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Latest news from the Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG.

Update 6 Trailer

If you’re not into reading page upon page of text about the changes and additions that came with Update 1.6, Bethesda has published a trailer to warm you up. The video shows off some of the most remarkable stuff the patch has made possible, including the Justice and Champion systems.

Update 6 Patch Notes

Update 6 is finally live. An enormous list of changes and additions goes with it, as you can imagine. After all, we’re talking about 20-25 GBs of data. The biggest news are the implementation of the first phase of the Justice System, and the third phase of the Champion System. Then there’s the gameplay improvements, fixes and rebalancing – every ability has been changed in some way, so you’ll get a free skill and attribute reset.

Provisioning has been remade, Collections have a new UI, and the Crown Store is open for browsing (but not buying – that has to wait until Tamriel Unlimited is up). The full list of changes can be found on the official forums, but be wary – it will take a while to sift through.

Xbox ONE Controller Scheme Revealed

In an update to the official blog, Bethesda gave us a sneak peek of the key bindings for the Xbox ONE version of The Elder Scrolls Online. The controls seem pretty natural and comfy, so we have to ask – when is gamepad support coming to the PC version of the game?

elder scrolls online gamepad controlls

The PS4/Xbox ONE version is due June 9th, while the sub-free version is going to hit PC on March 17th. The reason the console ports took so long is that they “wanted to make sure the console version didn’t feel like a port, but like a game designed specifically for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4”, which is great to hear.

Source: Blog

New Loyalty Rewards Announced

As the launch of Tamriel Unlimited grows closer, the developers have decided to honour long standing players with gifts. The latest in line is the Mask of Cheerful Slaughter, as worn by the lord of madness himself. They’re going to start sending them later in February, so keep your eyes on the in-game mail.

Those who have had a subscription for three months have already gotten the High Hrothgar Wraith pet. Players with six months worth of subs have gotten the Loyal Dwarven Sphere. And then there’s this creepy new thing.

That’s not all though. If you maintain a subscription right until the game goes buy-once-play-forever, and you have more than 300 days of subscription to your name on that date (March 16th), you’ll receive a Striped Senche mount, which won’t be sold in the Crown Store. The only way to get it is by being the most loyal of all TESO players.

The Three Fates Cinematic

With all four parts of the Three Fates cinematic trailer released, Bethesda has gone and made a supercut version that seamlessly blends all of them into one, twenty-three-minute-long spectacle. You can watch it in 720p right now, if you’d like to see the three alliances duke it out for the Imperial City.

European Megaserver finally arriving to Europe

When Elder Scrolls Online launched it allowed for people to use the North American or European megaserver. This is a standard for MMOs that launch worldwide, because of language differences and vast physical distance that can make playing a bit difficult if you are playing on a server located on another continent. What most Europeans realized soon after launch is that the European megaserver is actually located in United States. Zenimax told us that the reason for this was that megaserver infrastructure is very complicated and for the time being they had to have all the servers in the same place. Four months later Europeans will finally be able to play on Europe based servers. The move is happening at 1:00PM BST (8:00AM EDT) on July 30th. Move is rather complicated because it is supposed to transfer all of your characters and all their data. It will take about nine hours, but may be extended. After the transfer is complete people that have characters on the European megaservers should continue playing as if nothing really happened. The only thing they should notice is increased performance. This means less lag in PvP and during PvE combat (both of which were quite common). We, here at MMORPG Life, welcome this transfer because we are based in Europe and our game experience suffered due to the servers being in the US. We wish this happened within the first month after launch, as was initially promised, but better late than never.

You can read the official announcement here and here are some of the most common questions and answers concerning the transfer:

Will anything change for me when the migration is complete?

Nope! All your characters will be just the way you left them before the move. There won’t be a patch to download, either.

The migration seems to be during European primetime. Why is that?

Moving everything over to our new datacenter is a complex operation involving a large number of our engineers and support staff in Europe and North America. It’s important to us that everyone we need for the process is awake, ready, and available. This will help us make the transition as smooth as possible.

I’m European, but created characters on the North American megaserver. Can I move them to the new European megaserver?

No. The migration will only affect characters that already exist on the European megaserver, and no transfers are available right now.

Future of ESO panel recap

Elder Scrolls Online developers showed up in full force during the recent QuakeCon 2014. They held a very important 2 hour panel (this includes a Q&A session) discussing what we can expect in the future for Elder Scrolls Online. Great many features were announced and discussed. There are a bunch of new features planned and some old systems are being reworked. Here’s a list of the most important announcements together with an image gallery of some of the things to come.

