Golden Palms Locations Achievement Guide

Golden Palms Achievement
In order to complete this exploration achievement, you have to find a beggar NPC on every map (optional level 1-5 zones are excluded, Cyrodiil and Coldharbour as well). NPC can be male or female, wearing rags, with the follower icon above their head. There are multiple spawn locations on every map and all are beside roads with no hostiles near that point, but only one NPC can exist in one zone at any given time. Also, NPC despawns a few minutes after any interaction (logging out definitely does that) and that makes it even harder to find a beggar in peak hours.

Since this achievement shares NPCs spawn location with A Bandit’s Heart and Keeper of the Flame achievements, sometimes, relogging after you interact with the NPC (and if you are lucky enough) might get you right in front of NPCs required for aforementioned achievements. You can try to pass by the spawn location, if there is nobody around, and after some distance come back to it; it might be that you can trigger their appearance, but it’s not proven.
This guide is work in progress, thus, if you know any location not listed in the gallery below, please share it with us and ESO community.

Daggerfall Covenant Golden Palms Locations

Aldmeri Dominion Golden Palms Locations

Ebonheart Pact Golden Palms Locations

29 thoughts on “Golden Palms Locations Achievement Guide

  1. Blood Rayn

    New location for the Rift (Golden Palms NPC)

  2. schnurri

    I am pretty shure there are more than one Location for those baggers. I found one in Deshan near Narsis and thats far away from the point these maps here show…



    1. Blood Rayn

      In my opinion there are 3 differents locations for each map, but there’s no way to know which NPC will spawn, it’s totally random.

      Otherwise i will check the location you’re talking about to upload pictures, so it will be easier to find for everyone, even if i don’t need this one anymore 😉

      1. Gexy

        yes i’m sure there are 3 spots in each map.. i know a third one in greenshade that i will post soon… and it’s same for m’aiq the liar there are 3 spots in each map….. its different only for starter zones

  3. Prometheus

    I documented locations known by our guild so far. Underlined coordinates are confirmed by us – we found there NPCs for Lightbringer, Crime Pays, or Give to the Poor quest. Coordinates without underline are these we learnt from different sources and websites but we did not find NPC there yet.

  4. Omen

    There’s another one in Stonefalls, next to the large tent not far from the Fungal Grotto Group Dungeon.

    Coodinates: 67,44
    Map location: (the blue arrow)

    I’ve found the Lightbringer and Crime Pays NPCs there.

    1. Omen

      I should’ve mentioned those coordinates are taken from the World Map, not the Zone map. What coordinates to people usually take it from?

      Anyway, to prevent confusion here are the Stonefalls Zone map coordinates: 12,45

  5. Bartleby

    Found one in Reaper’s March that I didn’t see mentioned above (would the the third one). It’s in front of a seemingly-pointless ruin Southeast of Rawl’kha, and about halfway between it and the Old Sren’ja Docks.

  6. Bartleby

    Found another new one.

    RIVENSPIRE – Due East of the Atronach stone just before you get to the road (about 3/4 of the way there).


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