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ESO Stormhaven Skyshards Location Map

Stormhaven has 16 Skyshards for you to collect scattered around the landscape or found inside solo and public dungeons. It is a level 17-23 zone for the Dagerfall Covenent faction. Some of the skyshard locations are pretty scenic and include tower tops, waterfalls and other screenshot worthy vistas. Take your time exploring this land and its problems with the dream infestation and don’t forget to visit High King Emeric in Wayrest. Bellow you will find screenshot guides for every collectible on the map.


On Koeglin’s crown.

As you enter Stormhaven from Glenumbra stay on the road and you will see the shard on your left.

As you enter Stormhaven you will see the skyshard up on the hill to the left of the road.


Atop the stairs of Newgate.

In the northwest corner of Stormhaven, next to the gate that takes you to Rivenspire

Screenshot shows the Rivenspire gate to the right and the skyshard is on top of the stairs to the left.

Going left here will face you with three spiders – group bosses.

Zoomed in map showing the exact location of the shard.


Beside the henge of Nightmare Crag.

As the name suggests this shard is found inside Nightmare Crag. On the top of Nightmare Crag is a Stonehenge like monument and in the south corner is the collectible. You might visit this place as part of the “Rozenn’s Dream” quest (Vanne Farm Objective).

As you reach the top of the Crag you will see the skyshard shining.

Exact location of the shard on zoomed in map.


The foot of Wind Keep’s falls.

There are two rivers on each side of Aphren’s Hold. Their origin are waterfalls north of Wind Keep. Follow the river upstream from Wind Keep or Aphren’s Hold to find the waterfalls and the collectible.

Skyshard’s location is quite scenic.

Zoomed in map to give you a better understanding of the location.


Before a breach in Aphren’s wall.

Inside Aphren’s Hold ruins near a waterfall that flows down toward the lake near Dro’dara plantation wayshrine.

There’s a lake north-northeast of Dro’dara plantation wayshrine. You will see steps that lead up to Aphren’s Hold ruins (steps are left on the screenshot above). Skyshard is actually on the top of the waterfall you see on the picture above.

As you climb the stairs you should see the shard shining.


Atop the soulless tower.

On the very top of the Soulshriven Tower. Tower is located a bit south of the Souldshriven Wayshrine.

You can see the shine as you approach the tower.

Climb up the stairs all the way to the top and enjoy the magnificent view and 1/3 of a skill point.

Zoomed in map to see the exact location of the collectible


In the monster’s pantry.

Scrag’s Larder is the group boss marker in the east side of the map. Shard is right next to the group boss “Cousin Scrag” found there.

As you go around Scrag’s Larder killing ogres you will see a small pathway leading in between the rocks and the shard shining.

Zoomed in map to show the skyshard’s exact location.

If you have a group of friends close by you can kill Cousin Scrag, who is just around the corner.


Where the giant’s tears fall.

North of the Weeping Giant POI (broken tower on the map) and Weeping Giant Wayshrine. You will reach the bottom of a waterfall that has stairs going up. You will find the shard as you climb the stairs.

Stairs to the left, waterfall to the right, skyshard on the top.

As you climb to the top you will see the shard on one of the wooden platforms.


Camped in sight of the eastern gate.

As you reach the very east of the map and bridge into Bangkorai there is a group boss “Zymel Kruz” marked with the skull icon (Ancient Altar POI) just north of the bridge. On your way there from the road you will come across the skyshard.

You can see Zymel Kruz group boss in the background here

Collectible is placed between two tents just up some stairs north of the road that takes you to Bangkorai.


Delve deep with the bear’s claw.

Inside Bearclaw Mine solo dungeon. Entrance is southeast of Shinji’s Scarp and is marked on the big map.

Bearclaw mine is appropriately names.

As you approach the last boss and the exit out of the dungeon you will see the collectible to your right.


Locked behind Farangel’s iron bars.

Inside Farangel’s delve public dungeon, entrance into which you can find south of Soulshriven Wayshrine.

Skyshard is located half way through the dungeon, behind some metal bars. Just get close to it and you can collect it without much trouble.

Exact location on the map of Farangel’s delve dungeon


Mine your manners outside Steelheart.

Inside Koeglin mine solo dungeon. You can easily miss it because it is not on the way to the last boss. Go right just before the last boss and you will find it. Marked on the big map is the entrance and not the exact location of the shard (which is shown in a screenshot of the Koeglin mine map)

Enter the mine and proceed toward the back.

Inside that side passageway you will find the collectible.

Exact location of the skyshard on Koeglin mine map


Explore the ruins north of Wind’s Keep.

Inside Norvulk Ruins solo dungeon. Entrance to the dungeon is slightly northeast of Wind Keep.

You can see the skyshard in an alcove in the first large room you enter.

Norvulk Ruins map with player location marking the collectible spot.


Comb the abbey’s catacombs.

Inside Pariah Catacombs solo dungeon. Entrance is located south and bellow Pariah Abbey. We marked the entrance into the dungeon on the big map.

Just South of the Pariah Abbey in the Pariah Catacombs. It’s in the Northwest area, within the cave-like section.

Map location of the collectible inside Pariah Catacombs


West of Firebrand, deep beneath the tower.

Found inside Portdun Watch solo dungeon. Dungeon’s entrance can be found inside a tower close to the south wall of Firebrand Keep. Marked on Stormhaven map is the entrance into the dungeon and in the screenshots you can find the exact location of the collectible.

As you reach the last boss of the dungeon (seen on the left in the screenshot above) you will find the skyshard to your right.


Explore the ruins of broken marrow.

Inside Public dungeon Bonesnap Ruins. This is a rather hard dungeon to solo and bringing friends would make finding this skyshard much easier. There are several mini bosses available with the final boss of the instance being fun to deal with. I managed to stealth through some of the pulls, just barely. Marked on the interactive map is the entrance into the public dungeon, while shard’s location is shown on a screenshot bellow.

Bonesnap Ruins entrance is hidden among wooden scaffolding.

Skyshard is hidden all the way to the west of the dungeon, behind a big pull of several mobs.

Exact location of the shard inside Bonesnap Ruins. I managed to miss this spot on my first runthrough of the dungeon.

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