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ESO Cyrodiil Ebonheart Skyshards Location Map


Near the scroll of royalty’s secret syllable.

Northeastern Cyrodiil, just north of Scroll Temple of Chim, in the heart of Ebonheart Pact, west of Northern Morrowind Gate.

This is the closest skill point piece for the Ebonheart Pact members. It is close to one of their Cyrodiil spawning locations. If you get close to one of the stone towers north of Scroll Temple of Chim you can spot the collectible. Good luck obtaining it if you are not part of the Ebonheart Pact.


Rope ladder hangs south of Ghartok.

Northeastern Cyrodiil, south of Scroll Temple of Ghartok, in the heart of Ebonheart Pact, west of Southern Morrowind Gate.

This is the closest skill point piece for The Ebonheart Pact fighters. It is close to one of their Cyrodiil spawning locations. Considering there are six shard locations in Cyrodiil that are the close to their faction Scroll Temples, this is the one that is the farthest from its Temple. In order to collect it you should head southwest of Southern Morrowind Gate. Following the main road you can notice a destroyed house on the top of a small hill. Inside it, on the ground floor, is this shard.


Keeping the crops alive.

Southeastern Cyrodiil, southwest of Drakelowe Keep.

Skyshard is close to a small stone bridge, on the shore close to water. This is in eastern area of Cropsford POI. Do not forget to talk with Aemilia Hadrianus. She gives the quest “Goblin’s Delight”. She usually sneaks around between the bridge and a nearby house.


Cradled in a ruined temple hall.

Eastern Cyrodiil, between Farragut Keep (to the northeast) and Blue Road Keep (to the southwest).

On of the skyshards that are hidden inside a cathedral looking building. This time we are talking about Cheydinhal POI. Stay on your toes here. This is an area with lots of hostile Imperial creatures and a lot them patrol the area. Cathedral, itself, is not that hard to find. It is the largest building in eastern Cheydinhal. Skill point piece we are after is just next to a stone sculpture inside the cathedral. This is the sculpture of a man sitting and holding a sword and a book, next to two blue fire stands.

Find this cathedral in eastern Cheydinhal.

In order to discover the collectible.

Eastern Cheydinhal cathedral map location.

Zoomed out map view of the collectible location.


The Arvinas’ pride.

Eastern Cyrodiil, between Drakelowe Keep (to the southeast) and Blue Road Keep (to the northwest).

This skill point piece’s location is unique. In order to reach it you need to find a lonely house just south of a nearby lake. This lake has a river going toward eastern Cyrodiil. When you find this “storage” house climb the wooden stairs to the first floor and that’s where you’ll find it. This floor is kinda weird as it acts as storage for many things. Someone was very busy collecting all the stuff found inside.

Use these stairs to climb to the first floor.

Zoomed out map view of target house location.


Blue Road’s trees fall just down the hill.

Eastern central Cyrodiil, just north of Blue Road Keep.

Another collectible found inside Ayleid Ruins. This time its name is Belda Ruins. They have tall stone walls. Approach the ruins from south. This helps you skip killing several Belda mobs. They are scattered around Belda Ruins. Luckily for us, the skyshard is close to Belda’s edge, so there is a small amount of enemies defending it. Circular stone platform with the collectible is protected by a patrolling Belda and his pet companion. They are patrolling in a circle and they are easily avoidable.

Zoomed out map view of Belda’s secret.


Where bound spirits hold vigil.

Northeastern Cyrodiil, just northwest of Farragut Keep.

Skill point piece you can find at this location is part of Fanacas Ayleid Ruins. These ruins, unlike many others, have hostile Soulbounds creatures. Luckily for us the area around our collectible doesn’t have any Soulbound nearby. Only few of them patrol the area. You can find this skyshard at the part of ruins where tall stone arches surround a small stone shrine. Collectible itself stands in a metal case on top of this shrine.

Zoomed out map view of Fanacas location.


Soft wings spin choral garb.

Northeastern Cyrodiil, southeast of Kingscrest Keep, southwest of Scroll Temple of Chim.

This Skyshard is deep inside The Ebonheart Pact area. POI that hides it is called Temple of the Ancestor Moths. You can discern it from distance as it has huge a cathedral looking building called Temple of the Ancestor Moths. This cathedral hides our collectible. Enter the cathedral, and as you take a couple of steps turn back toward the doors. You can now spot a door that leads to the catacombs of the Temple of the Moth. Enter the catacombs and you can should spot the shard right away.

Find and enter Temple of the Ancestor Moths.

Find and enter Catacombs of the Temple of the Moth basement.

Temple of the Ancestor Moths map location.

Zoomed out map view of Temple of the Ancestor Moths location.


Wedged well in Sedor.

Northeastern Cyrodiil, just west of Kingscrest Keep.

Skyshard is situated in Sedor Ayleid Ruins. You should look for a small stone wall, one tall stone arch and one wrecked arch to lead you to this location. There might be couple of enemies defending the main part of ruins, where our collectible is at. Approach this part of Ruins from the northeast. Keep hugging the wall. This way you will not pull the nearby enemies. Sedor Ayleid Ruins is really close to a nearby main road. If you are part of a faction that doesn’t hold the nearby keep, you should be more aware of hostile players. This area is really close to The Ebonheart Pact starting Cyrodiil position.

