ESO free week, gifts and a dungeon event for Ten Millions Players event

ESO is celebrating a major milestone these days – ten million players. The devs didn’t go into details, so we don’t know whether that’s the number of active players, register accounts or something else entirely. Still, it’s a big, hefty number, and gamers love big, hefty numbers. What’s important for us is the celebratory aspect – it includes a free week, gifts and a dungeon event.

The free play week will be available from November 30th to December 6th, on PC, Mac and Playstation 4. PS4 players will need a PS Plus subscription in order to play. It will include the base game without restrictions (but no Morrowind DLC), letting new player traipse across Tamriel in order to get a feel for the game. New accounts will also get 500 crowns for free, to try out some stuff from the cash store – XP boosters, pets, mounts and such.

If you’ve already participated in a free play event, you’ll be able to continue where you left off. Any progress you make will be saved, and will carry over if you buy the game afterwards.

As for those who are already part of the nebulous number, they’ll have the chance to play a special dungeon event, filled with nice rewards. It’s just a fancy way of saying you’ll get additional loot when playing any dungeon via the Dungeon Finder, on normal or veteran difficulty. Once you do, you’ll get a Mysterious Reward Box, which is a box containing mysterious rewards.

There’s a fancy new trailer to commemorate the occasion, which you can watch below.

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