  • Imperial City – new PvP zone found inside Cyrodiil that players will be able to unlock through keep ownership. You’ll be able to enter it through 3 sewer entrances that are guarded by imperials (and probably camped by PvPers). Zone contains Molag Bal’s minions and tons of quests related to them (boss mobs will be present) that reward high XP and gold rewards. You can unlock various parts of the city (Market, Arboretum, Temple District, etc.) and have special vendors, crafting stations or respawn points there.
  • New Veteran Dungeon – City of Ash coming in Update 5
  • Grouping system improvements that will also include Dungeon difficulty scaling (to group leader’s level) and repeatable dungeons as part of a daily quest setup for the Undaunted
  • Solo Instance dungeons will also scale to you – if something is difficult and you die repeatedly they will scale to be a bit easier after several attempts
  • Craglorn will get the next chapter of the story where you will fight the Serpant aspect in a new 12 man trial
  • Dragonstar Arena – it will contain 4 man mini trials with leaderboards, two difficulty modes and progressively more difficult timed PvE encounters
  • Veteran Gameplay is getting a complete overhaul – veteran points are being removed and Veteran Ranks are from now going to be gained through experience points. Champion system is getting introduced and this system will introduce a separate tree (called constellations) of passives. You unlock these passives by spending champion points that you earn through earning experience points in post lvl 50 game. Gear will not have Veteran Rank as requirement. New gear will come out in seasons.
  • Justice System – allows you to steal items and attack NPCs. Consequence is that there is a bounty incurred on your character. You can pay the bounty or flee. Players will be able to hunt other players with high bounty so active PvP will be a consequence of the Justice system.
  • Spellcrafting – new system that will allow you to create customized spells. You will have to find the base spell through exploration in the world. You can customize this spell with focus items (add AOE, make it an ultimate, reduce cost, etc.). You can
  • New Armor and Weapon style – Glass armor, Dark Brotherhood style, New PvP gear, Thieves Guild style, new Undaunted styles. It was also mentioned that when you kill a boss in solo instances you might get an item that is skinned as the boss so there will be a Dwemer spider, Spider Daedra, Harvester themed armor pieces.
  • New Adventure Zone Murkmire – similar to Craglorn. Four man content with 12 man trials. It will contain a new non player race called Naga.
  • New Solo Pve Zone Wrothgar – in the north between High Rock and Skyrim.

Click here to see a screenshot gallery of the panel and full video

ESO can now be purchased on Steam

steam pet dog

QuakeCon 2014 is in full swing and we got our first big news concerning Elder Scrolls Online. From today, ESO will be available for purchase on Steam. In addition to that, the game will be on sale for the duration of Quakecon 2014. so you can purchase the Standard edition on Steam for $30 and Imperial will set you back for $47.99. The game still requires you to have an ESO account and all that other stuff you are used to from a standalone client, but if you get it through Steam you get the friends overlay or you can even gift it to your steam friends. Another boon for those that choose to purchase the Imperial Version of the game through Steam right now is that they will get the Whiterun Wolfhound vanity pet. On the sale page it says that the vanity pet offer will last only until July 21st so you better hurry if you are planning to get it.

Existing subscribers are currently not able to import their game into Steam. If you add the game to steam it will not behave the same as if you purchase it there. We have to wait on Bethesda to give us import keys or something similar to be able to integrate our existing clients with Steam.

In other QuakeCon news related to Elder Scrolls Online we have “THE FUTURE OF ESO” panel happening on Friday where various developers should discuss what’s in store for different aspects of the game. Event is taking place on Friday, July 18th from 5:00PM to 7:00PM CDT on QuakeCon Ventrilo Main Stage. You can submit your questions to developers on the official ESO forums and Twitter ahead of time, and you may see them answered live at QuakeCon! (Please use the #ESO and #QuakeCon hashtags on Twitter.) If you are not at QuakeCon, you can watch the panel and Q&A live on Twitch at or later on the official ESO Youtube channel.

Beautiful Eastmarch

Eastmarch is a zone that Ebonheart Pact members get to visit around level 35. It is very well known to players of the Elder Scrolls series because it is part of the Skyrim map and home to Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak. I am currently playing a Nord Dragonknight and a few days ago I managed to fully complete Eastmarch. After letting my impressions settle for a while I must say that Eastmarch was, for me, by far the best looking land I’ve seen and played through so far in ESO.

I loved the quests as well and some of them were really among the best quest lines in the game and the Elder Scrolls series (for me at least). I also had that great moment when I entered a very important place and said to myself: “I’ve seen this before”. It was a place of power I visited during my adventures in Skyrim (part of the main story there as well) that managed to get stuck in my mind although it has been a while since I played. Bellow are some screenshots of Eastmarch that might better show the beauty of this zone. If roads ever take you towards Skyrim make sure you stop by for a pint (or three) of mead in Eastmarch.

What’s your favorite zone and screenshot so far in ESO?