Flames of Ambition DLC Release Date Set for March 8th

Flames of Ambition is the next DLC for ESO, and it marks the start of a new year-long season, called Gates of Oblivion. It’ll add two new dungeons, and introduce a mysterious cult. It’ll also serve as an introduction into the Blackwood chapter, which is the next big expansion that’s supposed to launch this summer. Flames of Ambition is going to be released on PC on March 8th, while console players will have to wait an extra week. Read on the see what you can expect from this new DLC.

eso flames of ambition dlc release date

The biggest addition are the two dungeons – The Cauldron and Black Drake Villa. The Cauldron takes place in an abandoned mine in the eastern hills of Deshaan, where a Mehrunes Dagon cult has sprung up recently. A dark elf from a nearby village will ask for your help in rescuing his family from there, but he’s not the only one who’ll want you down there – Lyranth is also interested in the mines for some reason.

You’ll get to fight cultists, Daedra and Dremora in this dungeon, and there will be several bosses, including a giant ogrim and a molten guardian. The rewards include gear sets like the Dagon’s Dominion, a monster mask, new achievements and collectibles.

The Black Drake Villa is an opulent mansion in the north of the Gold Coast, from which you’ll have to steal a mysterious tome. It turns out monsters now live there, and the library has been set aflame by a group of mercenaries. Expect goblins, minotaurs, salamanders, along with warriors and mages from the True-Sworn company. Bosses include a minotaur chieftain and a fire mage.

As far as rewards are concerned, they include three gears sets, one of which is Kinras’s Wrath, a monster mask and a bunch of collectibles and achievements. If you manage to beat the dungeon on veteran difficulty, you’ll get a memento that allows you to summon a fire salamander as a familiar.

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