Bal Foyen Treasure Map Locations Guide

Bal Foyen Treasure Maps
Bal Foyen is a tutorial land for Ebonheart Pact players. This small island hides two Treasure Maps and additional Bal Foyen CE Treasure Map which is available as a pre-purchase bonus.
Treasure maps can be acquired as a random loot from mobs, locked and unlocked chests, but the drop rate is very low. Since this trophy is not character bound item, you can also buy it in a guild store.

Each treasure map sketch will give you a hint where to look for a buried treasure, but it’s not easy to find this hidden place. The place where you should dig up the treasure chest is always covered with dirt mound, and it’s visible only to players with the corresponding map.

Bal Foyen Treasure Map I

eso Bal Foyen Treasure Map I

  • In the southeastern part of Bal Foyen map
  • Just west from Dhalmora Wayshrine, among Guars.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Bal Foyen Treasure Map II

Bal Foyen Treasure Map II

  • Head east until you reach Davon’s Watch
  • Go up the stairs, then turn right

Screenshot Walkthrough

Bal Foyen CE Treasure Map

Bal Foyen CE Treasure Map

  • Northeast part of the map
  • You have to run around through the town and up the trail. It’s up on the right by the rabid nix hound.
  • We would like to thank Matt, Orokin and Mike for screenshot and additional information

Screenshot Walkthrough

5 thoughts on “Bal Foyen Treasure Map Locations Guide

  1. Orokin

    its north eastish near a watchtower on a ledge
    the watchtower where you have to go for the bal foyen main questline

  2. Abigail Talonfist

    Hiya! Just letting you know that I followed the screenie on the location of BF II treasure and it seems to be on the wrong location. Though the exact location isn’t far from this one where I found mine (just in case ESO’s rather random with finding things), here’s where I found this little elusive bugger;

    Map Screenie:


  3. Kasey

    Need to go up to the docks then take the trail leading back up the mountain (in our case back down on the map) and it will take you to the top. Dont try and come from the south to get up to it.


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