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ESO Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards Location Map


Approach the southern scroll.

Northwestern Cyrodiil, just west of Scroll Temple of Alma Ruma, in the heart of Daggerfall Covenant main area.

This is the closest skyshard for The Daggerfall Covenant members. It is close to one of their Cyrodiil spawning locations.


Overlooking Ni-Mohk’s falls.

Northwestern Cyrodiil, just west of Scroll Temple of Ni-Mohk, in the heart of The Daggerfall Covenant area.

This is the closest skill point piece for The Daggerfall Covenant members. It is close to one of their Cyrodiil spawning locations. This is one of those collectibles that have a very fitting name. It is located next to a large stone bridge, on the edge of a rock, overlooking the falls – yes – Ni-Mohk’s falls.


Near liquid fire flowing.

Western Cyrodiil, just south of Fort Rayles.

Collectible on this side of the map is a part of Chorrol POI. This area stands out from other areas because, it is a place where you can find lave river. There are many buildings in this area. Halion NPC plays a flute on the Chorrol square, beside a tall stone sculpture. For easier orientation, locate the wrecked tallest building in Chorrol, looking like an old Cathedral building. Next to it, in a lava riverbed, you can find the skyshard. Vicinity of a nearby Fort Rayles can make the problem, because of many hostile players.


Decorating a Nord’s manor grounds.

Northern Cyrodil, between Fort Dragonclaw (to the northeast) and Fort Aleswell (to the southwest).

Collectible is inside Bruma area. This is a rather large keep, almost matching in size some fortresses. You can spot it from the distance by its large stone walls and towers. Stone houses inside Bruma are even taller than the nearby walls. Collectible is in western Bruma, behind the largest house in Bruma, inside a fountain like stone structure. Be aware of hostile elements of Bruma. Enemies inside the keep do not like unannounced visitors.


Offering at the priory.

Western Cyrodiil, southeast of the closest fortress – Fort Rayles.

You can find this collectible in Weynon Priory area. This area consists of large houses. One of them looks like a castle. Plateau between them is surrounded by tall stone fences. Skyshard is hidden in a corner of one of these fences. There is a rather large birch tree close to it. This part of map is close to the Daggerfall Covenant starting Cyrodiil area. If you belong to some other faction, or even if the closest Fort Rayles is held by another faction, be on your toes.

Priory ultimate prize map location.

Priory ultimate prize map location 2.


Atop a crumbling Empire.

Northwester central part of Cyrodiil, between Fort Aleswell (to the northeast) and Fort Ash (to the Southwest).

This hidden collectible can be found near Empire Tower POI. Follow the road that leads uphill until you reach a tall wrecked tower. Fight through nearby hostile Rock Bone creatures and go upstairs to the upper level of the tower. Rock Bones will be waiting for you on tower stairs as well. Be careful, and don’t rush because you can easily die. Skyshard on the top of the tower is next to the “Spirit of the Daedra” lorebook.


Home of the goat-faced altar.

Northwestern Cyrodiil, between Fort Glademist (to the south) and Fort Warden (to the northwest), closer to Fort Glademist.

This is location of Ninendava POI. Skyshard is well hidden, because a large hill, rocks, and tall trees block your view of the Ninendava ultimate prize. Skyshard itself is located on the edge of a small white rock platform next to the wall. Even though there is no main road nearby, you are close to the Cyrodiil Daggerfall Covenant starting area.

Home of the goat-faced altar map location.


Search near the cliffs … cliffs … cliffs ….

Northwestern Cyrodiil, northeast of Fort Warden.

This shard is rather easy to find if you are following the main road to north. Whether you come from west and Fort Warden, or from east and Fort Dragonclaw, or any other location, being aware of a fact that there is a skyshard at this location is enough to find it. It is not on the road actually, but rather close to it. If you come from south you can spot it from a small hill. Although there is snow in this part of the map it doesn’t lower the effect of its shine.


Where a ruin-seeking Khajiit is denied.

Northern Cyrodiil, northwest of Chalman Keep or northeast of Bleaker’s Outpost.

This skyshard is inside Anga Ayleid Ruins. It is close to the main road, thus you are open to hostile players’ attacks. The large arched gate on its southern side attracts everyone who pass it by. Our collectible is in the center of the compound. Just next to it you can find two NPCs – Enak and Brelynd Verano – trying to open a nearby stone entrance.

… and its large arched stone gate.

Nearby NPCs Enak and Brelynd Verano have their own problems.

Broader view of the collectible map location.


Bandits’ crowning achievement.

