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The Monarch’s Buried Secret Skyshard

Northeastern Cyrodiil, between Kingsscrest Keep (to the northwest) and Farragut Keep (to the southeast), south of Scroll Temple of Chim.

Another skill point piece hidden inside public dungeon. This time it is Kingscrest Cavern. This is a rather easy public dungeon where groups of 3 mobs are extremely rare. Most of the mobs are lonely and easy to solo. When you enter the cave, keep progressing toward its east end. Inside the largest Kingscrest Cavern room you can spot the collectible at the center of the cave. Cavern’s boss patrols this area. You might want to skip him and grab the skyshard first.

Kingscrest Cavern entrance map location.

Zoomed out map view of Kingscrest Cavern location.

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