How to become white werewolf guide

eso white werewolfOnce you become a werewolf, you will probably wonder how to stand out from in a group of werewolves and the Elder Scrolls Online team gave a solution to this problem. Although the process of becoming an ESO werewolf is pretty hard, the process of transforming into a white werewolf is not so demanding.

Your first step is to level up the Ultimate Ability Werewolf Transformation. It might be a little tricky since Werewolf transformation ability is bugged and not working properly. It resets whenever you have a conversation with an NPC, or go into or out of a place that requires a load screen.
Once you get a chance to morph the Ultimate Ability, your choice should be Pack Leader ability, and your werewolf will become a white one.

We would like to thank reddit user Taggyz for this great screenshot.

33 thoughts on “How to become white werewolf guide

      1. karu

        you can become a were wolf or vampire in reapers march it is in the middle of a swirl looking symbol and a skull with an X made out of swords once there I wouldn’t worry werewolves are always there happy to infect

      1. chloe

        hey I’m a werewolf and a vampire its really rare for me i saw a spell used it turned me into a vampire then same thing werewolf just look up how to become a vampire

    1. Edusclan

      You should get bitten or feed a vampire at the vampire’s altar at “the rift” it should be on the west side, outside the map. Or ask anyone where you can find it. If it works it should open a borg or a portal to the vampire mission. If you succede you might get a 24/7 vampire, but you need constant feeding to stay strong. For someone to transform you to a vampire he/she should be at level 6 or more at the vampire skills and unlock the passive ability to transform. Once feeded they cannot do that again for 7 days so be careful to do it right and be shure to not mistook that shot. (Being there!) To level up, feed as much as you can and unlock all the abilities.

  1. Jasmine

    This didn’t really help me do you have to have the dragonborn dlc to get the werewolf perks and level up all the perks then you can be a white werewolf?????

  2. Unkn0wnwhispers

    Im a were wolf and Ive been grinding a lot and got my werewolf mastery everything’s unlocked so how do I get XP to the actual ability do kill thing like before to get pack leader or do just use that ability so… Just transforming to a werewolf

    1. Aaron

      I cant figure out how to choose pack leader i am werewolf transformation level 3 but i Still cant morph my werewolf

  3. siphon33

    I paid for the werewolf on ESO and I cant figure out how to transform? and if I transform will I be stuck as a werewolf? or can I ransform at will?

  4. BladeDemoriel

    Let’s also keep in mind a player rank 6 can bite you and get you started. Players usually ask for payment for this. Be careful though, they can only do 1 bite per week. Don’t get scammed. If anyone wants to be a werewolf please msg me, I’ll try to help you out. My gamer tag is BladeDemoriel

  5. shadow

    do the companions story line to become a werewolf or do the dawnguard story line to become a werewolf (
    (ps dont kill the girl.)


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