Northern Cyrodiil, southwest of Fort Dragonclaw – the northernmost fortress.

Shard is located inside Capstone Cave dungeon. Camp outside the cave is small but, there are still a couple of Black Dagger enemies occupying it. Inside, you can expect groups of two populating the dungeon. Collectible is inside the northernmost cave. It is just bellow the wooden platform. On top of this platform you may find Claudette the Sharper; a rather strong mob. Grab the collectible before alarming the group above it. “Jorunn the Skald-King” lorebook is on top of a wooden crate a few steps away from the wooden platform.

Capstone Cave entrance map location.

Zoomed out view of the entrance location.

Try not to alarm the group above before collecting your shard.

Capstone’s Cave collectible map location.


Amid reverberations of clattering bones.

Northwestern Cyrodil, between Fort Warden (to the west) and Fort Dragonclaw (to the east).

Found inside Echo Cave dungeon. Outside of the cave you can expect a camp full of zombies. Zombies do not pose any threat when they are alone, but when they are grouped they can be hard to defeat (if you are there solo). There are several groups of three zombies inside the cave. Use range attacks to kill at least one of them before they reach you. Collectible is inside the last room.


Vampires prowl where Elves once lived.

Northwestern Cyrodil, between Scroll Temple of Alma Ruma (to the southwest) and Scroll Temple of Ni-Mohk (to the northeast).

Skyshard is inside Lipsand Tarn solo dungeon. There is a large camp outside this cave. It has a lot of stone structures. Bloodfiends occupy the area inside and outside the cave. They come mostly in groups of two. Be aware of few patrolling groups. Cave boss – Bone Colossus – can be found next to the shard. They are both found in a small room in northeastern cave. Bone Colossus summons three adds and does a devastating frontal cone attack. His adds do aoe damage spell around them. He doesn’t have that big of a health pool. If you can burn him down as soon as possible no healing is needed. AOE spell damage abilities are needed for his adds.


In a cave of crimson treasures.

Northern Cyrodiil, north of Chalman Keep.

In order to grab this skill point piece you need to enter the Red Ruby Cave. In game description of the dungeon: “Despite its name, no gems have ever been found in this ebony mine, which was dubbed Red Ruby in order to attract investors from nearby Bruma”.
Black Daggers in this area have raised nice stronghold camp in front of it. Collectible we want is in northeastern side of the cave. Groups of two Black Daggers grow stronger when one of them who patrols the area joins them, as their number increase.

Red Ruby Cave entrance map location.

Broader view on Red Ruby Cave entrance map location.

Red Ruby skill point piece map location.


Surrounded by frozen fungus.

Northern Cyrodiil, between Bleaker’s Outpost (to the south) and Fort Dragonclaw (on the north).

Skill point piece at this location can be found inside Toadstool Hollow – public dungeon. Entrance to this public dungeon is just north from main road. You can spot couple of Bats in front of it. Description of the cave says it all: “The word in Bruma is that thse caves were once warm enough for fungus farming, but when the farmers tried to expand them, they tunneled into an ice cavern that chilled the entire place to a bitter cold”.

This is one of the interesting collectibles for obtaining. What it makes unique is its location. As soon as you enter the main cave room you can spot skyshard in the lower part of Toadstool Hollow. It is right next to a frozen looking shrine, next to couple of frozen unfortunates. Now fun part starts. There is one Shade Stalker Bat at the bottom patrolling. Wait for him to go away from our landing spot near the collectible. Jump down, grab collectible. Now we want to leave cave? But lets be honest who wants to beat all this hostile elements of cave in order to leave it. As they have low tendency to slow or stun, you can try to run out. Are you up for it?

Skill point piece is just few Bats away from the entrance.

Toadstool Hollow collectible map location.


Under shroud and ground.

Northwestern Cyrodiil, northwest of Fort Aleswell.

Collectible at this location is inside Underpall Cave – public dungeon. Outside of Underpall Cave is protected by Bloodborn Minions camp. Next to the tents in camp you can notice a small wooden path that leads toward Underpall Cave and couple of metal cages.
This is one of the public dungeons where it is easier to collect a Skyshard. It is in the largest cave room, just straight ahead from where you enter. A few Bloodborn Minions that patrol this area should not pose any threat. It is on top of a small wooden platform. There are many metal cages that surround it. Try not to fall down off of the platform. Dark depths that also hide the angry embrace of a Bone Colossus are not for everyone.

Collectible is inside the largest cave room.

Couple of steps north as you enter the cave.

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