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ESO Betnikh Skyshards Location Map


In the dig site.

Located next to the entrance to Moriseli in the NorthWest part of the map. Moriseli mini dungeon is part of the main quest in Betnikh so you should come across this skyshard quite easily. Although, I remember playing for the first time it took me an embarrassing amount of time to locate it.

You see the entrance to Moriseli here on the right and the skyshard is behind some pillars to the left.


Where wolves prowl eastern ruins.

Behind a wall of some ruins on a hillside is where you’ll find this skyshard. Ruins are located directly West of Gilbard’s Nook or you can go Southeast from Stonetooth Wayshrine, across the water. You can see the docked ship from the skyshard’s location.

You can see the shining skyshard behind the ruin walls here. You will most likely approach it from above, rather than directly from the docks.

You can see the docked ship in the background.


Outside a house for the dead.

In the Eastern part of Grimfield, next to a tree and a tomb/mausoleum.

There is a quest on the hill above called “Unearthing the Past”. NPC that gives it is on top of a mound, beneath which is a crypt/tomb. Left of the tomb’s entrance is the skyshard (behind a tree).

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    When the did the Betnikh maps get replaced? These are terrible, the detail is missing from the in game map, it doesn’t really help as much in planting a marker.


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