Sedor and its collectible map location.

Zoomed out map view of Sedor Ayleid Ruins.


Fractured by the Bloody Hand.

Southeastern Cyrodiil, between Drakelowe Keep (to the east) and Castle Alessia (to the west).

Another collectible hidden inside a public dungeon – Cracked Wood Cave. Before you reach Cracked Wood Cave you will have to go through a camp full of enemies. It is surrounded with rocks and it has one rather large tree at its center. This is one of those public dungeons that requires a lot of killing in order to reach the shard. This means that you need to fight your way to the northwestern part of cave. The last group that protects the collectible is tough to defeat. Bring your potions and other helpful abilities in order to survive the fight or have some friends along for a ride. At the end of this small cave room there is a fishing hole so you can go for some cave fishing for fun.

Be careful with the group that defends the skyshard. They are extremely dangerous.

Fishing Hole and the skill point in one place!

Cracked Wood Cave’s collectible map location.


The monarch’s buried secret.

Northeastern Cyrodiil, between Kingsscrest Keep (to the northwest) and Farragut Keep (to the southeast), south of Scroll Temple of Chim.

Another skill point piece hidden inside public dungeon. This time it is Kingscrest Cavern. This is a rather easy public dungeon where groups of 3 mobs are extremely rare. Most of the mobs are lonely and easy to solo. When you enter the cave, keep progressing toward its east end. Inside the largest Kingscrest Cavern room you can spot the collectible at the center of the cave. Cavern’s boss patrols this area. You might want to skip him and grab the skyshard first.

Kingscrest Cavern entrance map location.

Zoomed out map view of Kingscrest Cavern location.


Enjoy a good roll in the muck.

Eastern Cyrodiil, between Drakelowe Keep (to the southeast) and Blue Road Keep (to the northwest).

Skill point piece at this location is inside Muck Valley Cavern public dungeon. Path that leads toward the cave’s entrance starts from western side of a large lake nearby. You can notice wooden totems along the sides of this path. Bugs inside the cavern come rarely in groups of two. They are easy to defeat. Skyshard is inside the most southwestern cave room. Watch out for possible “Kerks Half-Ear” spawn location. This boss is extremely hard to defeat solo. Luckily for us , he patrolls and makes the collectible’s location safe for a few seconds (enough for you to grab it).

Find and enter Muck Valley Cavern.

Muck Valley Cavern entrance map location.

Zoomed out map view of the public dungeon entrance location.


Nurtured by amphibious host.

Southeastern Cyrodil, between Drakelowe Keep (to the northeast) and The Aldmeri Dominion’s Eastern Elsweyr Gate.

Collectible can be found inside Newt Cave dungeon. This is the hardest dungeon to solo. What makes it hard are Trolls in the area. These trolls are not regular difficulty level enemies. They are extremely hard to defeat.
Avoid the troll at the dungeon and enter the cave. You can do this by pulling him from the nearby main road. Start running north. You can spot a small hill close by. This is the area above the cave entrance. Jump to it, and enter the cave before the troll is back. There are couple of trolls at the start of the dungeon as well. You can skip them and/or pull toward the southern cave room. They stop to follow you there. Now you can proceed toward the last room. Shard is inside this part of the cave, but there are more trolls… If you are extremely careful you can skip them as well. Stealth gives you a huge advantage here.

Trolls and shards in the last cave room.

Newt Cave’s collectible map location.


Rushing water in the depths.

Eastern Cyrodiil, between Arrius Keep (to the west) and Farragut Keep (to the east).

This collectible is inside a public dungeon – Quickwater Cave. There is a small camp of enemies in front of the Quickwater Cave entrance. This camp is easily recognizable by a couple of wooden arches that you can usually see inside caves. There is a rather large wooden platform above the cave’s entrance. Dungeon itself is not that hard to solo through. Enemies come in groups of two. What makes it unique are Quickwater Caiman. These alligators hide silently in water ponds scattered around the cave. Some of them patrols the area as well. Keep in mind this fact before stepping into water with low health. Skyshard, we are after, is inside the first large room. This part of the cave is hidden by a waterfall.

Quickwater Cave entrance map location.

Zoomed out map view of the public dungeon location.

Take the first turn in the cave, next to the waterfall.

… in order to grab theskyshard that is hidden inside.

Quickwater Cave’s collectible map location.


Facing the Faceless.

Eastern Cyrodiil, between Farragut Keep (to the north) and Drakelowe Keep (to the south).

Skyshard is inside a public dungeon – Vahtacen. Entrance to this cave is at the most northern part of the river that goes through eastern Cyrodiil. Entrance of the cave is rather epic. Creatures inside come mostly in groups of two. Couple of them are well hidden behind cave corners. Be careful and don’t rush. If you are careful enough not to pull patrolling mobs, walking to the collectible location is going to be easy. Vahtacen’s skyshard is tucked in the most southwestern part of the cave.

Cave’s entrance seems rather familiar, don’t you think? “Speak, friend, and enter” anyone…

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