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Elder Scrolls Online provides a great deal of flexibility when deciding what type of character you want to play. Choosing one of the four classes gives you access to three class specific skill lines. Each of these directs your character a certain way. Choosing your race also helps you character in certain areas. You can forgo all of that and specialize solely in the type of weapon and armor you are going to use (although supplementing this with the right race choice and the right class choice can make your weapon and armor choice so much stronger). With the introduction of the Champion Point system you get two talent trees to play with and optimize your character even further for end game. Whether you are building a Bow wielding Templar or a summoning Sorcerer with medium armor, your possibilities are almost endless.
To help you tailor your character even outside of the game we present our Talent Calculator. Pick and choose your skills based on your class choice and share the builds with your friends or you can browse the already created builds and vote for the ones you like the most. Remember that for any of the skills you choose you will have to have enough skill points, which you get every level up or during some special quests or by collecting skyshards. Let your creativity take over and share your builds with other ESO players. Start by picking your class bellow.

UPDATE: ESO Skill Calculator is now updated to 1.1.2 Craglorn patch data. Please update your builds accordingly.
UPDATE: ESO Skill Calculator is now updated to 1.3.3 patch data (update 3). Please update your builds accordingly.
UPDATE: ESO Skill Calculator has been updated to patch 2.0.1 data, better known as Tamriel Unlimited update! New skills have been added and old have been updated. Old builds might have missing skills or icons in them so, please, update them accordingly. We are also proud to present a beta version of ESO Champion Point Calculator that is also updated to 2.0.1 game data. This is still a beta and when you save your build it will not save the Champion point configuration! We will update the calculator very soon to enable saving of Champion point data along with some interface improvements. We hope you enjoy Tamriel Unlimited and find our updated skill calculator useful.

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11 thoughts on “ESO Skill Calculator

    1. Iridium7

      Hey I had a quick question. I am sort of new to ESL was wondering about the Don’s wrath scale line is that just like the Magica skills for the Templar classes or like can I use some of them in a stamina build. I’m trying to make a decent PVP build. So without affecting that too much Basically or is it just counterproductive to use any of those skills from Don’s wrath on a stamina build.

  1. XanderJJ

    Why does the staff tree say it costs stamina to use the abilities? In the last beta it was definitely Magika. Great work on everything else I just wondering about this, it definitely changes build paths. XD

  2. Morty

    This is a very awesome calculator. It helped me figure out just what everything meant.

    Before I looked at this, I was really confused at how to train or even what things were good to train in.

    Nice Job … and thanks!!!

  3. Criscal


    are there any plans to update the skill calculator? At least the new werewolf and undaunted skills are missing for a starter. The overall tool looks handy!




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