer army marched at night and swarmed into the Dwemer camp. They were relying on Chimarvamidium to lead the first wave, but it malfunctioned and began attacking the Chimer’s own troops. Added to that, the Dwemer were fully armored, well-rested, and eager for battle. The surprise was turned, and most of the high-ranking Chimer, including Karenithil Barif the Beast, were captured.

Though they were too proud to ask, Sthovin explained to them that he had been warned of their attack by a Calling from one of his men.

"What man of yours is in our camp?" sneered Barif.

Chimarvamidium, standing erect by the side of the captured, removed its head. Within its metal body was Jnaggo, the armorer.

"A Dwemer child of eight can create a golem," he explained, "but only a truly great warrior and armorer can pretend to be one."

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