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Bandits’ Crowning Achievement Skyshard

Northern Cyrodiil, southwest of Fort Dragonclaw – the northernmost fortress.

Shard is located inside Capstone Cave dungeon. Camp outside the cave is small but, there are still a couple of Black Dagger enemies occupying it. Inside, you can expect groups of two populating the dungeon. Collectible is inside the northernmost cave. It is just bellow the wooden platform. On top of this platform you may find Claudette the Sharper; a rather strong mob. Grab the collectible before alarming the group above it. “Jorunn the Skald-King” lorebook is on top of a wooden crate a few steps away from the wooden platform.

Capstone Cave entrance map location.

Zoomed out view of the entrance location.

Try not to alarm the group above before collecting your shard.

Capstone’s Cave collectible map location.

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